Genesis Reportedly Owes Creditors Over B; Lays Off 28% of Workforce<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

Here's our that's a Roundup lender Genesis owes Creditors over three billion {{dollars}} ft foreign exchange group the Parent agency of Genesis and Is reportedly in search of to advertise just a few of Its Venture Capital portfolio Around half a billion {{dollars}} And crypto brokerage .com Laying off 20 of its Workforce as a result of the 's cruel winter continues the Company is shedding 110 staffers in a Bloody week of layoffs all through the crypto Sector And ship makeman free the disgrace Former Chief of FTX opening a sub-stack Newsletter and denying stashing away Billions and stealing funds from otx to Cover from its sister company Alameda evaluation about casting the blame Of ftx's downfall on elementa's poor Hedging bacon free notably didn't Address the 65 billion buck line of Credit he opened from The Exchange to The shopping for and promoting arm as in a courtroom docket Hearing on Wednesday on the listening to a Lawyer representing FTX in its chapter 11 chapter persevering with talked about the credit score rating Line has led to quote shortfall in value And we're paying purchasers and collectors