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Joining me to btc's worth and Other bitcoin info is our weekend consider Panel Brad rely managing editor of tech And and Bitcoin protocol Reporter Frederick Manawa welcome Brad And Frederick Thanks Lawrence happy Friday Happy Friday to you Brad Hello whats up Frederick so Brad let's Start with you large push for Bitcoin uh Back as a lot as 21 000 and this in fact occurred that That's a serious diploma on account of That's roughly the place it was uh earlier to The FTX implosion what occurred this Week did was this complete unhealthy info with Genesis uh uh already uh submitting for Bankruptcy was that priced into any of This It optimistic appears to be desire it successfully you perceive at The very end positive you perceive clearly 's really not reacting the least bit Today to the knowledge that bought right here late last Night in U.S time Um clearly you perceive this has been kind Of throughout the info as you perceive Lawrence Rumored for a while and bits and objects Have reported it so and my Market's had Probably had a very good probability to commerce on This already Um nevertheless uh you perceive large picture I really feel Coming out of you perceive such a Terrible it was the worst yr of 4 Years down 64 on the yr after which uh

You beginning of the yr was A Little sluggish after which unexpectedly It appeared like okay you perceive 2022's in The rearview mirror and the mortgage has Decided to take off and and that's what We observed last weekend so Um it does optimistic does appear to be like Market doesn't isn't uh apprehensive an extreme quantity of About this latest Genesis info Nonetheless there's sister agency to Genesis grayscale Grace grayscale Bitcoin perception low was widening it Seems it's uh lastly I checked it was Like 39 it's it's someplace throughout the extreme 30s last I checked till uh you you Have uh extra moderen info uh dcg of Course owns grayscale and I've to say for now so uh What's occurring with the the low value But I gotta say you You exactly merely Yeah you're you're a bit dated on That grayscale low value on account of it Actually has widened out earlier 40 as soon as extra Lawrence Um and also you perceive what uh you perceive the large Picture is there's dcg was beneath all Kinds of pressure and people don't you Know these had been personal companies people Don't have a super picture of what Dcg's funds appear as if and so there Was speculation they might should do Something involving the grayscale perception That might ultimately lead people to be

Able to get that underlying Bitcoin now Here you perceive they're putting Genesis Into chapter it seems to be like maybe That's it from dcg like they'll be okay After they do this I indicate on the very least That's type of the signal they normally're Saying they put out a press launch right now Saying it's enterprise as regular so Ostensibly you perceive no change Immediately regarding uh grayscale it'd Be fascinating to see the way in which it performs out But that's the established order Hey I indicate you perceive a variety of further Bankruptcies and uh I I suppose Barry Could run for president we've had that Happen very recently the place somebody Files a wide range of bankruptcies and so they normally End up being president so yeah the worst Might that's maybe over uh so what Technical indicators are you Seeing you perceive you're Market Momentum uh plainly one measure is At its highest since 2019. That was the relative energy index uh Lawrence that our Clen Williams Jr was Um you perceive nevertheless I indicate I really feel in Addition to a couple of those technicals Um you perceive positively for optimistic I indicate We've had this large run up and in markets There's possibly the sentiment really Has modified I really feel pretty a bit whether or not or not There's further to run uh I indicate Glenn's Sort of signaling that we'd sit proper right here

At 21 and even go a bit bit lower than That nevertheless you perceive the large change is Really you perceive expectations of The FED not this subsequent this subsequent meeting In in a pair weeks uh nevertheless really What's previous after that people thought They had been gonna need to elevate way But it does seem just like the financial system is Slowing so maybe they they pivot dovish A bit sooner and uh that's type of Put to put a tailway behind your whole Market Uh Brad we'll we'll get to your picks For what's going down throughout the coming week Or what you anticipate to happen throughout the Coming week nevertheless I really need to talk to Frederick proper right here on account of he has a story About Not Bitcoin Bitcoin SV Bitcoin Satoshi Vision uh they now can freeze and Confiscate completely different clients money Frederick can you make clear what's going On proper right here and what did what's Craig Wright's place in all of this Thanks Lawrence so positive um merely to set The stage Um for a lot of who don't know Craig Wright Is an Australian computer scientist who Claims to be uh Satoshi uh many people Don't contemplate that the fourth Bitcoin in 2018 to create Bitcoin SV or bsv Um and on the end of October Um initially of October 2022 his Team launched a model new operate that

Allows bsv clients to confiscate completely different Users money as long as they've licensed Documents to point out present rightful Rightful possession So uh now this isn't I I you perceive you You little one about uh Craig Wright being uh Not not being Satoshi nonetheless uh Satoshi Maybe Craig Wright for all everyone knows uh it Has one factor that he put in he's the he Discussed this uh years previously you perceive We're talking proper right here about kill switches And points like that so what did Satoshi Right now I'm not saying Craig Wright I'm saying Satoshi Could be applicable correct what did the Person typically known as Satoshi say uh 10 12 Years previously Yes so very fascinating Lawrence now What occurred is after this new operate Was launched Um you perceive in bsv a variety of bitcoiners bought right here Out criticizing this new operate nevertheless Some members of the bsv group had been Quick to degree out that Satoshi himself Once immediate having a kill swap in Bitcoin which will render stolen money Useless So he was very he was very contemplating That idea and that is true But he under no circumstances carried out it so the Question stays you perceive was this merely Brainstorming or did he really assume uh A a kill swap in Bitcoin was Idea

So what you're saying then is {{that a}} Kill swap is maybe satoshi's imaginative and prescient Well hey Anyway in actual fact it's Friday it's the End of the week Brad what are you Looking uh subsequent week what do You anticipate to happen you might need a crystal Ball I do know you you'll predict all Sorts of points uh I've had you buy Lottery tickets for me I'm retiring can You can you inform me what's arising Next week Do the choice of all of the issues that I'm say throughout the subsequent 30 seconds Lawrence nevertheless Um you perceive I merely a number of of the Highlights of our omkar Godley Was making the aim that the Chinese New Year's arising and uh Bitcoin Historically has up uh 9 % During the ten days from the beginning of The Chinese New Year so that you perceive it's The it's the Dragon Boat identify it Uh if I merely made that up I don't care Didn't identify it that nevertheless uh at any cost That you perceive I indicate who's conscious of to China used to as you perceive Lawrence have A quite a bit better have an effect on on the Bitcoin Network nevertheless uh anyway you perceive that's Just a bit factoid um you perceive the Debts proper right here we communicate regarding the fed the Blackout begins so we're not going to Hear any further fed talk for the next Week or so however moreover the

Debate over the U.S like U.S Government's Finance you perceive that is Increasingly going to uh be a talking Point throughout the markets you perceive people Talking about However that performs out it would get ugly Or maybe it merely will get resolved desire it Has in earlier years we we don't know There's there's most likely going to Be a harsh debate on this uh you perceive The one thing can happen within the residence uh These days and uh it makes it pleasing to Watch if I suppose in the event you occur to're not an American it's leisure nevertheless in the event you occur to Are it's pretty brutal Frederick the Dollar you perceive I indicate U.S authorities Finance you perceive I indicate if the {{dollars}} At stake it impacts everybody throughout the so that you perceive I indicate it's very important To watch management for optimistic yeah Yeah I I indicate positively and uh you perceive Some constituents and some some areas Are are having enjoyable with this and that's why They voted for the the members of that they did Frederick what Are you watching this coming week Well since we're talking about Controversial figures Um I hear Andrew Tate was bragging about Using Bitcoin for tax evasion so I'm Very taken with that so I'll maintain an Eye out on that Yeah that'll be pleasing to to benefit from there