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In video guys I shall be displaying you make your individual crypto buying and selling bot What is a crypto buying and selling bot that is Simply a that trades in your Behalf and you can also make cash you Sleep so why do you want a buying and selling bar To start with properly the buying and selling bot Doesn't sleep it's awake 24 7. so it Never misses a commerce all you should do Is to arrange a rule and overlook about it In the buying and selling bot does just about Everything now I'm certain you will have heard Of buying and selling Bots and also you at all times hear About this coding and constructing blocks And different difficult methods and it Seems troublesome to implement on this Video guys I shall be displaying you a Trading bot system that can actually Take you 5 to arrange no Coding wanted no technical expertise Needed and anybody can do it and you may Do it with any sum of money that you just Have as a result of this can be a spot buying and selling bot All proper so earlier than we even get into uh The nitty-gritty of it let's rapidly Look on the questions that folks might Have which are standard about buying and selling bots On Google I'll reply them after which We'll get began So the query are buying and selling Bots value It sure they're completely value it Because they will do issues that you just Cannot have they got no feelings but in addition They don't sleep

Um which buying and selling which bot is the most effective For buying and selling that is this depends upon what Kind of belongings you're buying and selling and the Strategy uh buying and selling Bots worthwhile I Mean we are able to simply have a look at the info the One that I shall be displaying you guys has Made 497 % within the final Um within the final seven days On Luna traditional and we are able to additionally change You to say how a lot has it made on uh BTC USD Okay right here we go it has made 92 % On bitcoin BTC in seven days and it has Made 191 % in 30 days on oh you guys Cannot see my head Oh really you'll be able to see it's type of Here you realize Um so it simply depends upon the way you have a look at It however I do suppose the buying and selling Bots are Definitely uh worthwhile okay and the way Much can I can a buying and selling bot made I simply Showed you guys is buying and selling Bot free the One that I shall be displaying you on this Video is totally free the one charges That you pay are the buying and selling charges however The bot itself is totally free okay So how is that this gonna work how do you get To use this buying and selling bot by the best way first Of all you should destroy the Subscribe Button if you happen to haven't subscribed to my Channel my identify is Greg BTC I make Videos about cryptocurrency Uh since who is aware of when and I do go dwell

Every day so if you wish to preserve in on Top and in contact with the cryptocurrency Market I like to recommend you destroy the Subscribe button proper now and the bell Button to verify each time I am going dwell You will be capable of get notified and Also just like the video let's get this video To 2 000 likes in order that different individuals can Also see it and we are able to defeat the YouTube algorithm all proper the buying and selling Bot that I shall be displaying you guys it's Coming from or KX Okx is likely one of the largest cryptocurrency Trading platforms one of many earliest Ones and this platform now they've Implemented a buying and selling bot that every and Every one among their customers can really Use without spending a dime So if you happen to don't have an okx account all You must do is to create one go to however most significantly join on Okx utilizing my hyperlink within the description in That sense you get 45 rebate again into Your account so all the cash that you just Spend on rkx transaction charges they'll Pay you again 45 of that if you happen to use my Link within the description to enroll all Right so okay X is an easy trade it Looks actually cool Um let's see Go someplace right here okay X .com You join and all you should do is to Deposit your funds into the okx platform

And then after you do you can now Simply go to commerce And right here you see you'll be able to see it says Trading half so I'll go to the buying and selling Part All proper And I'll now see this web page the place it Has spot buying and selling and uh there's AI Strategy and technique so that you Might be confused as a result of if you happen to go down Here you see the a number of kinds of bots That can be found on this platform that You can use Um principally what I shall be displaying you Is this one known as The Spot commerce so that you See right here it's worthwhile it has made 499 Percent uh in immediately's highest apy so Since its existence it has made 499 as Its finest end result in the mean time which is Not unhealthy in any respect so there's a recurring Buy in different Bots however for now I wish to Focus on the spot inexperienced so let me inform You a bit bit extra concerning the okx Platform so that you just perceive that is A buying and selling platform identical to binance You can purchase and promote crypto you'll be able to Invest and save and generate it does every thing that an Exchange does you should buy crypto with a Credit card however this bot system is simply An further characteristic so simply so that you just it's not okay X just isn't a platform For Bots solely it's really a buying and selling Platform an funding platform however then

You even have bots on it so what I'll Be displaying you want I stated is the spot Grid and what I'll do I'll click on on Spot grid so what does this imply actually There's a very good documentation right here on the Okx platform It says buying and selling Bots mode and what we're Looking at is the spot greet so Obviously no person likes to learn uh the Manual and I'll be the man who shall be Reading it out for you in your behalf The first Mode known as spot grid is right For for any quantity and uh and expertise degree Hoping to lock in further income From asset volatility the bot units grid Lines between an higher and lower cost Set by the person and routinely sells The crypto if the traded asset worth Increases and reaches one of many traces Conversely the bot routinely buys Crypto if the worth decreases to one among The traces principally Classics buying and selling Strategy Buy Low and promote excessive and we Have mentioned this on this channel Before utilizing different platforms for Training and different methods however Basically that is what's taking place So let me discover a good let's go to BTC USD All proper So principally what what it's doing you're this bot Um you're giving it a variety proper I've

Discussed about ranges with you guys Many occasions and I do know you perceive What it's So organize for these of you who don't Know what it's it's only a channel in Which the market goes up and down Without Uh actually breaking out or altering Something vital so an instance of a Range is that this This is a variety as a result of for a few Days now Bitcoin had simply been going up And down Through this vary let's say the the Lowest it has been happening common uh Let's say is eighteen thousand seven Hundred and eighteen thousand seven Hundred and eighteen and the very best it Has has been 19 620 roughly proper and it's going up down Up down up down generally it breaks out But it has been even reversing so if you happen to Were if you happen to had all of the Time within the World to watch this you'll really Make cash by merely shopping for on the Bottom of the vary and promoting on the Top of the vary shopping for on the backside of The vary promoting on the prime of the Range backside and on and on till the Range expires by a Breakout So that is the place the bot buying and selling Strategy is available in particularly this half Grid technique you're gonna put a line Over right here and one other line on the prime

And it will likely be shopping for on the backside line And promoting on the Top Line achieved so this Board helps you to do this so let's go Back right here and you may see on this half There are two issues happening there's The AI technique after which there's the Manual technique The AI technique you'll be able to see you realize it Basically the synthetic intelligence Does all of the work uh let me convey myself Down a bit bit so that you just guys can See what's happening right here Okay so you'll be able to see there may be uh the AI Strategy it means synthetic Intelligence goes to care for Your buying and selling you don't have to fret or You should do something in any respect all proper Whereas the guide technique it's a must to Put all of the numbers by your self which is Also wonderful uh the nice factor is that if You go to the Um to the to the AI technique you're Also in a position to put cease loss and take Profit as properly however the vary is constructed on Back examined Um info or historic information so that you Can see right here it's telling you that utilizing The AI technique In the final seven days it made 92 Percent on bitcoin It made 191 % in 30 days and in 180 days it solely made 64 % So you'll be able to decide your self how do you Want to implement barely would you like

To do it for seven days do you wish to Do it for 30 days do you wish to do it For 100 480 days you should keep in mind That previous information historic information doesn't Equal to Future finest information so you continue to Have to be uh conscious that that is Historical information any more is the brand new World so uh the parameters can change so Let's say we wish to do it for seven Days and we're going to make use of the AI Strategy uh you simply have to find out How a lot cash you wish to give the bot The bot makes use of usdt to do that so if you happen to Have cryptocurrency in one other trade Let's say on binance or luno or no matter You must switch your Bitcoin or Usdt or into okx account I've a tutorial on tips on how to deposit Money on okx hyperlink shall be within the Description after which you'll be able to resolve Let's say I wish to give this bot for The sake of an instance of this video I Want to provide it uh 2 000 {dollars} Right I'm gonna give it two thousand Dollars And I'll go forward and let's simply say one Thousand in order that the opposite thousand can Be used for the guide okay I'll go for Seven days and I'll simply go and create There we go I don't should do something So it's saying lower cost shall be uh 18 127 and Upper worth shall be twenty one Thousand so each time Um and the amount is eight it should attempt

To make eight trades uh utilizing the cash That I've this thousand {dollars} to do This a number of occasions till we generate profits And then I can simply merely verify and You can see at present it's displaying my p L ratio I'm at 0.04 uh minus 0.04 and The choice date is on right here and also you Can additionally cease it at any time if you happen to right here you'll be able to see there may be an to cease it and right here you'll be able to Click particulars to be taught extra about uh That commerce if you happen to want to okay now you See there may be take revenue and cease loss Here which we didn't put in however let's Say we wish to use the identical parameters As the AI technique has however we wish to do It manually you'll be able to click on on copy Parameters to guide uh guide settings Right right here So I'll click on on it And then I'm now again to To the guide state of affairs so that you see the Numbers have already been pre-filled and Upper certain has additionally been set so what if I wish to do it fully by myself Terms I've noticed that uh you realize Bitcoin has been going out has been Going between let's say I'm predicting That it will likely be going between 17 000 to twenty 000 proper So I can put right here 17 000 And 20 000. Wait wait wait it's a must to get the Numbers proper right here you don't wish to

Make errors so watch out Okay so what what does this imply it Means each single time bitcoin's worth Goes to seventeen thousand {dollars} my Bot will purchase the Bitcoin from me and uh For me after which each time it hits 20 000 It will routinely promote so let's say Bitcoin does this 10 occasions It signifies that I'll generate profits 10 occasions Without having to do something after which There is a mode right here arithmetic or Geometric I'd say to maintain issues Simple for your self simply preserve it on Arithmetic it's straightforward to calculate And then there's a amount right here eight Grids it's easy uh it means estimated Profit margin grid is 1.7 to uh to 2 Percent now let's see if we lower This to 2 two teams you see that the Profit margin has been additionally elevated The extra grids you will have the lesser the Profit however the safer it's as a result of You're now going to be making smaller uh Smaller Market actions your trades are Going to be based mostly on smaller Market Movements all proper if you happen to say one Right It says amount can't be lower than two So it must be minimal two grids All proper and also you see the revenue Increases right here so it relies upon if you happen to're Comfortable on the place you'll be able to Definitely put a smaller quantity however I Like to place one thing like 4

Okay it's a lot better than uh than the Eight after which the crypto quantity in usdt You can choose what crypto you wish to Use both BTC or usdt and BTC I'll use Um usdt let's this one give it 500 Dollars All proper There we go after which it's also possible to click on On take revenue proper right here there's tpsl This means take revenue and cease loss I'll click on on that And I'll set my take revenue so uh let's Say we you realize take revenue it's nonetheless 20 000 anyway Our cease loss is So it says cease loss needs to be above the Upper worth so if we are saying 20 000 is our Upper band we're gonna be taking revenue You can then put one on there that is Just a a safety mechanism as Um uh danger administration so that you don't need To simply depart every thing as much as the bot To do it you continue to should set these Parameters and cease loss worth we stated Our decrease certain is 17 000 that's our Buy worth and let's simply say make we Make this one 16 999. Done after which now you can create your Bot Confirm Here we go Okay uh now the cease loss and take Profit is essential for one factor when Things go improper can issues go improper with

This bot sure they will whenever you're utilizing A grid technique There is some extent the place issues go improper And right here's how so I'll go to the Bitcoin Chart This is a 4 hour And let's discover a vary that was damaged All proper so keep in mind you generate profits in A Range when the worth is repeatedly Going up and down proper let's say Uh let's name this some type of a variety Right really that's even a foul one Let's select one thing nicer Um Okay worth vary Let's say yeah let's simply say you employ This smaller space right here as a variety I'll convey this to White So that you just guys can see so yeah that Area let's name it let's name it a variety Can even convey it down a bit bit All proper let's say you will have been Playing round with this up down up down You've been shopping for and promoting after which Eventually you realize you have been hoping that This would might go on To the Future for a variety of days and Then what occurred we had a bullish Candle right here that fully went out of This vary that we had arrange In this case it signifies that You won't longer generate profits nevertheless You're not going to lose as a result of your Take revenue is right here however the worth retains

On going up and also you're not in revenue Because you're stated Your Your take revenue right here on the prime it Means that you just're now saying that look Uh I'm I've sufficient income right here at This level I'm comfortable the remaining is nice But I'm not I'm simply Interested within the vary so that's an Issue you can be you can not make As a lot revenue generally since you noticed It so early however your technique is to make Money out of the vary so it doesn't Matter let's have a look at it on the draw back Right uh are you able to lose cash in sure Uh in a sure space sure It is feasible to lose cash particularly If you don't put a cease loss on it so Let's have a look at this additionally as one other Example proper let's say you're buying and selling This vary let's say these are each day Candles let's assume they're each day Candles and you've got been going up and Down by low So High by loss your excessive by Low so excessive and on and on after which Something occurred You keep in mind we're shopping for on the backside Uh line right here proper so think about on this Candle It purchased and it managed to promote and Then on this candle it opened decrease And one way or the other it hit our Bottom Buying Area and we purchased however it didn't shut At the prime quality it began going

Down considerably so it means you're Bought right here let's say at 18 000 however then It went all the best way to 18 195. You perceive so this simply means one Thing you probably have a state of affairs like this It means you got however then the worth Is going up you're now not making Money and all you should do is ready up a Stop loss say that if if you happen to're shopping for At this worth 18 770. you wanna say look Anytime it goes beneath that permit's say by One % you wish to exit the this Range as a result of it would imply that this Range has now expired due to the Breakout And that's how this bot so we are able to Go again right here and take a look at our Bots we Have two positions happening one is for Seven days this one has no reference Period Um as a result of it's our guide technique that We have put out and we are able to shut it Whenever we wish and we even have a take Profit and cease loss however principally you Always should with this technique you Only generate profits whenever you lengthy you're Making cash on the best way up so you will have To just remember to have at the least made A cease loss for the draw back simply in Case issues go improper however that's Basically How it really works on okx all these positions You are might be stopped right here at any level In time all proper and if when it comes

To depositing and withdrawing like I Said there's one other video for okx if You wish to be taught the way it works the entire Platform I lined it already I'll put The hyperlink within the description so thanks Guys for watching if you wish to be taught More about buying and selling and I've An unimaginable course at crypto University which I like to recommend guys you Guys to make use of it crypto you'll be able to be taught so much From me in my -by-step course I additionally Have buying and selling indicators you can purchase From right here after which you should use these Indicators as to supply you a technique For agreed Right if you happen to have a look at my chart right here You can see that I've all these dotted Green traces proper these might be helpful For shopping for and promoting you should use these Lines in your grids and these traces are Coming from my indicator that is named The nitrous bow indicator which you'll be able to Buy from crypto University it offers you The crimson traces uh the factors of Resistance and the inexperienced traces are the Support ranges so you should use a assist Level as a purchase as a decrease grid and also you Can use the resistance as an app agreed To promote and that's the way it works if you happen to Have any questions don't hesitate to Leave a remark within the uh in a remark Below and I'd be more than pleased to Help you guys with that thanks for

Watching see you within the subsequent video