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How to Swim Faster Using a Loser's Guide to Better Swimming

Swimming is outrageously fun. Powering through the water with effortless speed and rhythm can be a blast. But not everyone wants that.

Swimming – The Benefits

Like many people, I learned how to swim during primary school. Other then the initial fear and the odd near drowning experience, I've always enjoyed swimming. My mother even took me to swimming lessons outside school hours, although I never wanted to compete in the sport. But also like many people, swimming wasn't something that I kept up and carried in to later life. But why was this when swimming has so many benefits?

Why Swimming Won't Help You Lose Weight – And What to Do About It!

I've swum for years and whilst it's great for fitness I've never really noticed much weight being lost. Here's why and how to ensure that your efforts in the pool translate to reclaimed inches off the waist!

Home Swimming Pools – Top 10 Tips!

So you've decided to build a swimming pool at home – maybe you want a swimming pool to learn swimming in, for hydrotherapy or to teach swimming. Here's our top 10 tips for choosing the perfect swimming pool for your home.

Swimming – Individual Activities

Swimming can be done in a myriad of ways: from doggie paddle to butterfly, baby and me to aerobic swim classes, there is truly something for everyone. Read on for some original ideas of things you can do in the pool.

Swimming – How to Become the Best Swimmer

Swimming for fun and swimming for sport are two very different ways of swimming. Keep reading to learn some of the many differences between the two ways of using a pool.

The Sport of Swimming

Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe (the Thorpedo), and Ryan Lockte have been inspiring children and adults alike in the world of swimming. Ian Thorpe's impressive Olympics career lead to him being remembered and his swimming style being compared to Michael Phelps and everyone knows how well Phelps did in Athens and Beijing. The fact that Phelps won nearly every race in Beijing is proof that training hard and practice can open the doors to whatever dreams one wants to chase.

When is a Retailer Responsible For a Portable Pool's Warranty?

Portable pool warranties are typically handled through the manufacturer of the portable swimming pool in question. There are some cases where a retailer may be involved either for the service or replacement of a pool – but that retailer's involvement is neither mandatory nor are they responsible for any costs associated with the warranty. But there are three instances where a retailer is fully responsible for the warranty on a portable swimming pool that they sell.

How to Get a Lifeguard Certification

If you want to become a lifeguard, you have to first get yourself a lifeguard certification. To get this certification, you need to know swimming, and be ready to spend a few hundred dollars.

How to Swim the Breaststroke

The breaststroke is one of the three or four strokes that children often learn in camp. If you missed out on the instruction, read on to teach yourself how to do this fun, easy stroke.

Team Swimming Relays

Swimming relays can be done competitively, but they also make great training sprints for your team. Here are some fun lap races to try out at your next practice.

Rules of Freestyle Swimming

What is freestyle swimming? Is it the same stroke as the front crawl? Read on to learn more about freestyle competition!

Some Factors You Should Notice When Building a Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool in your home is surely diverting. However, there are some factors that should be noticed if you want to build a swimming pool or water boom. They are the location, design of pool, construction of water boom, landscaping, lighting, and security factor that is important for you to keep your privacy and protection.

All About Swimming

Swimming is one of likable physical exercises. It is also very effective and optimal for your health. Unfortunately, this kind of sport is generally only done in holiday or free time. In the other hand, if you do this sport regularly, you can get numerous benefits from doing it.

Different Types of Men's Swim Wear

In prehistoric days, people use to remove all their clothes before swimming. In those days skinny dipping was considered to be best way to attract the attention of the people around you.

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