Gracy Chen: Bitcoin ETF Optimist and Worldcoin Skeptic

In a recent interview, Gracy Chen, the managing director of Bitget , shared her thoughts on several important topics in the crypto world. Chen expressed skepticism about Worldcoin and cautioned against scanning eyeballs for tokens due to concerns. She also discussed the challenges of navigating requests from her American friends to open accounts, as Bitget no longer accepts U.S. customers. Chen's diverse background, including working in journalism and co-founding a successful tax startup, has contributed to her unique in the crypto . Additionally, she shared her experiences with Twitter and highlighted the importance of taking breaks from social media for fundamental research. Chen is optimistic about the future approval of exchange-traded funds and believes they could be a driving force for the next bull . Overall, Chen's expertise and friendly approach make her a prominent figure in the world of .

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Gracy Chen's Background and Role in Cryptocurrency

Gracy Chen is the managing director of Bitget cryptocurrency exchange, a prominent global platform in the crypto market. However, her in the cryptocurrency industry began after a successful career in journalism. She previously worked as an anchor and producer at Phoenix TV's tech and finance channel, where she covered the Asian market in Mandarin.

In addition to her role at Bitget, Chen also serves as a judge on the reality show Killer Whales. This multifaceted background gives her a unique perspective on the intersection of , finance, and media.

Career Shift from Journalism to Fintech

Chen made a significant career shift from journalism to fintech she co-founded a tax startup for freelancers in 2015. This startup quickly gained traction and achieved unicorn status within just three years. The company provided services such as taxation and salary automation for freelancers, catering to their specific needs in the .

This transition allowed Chen to expand her expertise beyond reporting on the Asian market to a more international platform. She embraced the challenges and opportunities that came with working in the fintech industry and found success in this new venture.

Reluctance to Support Worldcoin

Despite her involvement in the cryptocurrency industry, Chen has expressed reluctance towards supporting Worldcoin. One of her main concerns stems from the privacy implications of scanning eyeballs for Worldcoin tokens. She believes that such practices raise significant privacy concerns, which should not be taken lightly.

Furthermore, Chen is not optimistic about the price prospects of Worldcoin with the anticipated release of more tokens in the near future. She believes that the increasing supply of tokens may impact its value and potential for growth. As the managing director of Bitget, Chen remains committed to upholding the platform's rules and standards, even if it means refusing requests from friends and followers.

Bitget's Partnership with Lionel Messi

One of the highlights of Chen's career at Bitget is the partnership with football legend Lionel Messi. Bitget chose Messi as a partner based on his paternal characteristics and similarities with the exchange's values. Messi's reputation as a father, husband, and team leader aligned with Bitget's vision, making him an ideal fit for the partnership.

Chen drew parallels between Bitget's beginnings in a bear market and Messi's early struggles with growth hormone deficiency. Both started with disadvantages but overcame them to achieve success. The partnership with Messi not only brought to Bitget but also added credibility and prestige to the platform.

to Twitter Fame

Chen's presence on Twitter grew significantly after she took on her role at Bitget. Her engaging and informative content resonated with users, leading to a surge in her following. Chen took the opportunity to present complex events in the crypto industry through easy-to-understand threads, making them accessible to a wider audience.

The between Chen's growth on Twitter and Bitget's business activity is worth noting. As Bitget experienced growth, so did Chen's Twitter following. The success of Bitget and Chen's ability to simplify complicated crypto events contributed to her rise to Twitter fame.

Content on Chen's Twitter Account

Chen's Twitter account offers a diverse range of content, including business updates and personal travels. Users can expect updates on Bitget's activities, insights into the cryptocurrency industry, and glimpses into Chen's jet-setting escapades. Chen also provides timely and simplified breakdowns of complex crypto events, catering to her followers' need for digestible information.

The variety of content on Chen's Twitter account allows her to connect with her audience on different levels. Whether it's keeping followers informed about Bitget or showcasing her personal experiences, Chen's Twitter account offers a well-rounded view of her life and work.

Chen's Perspective on Twitter

While Chen acknowledges the benefits of Twitter for disseminating information, she recognizes its limitations. She describes Twitter as a noisy forum where opinions fluctuate rapidly. Chen advises her followers to seek out additional sources of crypto updates, such as Altcoin Daily and Coin Bureau, to gain a more well-rounded perspective.

Chen encourages her audience to balance their social media consumption with fundamental research and discussions among trusted circles. While Twitter can provide valuable insights and updates, it is essential to supplement this information with a deeper understanding of the industry through thorough research and conversations with reliable sources.

Predictions on

Chen is optimistic about the future approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). She believes that while it may not happen in 2023, the approval of Bitcoin ETFs is imminent. Chen predicts that early 2024 could be the turning point for the approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

Chen sees Bitcoin ETFs as a potential driving force for the next bull market. Their approval can bring significant attention and to the cryptocurrency industry, further propelling its growth and adoption.

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Outlook on SEC's Lawsuits Against and Binance

Chen holds a positive view of Coinbase, considering it a well-regulated entity. She believes that the lawsuits against Coinbase may be settled with fines, given its compliance with U.S. regulations. However, she acknowledges the complexity surrounding the lawsuits against Binance and the potential implications they may have.

Despite the challenges, Chen has faith in Binance's legal team to navigate and combat the issues at hand. She believes that the team possesses the necessary expertise and resources to address the legal challenges and protect the platform's interests.

Contributions to the Cryptocurrency Space

Chen's contributions to the cryptocurrency space extend beyond her role as the managing director of Bitget. Her expertise and experience in journalism allow her to break down complex crypto events for her audience, making them more accessible and understandable.

As a part of Bitget, Chen plays a significant role in the crypto market, shaping the platform's strategy and direction. Her predictions and views on Bitcoin ETFs and other crypto trends provide valuable insights for and enthusiasts alike.

Gracy Chen's background and role in cryptocurrency highlight her journey from journalism to fintech and her impact on the industry. Her perspectives, predictions, and contributions contribute to the growing understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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