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I could not open a checking account and the Reason was that I didn't have a proof of like I didn't have any formal job To present with a payslip as soon as I went to The monetary establishment they acknowledged no the place's your proof Of income do you'll have a job no no no no Okay so we will not open a checking account so I wanted to get by using totally different people's Bank accounts even nevertheless that's what led Me to essentially get all through I was Pondering on the trying to find Things being curious and I ended up Coming all through Bitcoin yo what's up guys is Greg from the Bitcoin get collectively Tonight Satoshi Nakamoto is correct right here and is gonna Show himself tonight in Cape Town beer House so for many who're not proper right here with us Right now then what are you doing man What are you gonna do Oh yeah man nevertheless see you tonight it's Gonna be a gratifying night time time celebrating the Adoption of in South Africa subsequent Might be your metropolis nevertheless for now See you in Cape Town