Grenade Found While Magnet Fishing! (Public Emergency)

How Swimmers Can Achieve Optimal Nutrition

Swimming is an endurance sport that relies on proper dietary habits to provide its fuel, but these nutritional needs are constantly in flux. In order to achieve optimal nutrition for their sport, a swimmer must know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat for any given training period.

Get a Life Vest For Your Children's Safety

Protect your dear kids this time of year by making sure that they have a proper fitting and operational toddler life vests. If you spend any time out on the water with your family, you require an infant life vest.

Do Body Suits Help Reduce Drag While Swimming?

When we swim there are forces that are out of our control that we must contend with in the hopes of swimming faster. It doesn't matter if you are in the pool or the open water, we must deal with these forces. So, how do we reduce drag while swimming?

What's the Secret to Swimming Faster?

What's the secret to swimming faster? It may look like there is some secret technique to faster swimming but there really isn't. Swimmers have been getting faster every year due to better training, improved techniques, nutrition and even suits they wear.

How to Swim the Butterfly – A Quick How-To Guide For the Most Difficult Swimming Stroke

There are many swim strokes that come naturally: the doggie paddle and the crawl come to mind as the easiest. Some, though, are not so easy. The perfect example of a difficult swim stroke is the butterfly. Difficult, yes, but far from impossible. Learn how to swim the butterfly in a few easy steps.

Improve Your Breathing While Swimming the Freestyle

If you are having problems breathing while swimming the free style, what is it you could be doing wrong? Learning the proper technique for breathing does take some practice so if you are new to the freestyle don't be disappointed you are having some trouble.

You Think You're Too Old to Compete in Swimming – Try Masters Swimming

How many people out there are what are called masters swimmers? There is actually quite a lot now. Masters swimmers are divided by age groups of 25 – 29 to over 100 years old by five year increments.

Training For the Swim Portion of a Triathlon

Training for the swim portion of a triathlon can be the same as training for a pool meet but again its not. You can swim lap after lap with some fast intervals included and do well. You also need to build a good aerobic base, because most triathlon swims are one mile or so.

How Do You Swim More Competitively in the Pool?

How you swim more competitively in the pool is a matter of you learning to swim more efficiently and with excellent technique. Having good technique will help you reduce your drag in the water and have a more correct stroke and kick.

Why You Do Warm Ups Before Swimming

What you do not want to happen with a warm up is tire yourself so you can not get your great workout or reduce your times in an event. Don't mistake a warm up as a workout, it's just getting you ready.

How to Correctly Dive Off a Starting Block

If you are a competitive swimmer in the pool or hope to do so, learning to correctly dive off the starting block is something you need to learn and be good at. Having a good start is important to getting good times in your event, but not as important as good swim technique.

What Can I Do to Improve My Kick For Freestyle?

Not everyone has a good kick while doing the freestyle. Doing some extra work at improving your kick will definitely help you out. There are some drills you can do to make improvements. Being able to develop a good consistent kick will go along way to improving your swim.

You Want to Swim Faster – Do Drills

One of the important tasks you must do to swim faster is do drills. Swimming drills will help you concentrate on different aspects of the freestyle so you can improve on them. You can concentrate on your stroke, kick or your body positioning.

Importance and Health Benefits of Swimming

1. Swimming helps in removing dirt, bacteria and other micro-organisms from your skin pores thus preventing the origin of acne and pimples on your skin. 2. While doing stroke swimming breath is to be held for sometime which proves to be an excellent exercise for lungs as it increases lung capacity further helping in prevention of disease like asthma.

Daniela Barnea Found Her Niche – Isn't it Great!

While in her forties, constantly driving her kids to and from water polo and swim team practices, little did Daniela Barnea know that she had found her niche. No, not a career as a chauffeur, but competitive swimming. In 2009, now 65 and in the best shape of her life, Daniela set a new age-group World Record in the 200 meter Butterfly. Find out how this typical mom transformed herself into a record-breaking masters swimmer.

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