FTX Exploiter Starts Converting Millions in Ether to Alameda-Linked Ren Bitcoin Tokens<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwOouSkIpQI" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

FTX hacker the hacker quotes dumps 50 000 and remains to be among the many high 40 ethereum holders so the hacker Drained roughly 600 million out of Multiple FTX Global and FTX us wallets Just after file for chapter 11 Bankruptcy and to ethereum Bahamas SEC claimed they had been concerned In the motion of the funds many Speculate they had been answerable for the Entire hack I don't know if I imagine That or not however I feel the fascinating Caveat right here is that they started swapping the Ethereum for Ren BTC which is the erc20 Version of and Bridget to 2 Wallets on the Bitcoin blockchain and Side word with this Alum final 12 months Alameda mentioned Ren's growth workforce was Joining Alameda and would on Expanding Ren's utilization to a number of two related for me I would like To give this over to will for a take oh I'll offer you some takes okay I'll give You some takes this one we're watching a Play out on Twitter there's this hacked Ether we all know some details about the Count and we additionally don't know this Information in regards to the depend final week as We famous on the hash we would know the Person behind this hack as a result of the Person by accident docked themselves Docks themselves by transferring funds to a Kraken account and so Kraken really Tweeted out that sure they know who the

Identity of this individual is on the similar Time none of that info has to Come public and there's additionally this rumors Running round that the Bohemian Securities Exchange or Securities Commission was in some way concerned with This hack we don't know if that's the Case after which there appears to be this Third celebration which really hacked The Exchange on that fateful Friday night time Two weeks in the past and it appears to be two Entities there so there's a whole lot of Information swirling round what we Don't proper now although is what's on Chain we have now some details about Them I'm swapping to Ether them swapping To hire BTC which is mainly a wrapped Version of Bitcoin on the ethereum Network after which they dump that run BTC Into precise BTC and so they're most likely Going to attempt to transfer that BTC into Something else and with a view to money out Another approach that they could possibly be enjoying This out although nonetheless is that they're Just dumping massive quantities of eth and Then taking a brief place towards eth And then cashing out on and accounts That usually are not linked to any of this cash And that really is likely to be the most secure Way for this individual to do this with out Having their identification hid to the Public or proven to the general public on the Same time although we really would possibly know Who this individual is so it's very

Confusing that nobody has come ahead With the I haven't seen Anything French evaluation I haven't seen Anything from a whole lot of completely different teams If he knew who this actor was I'm Surprised they haven't that Information or on the very least put out A discover for a warrant for arrest for This individual since we all know the identification But proper now all we are able to do on Twitter Is watch the chain and watch tokens transfer Around Jen I'll throw it over to you What's and what's not actual and why Is this all enjoying out on Twitter I Just don't know what to imagine on this Whole FTX anymore it's a lot For a Monday morning I feel it is vitally Suspicious that this crimson BTC is what's Now getting used particularly the connection With Alameda analysis final 12 months and I'm Curious as to what's occurring behind the Scenes with the identification of this hacker So you'll bear in mind final week on the present We mentioned like will mentioned that uh Kraken Said they know the identification I'm wondering What's occurring behind the scenes I Wonder who's concerned in in Um I suppose I I suppose making an attempt to determine Out the legalities possibly there's Um an account that's getting used that was Kyc that's really not hooked up to Someone's authorized identification I don't know What's occurring anymore I don't know What to make of this story Zach I'm simply

Passing it as much as you I'm with you I'm Sitting this one out this factor is simply too and the that that is additionally one Of the holders of ether within the can be fairly loopy that this massive Hack exploit no matter occurred on the End of this loopy drawn out Saga of the FTX implosion nonetheless I'm not previous the Initial shock and awe of that entire Thing so I'm sitting this out I'm with You with you Jen thanks for becoming a member of me Zach can we get can management get me like A tinfoil hat anytime I give certainly one of These sizzling takes as a result of I feel that They know who it's But anyhow Oh my daughter make moon I feel they Know who it's and so they're most likely Working with FBI and different completely different Agencies to attempt to observe this individual Down I feel the most important piece of this Story is is just not solely is it one of many Top 40 like ethereum holders ever proper Now however we have now a separate nation that Their regulatory our bodies are sort of Involved on this and I don't suppose they Know precisely I don't suppose the United States essentially is aware of precisely learn Deal with this it's simply very weird to Me Um I feel they do know who it's however They can't discuss it but and once We're simply going to see much more Rumors and speculations

Um taking place however once more please get your Stuff off centralized exchanges guys Right now is just not the time properly Let's perform a little vote what's extra Interesting the SPF Caroline Saga or This hack I really feel like this hack is Creeping up and changing into Almost as fascinating however I'm nonetheless in The SPF Caroline Saga story a little bit More fascinating Um yeah I'm with you'll it's two Storylines two storylines okay I feel Four for 4 then except Wendy has a Different opinion no I'm extra excited to See what's on chain I feel there's extra Juicy particulars in there that I'll let People which can be smarter than me clarify Okay three for one I'm going with the primary one I'm going With the implosion the why the The why now all that every one that did you See that it is a main main Hack I get that and but for some cause It simply doesn't register as greater than a Footnote in my small feeble mind however That is that's the reason I'm extra hooked up to The what the hell simply occurred with FTX And Alameda versus the oh right here's A really exploit that simply Occurred in order that's that's simply me that's Just me