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Hey what's up chillers my title is grey Btc and also you're watching hustle Others name me grey to the b to the t to The c to the moon however it is a particular Video for you guys the place i shall be Introducing you to by bit displaying you How you'll be able to really bridge if you're Getting began together with your journey into Crypto that is coming in due to the Official announcement that we all that The and chill is now formally Sponsored by Pi bit a change one in all The largest cryptocurrency exchanges in The world is now sponsoring the podcast And chill so congratulations to mack and Saul for pulling that off and likewise shout Out to by bit as nicely for supporting uh Independent creators so What is the sport in terms of uh by Bit the place does it slot in and that i'll additionally Show you why you'll want to use not solely by Bit you're gonna have to make use of two Platforms to make this and that i'll Explain it the way it works so by bit is a Cryptocurrency change it has so many Coins listed on there it has financial savings it Has so many different nice issues proper However it doesn't at the moment enable you To deposit your rant from a checking account Directly into your purchase bit account for That you want a separate app that's Local in south africa a neighborhood change Which is smaller like luno permits you to

Deposit your rant straight out of your Bank account into Luno and purchase your first Crypto you should you should no matter nevertheless luno could be very Small and it's native it doesn't have so Many exchanges so it implies that your choices are very restricted You're restricted to bitcoin ethereum xrp And Maybe one usdc but additionally though Those are listed on luna there isn't any Liquidity so i'll present you right here this Is luno which you're going to make use of to Uh to create an account Deposit your rand into this app after which You purchase your crypto from right here for the First time earlier than you switch it over To buybit So right here is my Luno pockets as you'll be able to see i solely have Zar i've Btc ethereum xrp bitcoin money usdc however What if you wish to spend money on seoul uh Solana what if you wish to spend money on Pokedot what you you need to make In inu what if you wish to make investments In dutch coin there's so many different that you'd need to Invest in and so they're simply not on right here But additionally if you wish to commerce by bid is A full-fledged and platform that's Created for buying and selling luno is just about Designed only for

Basic issues that's the place by bit comes In so if i am going into by bit right here Right you'll be able to see if i am going to markets Look at what number of cash are listed on Pipet Different pairs uh and so they're additionally Quoted in opposition to totally different uh cash Like usdt or usdc when you don't Understand what this implies for Now simply chill i'll make you perceive It all simply subscribe to the channel of Course Okay so you'll be able to see if you wish to Invest in matic polygon on mana Mv caster one inch solana so many Different cryptocurrencies are app coin You that you'd need to to spend money on If you do your and resolve what You need to spend money on you'll be able to create an Effective portfolio on purchase bit and also you Have so many choices proper you'll be able to't Compare this to what's on luno And additionally These cash right here they've liquidity all Of them it implies that you'll be capable of Buy them at the most effective out there world Instead of mortgage conscious on all the opposite Coins or different native exchanges in south Africa they could have a few of these Coins listed on their platforms however they Don't have liquidity so you find yourself Overpaying for them And if i am going to my belongings for instance in

My pockets you'll be able to see i've 1.6 uh Bitcoins in right here and if i am going to my spot Account you'll be able to see i've totally different Kind of cash in right here That i'm holding and that is potential on By bit and that is what makes by bit Absolutely nice All proper i hope i've made you Understand why you'd need to use Pipe it over the native exchanges when you Want to spend money on crypto otherwise you need to Trade so how does it work so principally First factor you need to enroll on luno Again like i stated hyperlink is within the Description And after you enroll on luno you Obviously used to make use of um referral hyperlinks To get some bonuses uh whether or not it's my Links or mcgs hyperlink hyperlink is down within the Description beneath All proper when you enroll on luno it Will ask you to attach your financial institution Account into it then you definitely make an eft Transaction out of your checking account into Luno now to exhibit how this work Let's assume that you've got successively Signed up on luno and you've got bought Your first cryptocurrency and you've got Some bitcoin in your pockets and now the Task is that you'll want to transfer this Bitcoin into your purchase bit pockets what Are you gonna do First you'll want to go to your purchase bit Wallet

Okay you go to your Assets and right here you go to uh to deposit You click on on deposit and it'll present You a bunch of cash like which one Exactly do you do you need to deposit so You know we've got bitcoin on our Luna On our lunar pockets so we're going to Select bitcoin is the coin that we're Trying to deposit it should present you a qr Code adopted by a uh what we name a Wallet handle it's this lengthy Complicated quantity that you simply're wanting At proper now Okay and right here it has an icon known as copy Right so that is type of like your your Account quantity that you simply use for by bit If you ship A bitcoin from another place uh to This handle it should at all times go to your Buy bit account and simply Not relaxation assured and remember that this Number over right here Uh or this code it appears to be like like a Complicated code this one is you don't Have to jot down it down one after the other at all times Copy and paste as a result of um You're extra prone to make a mistake and The funds can be transferred to a Wrong handle so be sure to uh you Tap on copy Okay after which i'll return To my luno and that i'll say ship which coin Do you need to ship i'll choose bitcoin

And i've so many different methods i can ship It however i'm simply now going to stick This handle proper right here And say subsequent after which i can choose how Much do i need to ship i need to ship 2 000 rand Next And then i want to substantiate My transaction till it goes via And when you try this a couple of minutes later Your bitcoin will now present up in your Buy bid account and let's say you have got Buy bit now and also you need to spend money on Solana so i'd go to markets And i'll kind so Btc So it means i'm making an attempt to make use of solana to Buy btc however what i'd suggest that You do if you switch your bitcoin Into by bit i'd say convert it into Usdt or usdc first to maintain it to maintain Things easy convert it into Usdt so on the backside you'll be able to see you Have Home markets derivatives commerce in belongings Make positive if you wish to commerce you Select commerce Okay after which right here on the high you'll be able to Select Um you have got btc usdt Select on it And right here you'll be able to promote the bitcoin Into usdt This permits

The sum of money that i despatched to Become secure first since you're Converting it right into a secure coin This sounds difficult but it surely's not Basically bitcoin um uh is risky so If you ship 2 000 rand price of bitcoin Into your Your purchase bit account tomorrow You would possibly get up and the the 2000 is Now 1 1980 And you're like oh what occurred is Because bitcoin goes up and down so if You need to hold the worth the identical you First need to convert it right into a secure Coin the secure coin is sort of a us greenback Uh but it surely's a cryptocurrency so that you simply Can hold it secure and everytime you Decide to begin investing in different Things or diversifying that cash you Can begin from a clear pallet with out so Many destructions and currencies transferring Around so let's say i need to promote some Of my btc If i choose a market order it ought to be Able to occur instantly if you'd like It to occur instantly you simply choose Here market not restrict Okay so i need to promote 0.01 Of my ptc cell increase It's executed if you wish to use this usdt To purchase different currencies let's say so that you Can additionally simply do it now you can go Sol Usdt spot be sure that it's half there's

Always derivatives and there's spot if You are simply an you're not Trading by no means use perpetuals or Derivatives so that you go to uh noticed usdt Select it right here i can purchase some sole Let's say i need to spend 500 Worth of Money to purchase so On market order i'll simply go purchase and Boom It's executed now i've solana in my pockets If i am going uh to my belongings So right here you'll be able to see i now have some Solana that i purchased proper now on bibit All proper So that's the great thing about bibit and also you Know if you wish to hold your cash on By bit you'll be able to if you wish to withdraw It as nicely you are able to do that no one would Stop you from doing it it's a good looking Application makes crypto investing Simple That's why i like to make use of it for each um You know investing or buying and selling as nicely There's extra in terms of investing In buying and selling clearly however look out for Other movies and likewise beneath within the Description i'll put different hyperlinks to a Full video on luno and likewise a full video For By bit uh when you additionally clueless about What cash to spend money on and you know the way Do you choose them I'd suggest you subscribe to this

Channel watch my reside streams i do share Some of my concepts in my opinions uh however Also i've an unimaginable course for you At crypto college so when you go to Crypto college uh hyperlink is down within the Description beneath crypto college you Will be capable of to seize one in all my Courses and it'll educate you precisely How you'll be able to grow to be a or a dealer you probably have any Questions be at liberty to hitch Our discord server hyperlink is down within the Description on discord you'll be capable of Ask questions and we're going to be uh We can reply you thanks guys for Watching and that i'll see you within the subsequent Video peace out