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Foreign Let's go let's go Uh I don't have my microphone arrange let Me let me set that up So you guys gonna need to forgive me a Little bit Because Um as a result of I made a decision I used to be alleged to in reality take a bathe And then get began with dwell Stream But I spotted that I'm extraordinarily late I used to be like yo I'm late so I would as Well simply get began Um as a result of I don't need to preserve you guys Waiting so we're gonna have to try this But let me arrange my fancy microphone First You already know the deal You already know the deal Oh We're again in enterprise my lovely Microphone is in How is all people We have some thrilling stuff at this time uh Going on we'll discuss Um Uh the state of affairs that's happening with Nfts the World Cup is coming shut so I Think Can you hear me are you able to hear me are you able to Hear me completely Whoa

All proper all proper guys All proper let's deliver this factor over on Here as effectively Where is it Okay you'll be able to see the the dwell stream a little bit bit so I'm including some Fancy stuff to it and typically it takes A bit of little bit of time To get all of it all in place you realize however That's what I'm attempting to arrange now so I'm attempting to deliver the chat So that you just guys can can see it You know what I imply Yeah now I can see the chat over right here Whoa Jamaica in the home Collins In the House Everyone's in so that you're guys gonna have To forgive me a little bit bit I'm hungry It's like 2 45 p.m I haven't eaten I Woke up and I used to be attempting to arrange the Live stream so I will likely be consuming right here whereas we're on the Live so I hope you you perceive Um what I did I need to do so as to add to This to a different overlay It's the worldwide factor So settings embed dwell stream copy Show in Um add widget overlay Okay are you able to hear your personal chat I'll be consuming some fruit some fruit Salad Um Which I believe it's actually cool you realize

For a breakfast you realize what I'm saying Okay let's do that truly Copy So I'm consuming a fruit salad as a result of it's Friday in spite of everything You know the deal Let's preserve it pumping So there may be this Genesis drop I don't Know should you guys find out about it but it surely's It's actually cool I noticed Michael uh Jordan Doing it We have somebody from Trinidad watching Nice All proper so what I'm consuming Is this Please destroy the like button Uh it's just a few coconut And um A pineapple No pounded yum not at this time You realize it's so onerous to search out that sort Of meals in Dubai you realize Let me placed on a tweet and present this inform These guys that we're we're dwell fast Of course destroy the like button And bananas There are additionally bananas on this factor Okay Uh Twitter what's up Twitter Join us be part of the be part of the household on on YouTube that's what we do I'll present you all my trades proper now It's loopy Um there's quite a lot of alternatives now

But appears fascinating with all of the The different issues happening now with the World Cup nfts I believe it's gonna blow Up Official FIFA nfts Watch now Okay so we're gonna purchase some nfts these Uh a few of these drops and see actually What the sport is But um let's wait and see what occurs You know Oh I just like the individuals who watch from It's very spectacular I adore it Oh Hamza Hamza Otto what's good man I'm additionally gonna go dwell on Instagram and Tell all people to hitch us And in fact you realize the deal Bitcoin worth motion has been detected And when that occurs You realize it's time you realize it's go time Oh the place is Where are my sound results Um Much more persons are becoming a member of us Fantastic As we purchase these nifties nifties nifties Nfts I believe nfts are coming again man throughout The World Cup particularly it's going to Be loopy How can we go dwell on Instagram

Yeah there we go Um feeling a little bit a little bit unhealthy Today I'm consuming issues that I Shouldn't be consuming I shouldn't be Drinking Um take a look at this take a look at this Drinking poison Just in order that I can Have sufficient vitality this morning for you Guys Okay after which we are able to discuss buying and selling And earning profits and all that stuff All proper So Here's what's happening There is um Um the FIFA gather FIFA gather It's nft undertaking I don't know should you Know this however I'll go Rand is the Official blockchain for FIFA that has Been chosen to facilitate all of the FIFA Activities So in direction of the World Cup they they've Done this Genesis drop it's actually low-cost It's like these are like playing cards proper It's like Pokemon playing cards and stuff Five {dollars} per nft And I believe I'm gonna go in and purchase some Stuff you by no means know the way it finally ends up I Just need to be following this all of the Way in direction of Uh in direction of the the World Cup because it goes And I do have World Cup let me truly

Ask my PA about my My World Cup tickets Because I'm alleged to I believe to fill in for the Visa in Qatar But I don't must get a visa for Qatar So let's see what she says Everything is nice I see you guys in in Um in Discord Perfecto So To purchase this what you're gonna want or Maybe let me simply present let me simply purchase a Couple of them And then we are able to see the way it goes So that is the pack let's see take a look at The market Okay there's nothing uh Marketplace will Open quickly okay my assortment you'll be able to see I've completely nothing Find one thing cool So that is the one ones occurring 65 000 have been bought already wow So I'm going to purchase a number of and Collectibles you could possibly discover on this pack Okay so Morocco is frequent Chile is coming Zaire is uncommon ah France is uncommon okay Canada's you realize it relies upon should you Understand soccer and the way it works Pretty a lot I believe this follows all That stuff Uh so let's see let's see let's see if We can purchase one thing purchase now Uh so there are two choices to purchase you

Got debit card or bank card however you Can additionally purchase with out I'll purchase with as a result of Crypto is cool Um and 5 {dollars} so you can not purchase a Few at a time without delay what what the hell So I'll use an algor and pockets that I Have on my cellphone What I did mainly I downloaded a Wallet known as pera pera Argo pockets it's For agarand And then you might be transferred a Bots I Went to purchase bit to purchase some algorand and Then withdraw the algorithm onto my Phone right here should you wanna do the identical you Can um you'll be able to Create an account with purchase bit hyperlink is In the outline you too can do the Same with all KX hyperlink is within the Description ah I forgot one thing earlier than I proceed so we now have a sponsor however I don't even have I haven't added them To this therapy Let me let me be an honorable man and do The proper factor right here But the place the overlays once more Image Image huh Uh okay let's discover all that stuff Supposed to be Hey should you guys If you guys are on Instagram you higher Come to YouTube crypto hustle my YouTube Channel uh and watch what we're doing

We're shopping for some FIFA World Cup nfts Uh official from FIFA itself they're Cheap as effectively Sensor uh they're low-cost as hell 5 Dollars so make sure that I imply this isn't Financial recommendation or something I'm simply Doing it myself however in order for you I don't suppose there's any hurt From shopping for some Um What the hell is that stuff YouTube SSP It's right here Wow I don't actually know the way this new Technology stuff works ah there we go I Found it The sponsor of this video is okx so we Put them someplace there Our proud sponsors you realize linked to Okx is down within the description Proud of you grey you're an honorable Man you set the sponsor on Showing foreign money not displaying all of the Sins I put my sponsor on everybody's joyful Good days Um so let's let's go forward and purchase this Uh hey should you're watching on Instagram Come over to YouTube as a result of that's Where I'm shopping for the whole lot Uh we're shopping for the World Cup nfts Collectibles

And then after this we are able to discuss Bitcoin as effectively after which some Trading [Applause] Okay So I'll use my pockets Okay I must scan this QR code Cool Connect No usdc present in pockets please decide oh What the hell is that So I must have the USD however on Algorand community To have the opportunity To use this will I swap Ricky Oh my gosh that is that is horrible So this pockets Has algorand And you can not truly promote the Um the USD algorithm so it is advisable have USD however in algorand uh blockchain so I'll go into my FTX account and see Let's take a look right here are you able to withdraw Your USD in USD algor and USD what the hell Okay purchase a grand USD USDA it's known as us USDA You get my algorithm bank card Um USD A Does anybody know within the feedback guys If you understand how it really works please let me Know In the video description nonetheless says

Um Meeting with lunar buyers I'm sorry Is that the outline or the title Hmm This is so complicated man USD Let's see if there's algorand on USD Okay are there any algor run Fanatics Here who can provide us some of How this works as a result of Kind of suck So it's the usdc one Okay I'll attempt the usdc one and see now But I don't see I'll go round right here on Usdc and if I am going in my FTX and attempt to Withdraw from that Network It doesn't give me an possibility for Algorand I'll be tram Crap algor run sucks Auger and sax massive time What form of nonsense is that this You're approaching uh usdc Usdca okay I perceive usdc algorithm But Where the hell do I purchase it then Okay which alternate can we discover usdc Algorand Usdc or grand And of their pockets you'll be able to't even you Can't even swap it Usdcr proper now obtainable in your circle Account okay Into auguran pockets okay let's simply go

Into the put up Coinbase appeared like is the one Platform that's supporting these guys The hell Well I do know that it's simply usdc on a Different community similar to all you realize Usdc and avax or no matter But whether or not these alternate is supported It's a complete totally different story I believe I attempted binance earlier than Okay I'm logging in with my binance Wallet right here to test If this nonsense test checks out USD C Wait binance I believe d-listed usdc now They solely do busd and USD T truly I is perhaps unsuitable let me Double test Oh it's nonetheless there No scr it's There is not any usdc on binance any longer Uh should you don't imagine what I say let's Let's go test it out This is loopy man Yeah I do know it's an issue however the factor Is should you quit so shortly that's how You lose cash proper like often when Things are onerous to search out they're in these Stages it positively implies that Not many individuals have it's simply new so if You need to finish get into one thing you Want to get into it this early when it's Still cranky as hell Okay so let's see you guys are saying

Binance Usdc binance has no usdc they made an Announcement final month saying that They're eliminating usdc they solely do Busd they're unstable coin and usdt Another rip-off stablecoin Yeah the community is off level so how the Hell do I purchase these items The solely method to do that is is thru a Bridge and that's going to be a really Slow and costly course of you realize Okay I've all go usdc on cool coin are you able to Send me some I'll Um I can ship you BTC I imply I can ship You usdc in one other Network Unlike TRC Hmm Fix your issues you FIFA guys in Algorand your blockchain sucks to say The least You know what I'm saying Okay I'm attempting different methods right here to see If I can discover it guys so Forgive me All proper all proper so comparable we've No luck With this nonsense I'll go round they Don't even so they need folks to make use of The the their USD card I imply the credit score Card that's nonsense Yeah scammers Freaking scammers yesterday I went dwell With a scammer for like an hour he discovered

Me on Reddit and he was attempting to promote Me some rip-off Try to persuade me that I'll generate income On some rip-off that he was he needed me to Invest in I recorded the entire dialog so I'll share it with you guys a while What platform am I utilizing oh you're Asking who There is however no algorithm Um the community impact oh yeah I see Absolutely everyone seems to be doing an awesome job Here man I recognize you guys Um is packs for a rip-off no it's not a Scam it's truly unimaginable you'll be able to Make cash utilizing paxful Advice ship some money to 2 weapons and Pastel however they aren't sending me Bitcoin ought to I say they've scammers Or paxful uh as effectively Um did you might be they kyc'd primary do You additionally learn their Um did you learn their Ratings opinions Because that's essential Usdca Usdca rip-off Even worse than um Oh I see no no however nonetheless If you sort usdc on binance like I've Typed right here you ought to be getting at Least usdc in the event that they don't have usdc They can't have usdca as a result of USD CA It's simply usdc on agoran mainly or

Maybe I'm unsuitable however right here you go you'll be able to See there's nothing And additionally should you take a look at the steady cash On binance Uh you've bought busd usdt that's all Nothing else You Okay X have it I can test on okx Okay let me attempt on okx let me attempt on okx Okay x q coin okay I'll attempt that as effectively Hmm lovely Oh however I do have some I do have some Argo however I don't have uh Grand USD C I'm attempting right here an choice Uh on okx Beautiful lovely Where the sound results man There we go There we go [Applause] Cool coin When you end up utilizing cuecoin When you're not within the US then you realize It's an issue I'm simply Beautiful Okay we at the moment are on okx let's see if we Can withdraw Withdraw withdraw Okay Network No algorand On Oh my gosh that is gonna be an issue Guys

Usdc Okay withdraw Um yeah that's an excellent query are We opening quickly with orvex But the factor is the cash will get caught in Malawi the banks don't need to give us The alternative to take our cash out It's a really advanced drawback But um I can I'll make a plan for you Guys Okay rattling X says I ought to ship him a Usdc ID proper now I'll ship it proper now man Okay X doesn't have it as effectively so uh the Only answer is Mr Damian now Save us man save the world Uh I simply despatched you the deal with on WhatsApp Yeah that's the one which's the one sir Okay so in the meantime we are able to discuss Trades and we are able to discuss making Money Because there's quite a lot of Juicy stuff Going on in crypto for the time being And algorand itself Is an issue Because in my pump simply in direction of the World Cup What the hell Um so we're gonna open up our favourite Chart of what time Which is the USDX To just about perceive what's going On first

And then we are able to take a look at all the opposite Unimportant issues So the US greenback Is as you'll be able to see proper right here The euro can be crashing Let's simply take a look at the currencies first Actually right here Um Eur USD Okay These these currencies guys they're Struggling a lot for the time being Switch to the Daily What currencies what foreign money is falling Have you ever seen a time like this Before we we're dwelling in a historic Moment Does not have it too yeah Bible doesn't Have the uh the algorithm factor as effectively But Damien I'm ready should you might ship Me even 100 bucks it's cool I'll ship you USBC So that is the state of affairs that's happening Similar to what occurred to kovid Um through the pandemic quite a lot of the Currencies had been shedding worth And lots of people began operating away From them and shifting over to uh different Currencies which can be Much extra stronger like Bitcoin that Have a type of non-serverign So we would see the identical factor occurring I imply you take a look at the euro take a look at the Euro guys it's insane

This is loopy We have by no means seen a time like this Bitcoin and crypto worth motion Detected and because it's crashing you'll be able to See Bitcoin goes to begin shifting up Very very quickly now I'm now a little bit bit Optimistic with the market now that if This continues you see Even the British pound let me truly Open an entire full-on chart To make to make a degree That we're in it to creating some cash In particular person Brenda says please does anybody right here know I'll get an Argentina account What do you imply by that uh by the Argentina account Okay Man what's unsuitable with this So let's take a look at the GBP to the USD The drawback with this foreign money is like They need to be picked to one thing And then they Ah You're two falling knives however At the identical time they're colorated to Each different Or a minimum of you need to measure them Against the US greenback both method however Also the US greenback is falling however not at The price of the British pound that is Scary This is the British pound guys the the United Kingdom cash

Falling like an odd coin and also you take a look at The chart doesn't it seem like a chart So from right here All the way in which down In 5 minutes it's down minus 1.63 the British pound now let's swap over To the Daily It's a pure coin man Check this out so this man is like I believe that the bull market is coming Back bro The bull market is clearly coming again If you see main currencies of the world Falling I keep in mind simply once I was within the UK Um earlier this yr one GBP was like Three {dollars} or one thing Oh no no was it three {dollars} one level Three one level three sorry uh one two Three is the uh the dirham Right however now you'll be able to see All this time it has simply been falling It has been on the Lord down Completely Falling Slowly till we've Reached the present ranges it's Embarrassing You know we are able to measure how lengthy it has Taken let's say to get Um thus far From right here 18 % No man that's simply loopy guys That is simply loopy

Okay let me get a correct rule truly To take a look at the date and the worth So from December let's say from January All the way in which up oh truly that was even Higher than that Demo buying and selling view are you able to So this was in Jan it was on the prime And now it has misplaced 20.92 in 281 days Of being alive I imply That is extraordinarily extraordinarily odd coin Like should you ask me a serious foreign money of a Country falling Like in ranges you have got by no means seen Before It solely means one factor This is an ongoing it's not going To cease Uh Damian did you ship me bro Usdc sure sure sure usdc on algorithm Now let's take a look at Bitcoin Um our primary foreign money of the long run This is a coin goes down I've been telling you guys The UK is sort of a third world nation all These previous economies are happening They they're falling Empires So you need to watch out even when You're there since you're gonna get Poor by the cash design like folks in The UK they they're complaining you realize The vitality disaster the costs are excessive Uh inflation after which now you're like oh

Man how can we even survive it's not Gonna cease All proper so evaluate this to the chart Of Bitcoin not too long ago proper Uh let's do a a good comparability right here Oh truly let's first take a look at the Euro As effectively EUR USD Exactly identical form They're all falling to the US greenback But the US greenback has a little bit little bit of a Monopoly on this recreation so it form of Makes sense that it's it's sustaining Its energy however then should you take a look at the Usdc the USD index that I'm all the time Looking at nearly on a regular basis Let me simply name out my USDX chart right here Because we have already got it we all know we Already have it Actually it's right here So that is it I'm all the time telling you guys to pay Attention to this when Bitcoin is rising Or falling Uh and not too long ago it has been accumulating But now for the final two days It's additionally been on a warmth With all of the dangerous information happening round The economic system for the time being So this is perhaps a transparent signal uh let's Look on the BTC d Okay uh so let's take a look at the Bitcoin Dominance Yeah yeah affirm affirm you'll be able to ship It Damian it's all good

Um so you'll be able to see proper right here that it's So dangerous Uh the Bitcoin dominance has been going A bit of little bit of sideways however there have Been an increase right here a little bit bit And if the sentiment continues we would See one other strike off And we might see one other bull market Incoming sometimes finish of the yr are Bullish for cryptocurrency Let's see your display okay go to YouTube Crypto hustle you'll have the ability to watch This Live on YouTube and also you'll see my Screen okay All proper Foreign Is there a hyperlink to entry the web site Which web site Let me test my pockets possibly I obtained The cash This pockets is BS it's a BS pockets man A grant nonsense Why is why is the textual content to speech not Working This is a little bit odd No no no no no no no no No no no no no Do you guys just like the the chat textual content on Screen otherwise you would like that I take away It or scale back it let me know Uh do you have got any robots like nitrous Blue that may commerce this spot Market on Autopilot sure we've been speaking about This for years mainly all you do is

You arrange alerts for when a sign is Uh has come so anytime you get a bullish Signal Let me simply offer you an actual instance you Can even do it on on this uh on Forex Right let's say you need to do it on Tsar USD This is one other coin additionally it's a Currency of a rustic that's falling Like nothing else on the earth look Ugly my pal Life is difficult on the market Um so mainly should you activate the Nitrous bull Let me deliver it on Okay uh you'll be able to see you've bought Boo and Bear indicators And what you do there Is that for instance proper now we bearish It might have sword for you And then it's ready for an additional bully Signal to come back in And then it is going to purchase for you you realize so You simply need to be affected person and it does All that robotically utilizing Uh we use three commas to create the Robots And you then set it up and it runs Itself we've a course at crypto University that reveals you ways to do that Uh should you go to crypto University.community Foreign Oh my God

Wow you guys should not protected you didn't Step on the market man It ain't protected for you bro This is Cap man what the hell Like folks's financial savings are simply going to Zero should you don't find out about easy methods to use Bitcoin you you're positively gonna finish Up poor man What the hell is that this Every day the foreign money is falling Can I watch your life on YouTube sure go To crypto hustle crypto Hustle You'll have the ability to see my display God Bitcoin is gonna pump accumulate Crypto crypto crypto ethereum All cash This is surprising Yeah Yeah Mr Damian I obtained the cash you Sent me sir And I recognize you a lot as a result of You saved my life let's purchase let's purchase This nft now All proper it's improbable huh okay You're the person you're the person sir Um however why doesn't the The bot is failing to learn the chat however If I swap to this mode it's capable of Read the chat does anyone know why No I'm not But I really like however Nigerians are my favourite People on the earth they bought the hustle Wow wow test this out Nitrous boot

No no no no no not this test this out Guys Nitrous boo bought the the ngn Situation method earlier than should you needed to fall If you adopted This indicator on that day say Oh quick The ngn you could possibly have made quite a lot of Money on that day It's loopy Bro like actually on the Casp Of the decline Everything occurred Uh somebody says the YouTube has no sound No you need to shut your Instagram app And make sure that all of your settings are Right all people can hear me on on YouTube it's completely high-quality All proper anyway let's go forward and purchase The nft right here Thanks to Mr D Let's purchase this Genesis drop Approve Hmm I bought cash I bought cash cash within the Bank Yeah we obtained the cash What the hell oh in order that they're charging me Fees for receiving funds or what Filter But you realize this pockets I wouldn't Recommend it to oh now I can see it How a lot did you ship Damien as a result of I Cannot see the quantity in my very own pockets Total Supply after which worth 2.8

Maybe it's nonetheless receiving I assume But the way in which it really works is it's it's actually Strange Anyway let's attempt once more purchase with usdc Connect What a pockets on the market Foreign Balance Ah now oh okay so now I've the stability In my pockets I used to be simply very impatient As all the time Um how do you quick ngn you mainly I'll clarify to you what you are able to do There's so some ways to do it Let's simply make this fee fast Connect auguran pockets Ah now I believe we're on to one thing Thanks to Mr Damian yeah request Transaction transaction request for Equity 4.99 are you certain sure growth completed huh we Bought our first FIFA nft man shout out To all people who's on the Stream [Music] Price motion detected Bitcoin and crypto worth motion Detected Why isn't the the bot studying the chats That are Okay I'll do this yet another time Let's say oh I see I would know what the Problem is however anyway open pack let's Just open this pack and see oh possibly Let's purchase one other one we purchase a number of first

Drops Uh view pack Buy one other one Usdc a Sim course of repeat rinse and repeat guys Confirm sure Okay we put one we're gonna purchase like Five of those or I'd I'd relatively Have like 100 of them however the factor is There is not any method to purchase all of this All of those nfts without delay it's a really Annoying course of And this isn't Financial recommendation guys I'm actually simply enjoying round right here you Never know with issues like this they Might find yourself arising with the Um with the airdrop or no matter so that you Always need to To be concerned when issues are early That's the entire level we're doing this But we're not saying that this isn't I Mean no person is aware of the place it's gonna go Really to be trustworthy with you I'm working as a nurse in Cape Town and I'm in debt how can I get out of with The assist of crypto man you you need to You need to discover ways to to to do P2P Trading on paxful Uh watch my packs for video enroll with My hyperlink I'd say get a my sensible Course at crypto University it is going to present You the whole lot That's the way you and you then you flip That into your full-time job however you

Have to actually put within the work but it surely Works it makes cash I helped um you Shan to get out of 600 000 in debt he Was in 600 000 in debt I confirmed him how To do packs for P2P now he paid off his Debt is is nice So should you're not making it work it's Because you're simply not placing within the Work Buy one other one So for these of you who've by no means used Crypto to purchase something that is how straightforward It is you don't need to fill in your Details and reply a bunch of silly Questions you're placing placing in your Physical deal with all of the dumb stuff you Basically simply This is the way it works fast fast it's Done however clearly the primary stage was Very annoying But after that the whole lot form of makes Sense you realize what I imply Okay drops one other each other one Another one DJ Khaled we're the very best Yeah yeah yeah can nitrous boo work for Free model of buying and selling view sure it does It completely does so you realize after This stream ensure you purchase nitrous Blue And begin utilizing it to your buying and selling it Will simplify your life and we've a Bunch of different Uh indicators additionally you'll be able to simply purchase the

Whole pack All proper all proper We are in a shopping for spree guys let me Actually test my I requested my PA to test My World Cup tickets what's happening With these ones let's see what she says Let's see what she says Are you certain this app has frozen once more Man what the hell Okay it's completed I believe we've like 4 now of these Okay so my PA says that we've How many week what sort of tickets can we Have now we're going to open all of the Um yeah destroy the like button simply Destroy it destroy destroy Now we're going to have a look at um we're Opening the packs and see what we discovered Inside so my PSAs I've a number of tickets One is Morocco versus Croatia I've one other ticket for versus Costa Rica I've one other ticket for Cameroon versus Brazil Destroy the like button guys should you're Going to be on the World Cup and also you Want to satisfy up with me over there Cameroon On P2P okay so you should buy it on yellow Card should you're in Uganda you need to purchase It from Yellowcard Um and from there you'll be able to ship it to Paxful make sure that should you enroll on Paxful you employ my hyperlink guys as a result of I Told you about it so use my hyperlink simply

Find any packs for video of mine and also you Can discover it Okay let's go right here Um let's open the packs To to Do [Music] All proper so if we go to my assortment We have a number of of those Wait I would like my assortment sir why are you Showing me different folks's stuff Collections My bro I would like my collections why are you Showing me different stuff Stop displaying me different folks's Okay so the place is my stuff actually This is bizarre Have we been scammed Let's discover out Is this a rip-off Have we been scanned My pockets okay I believe I bought it my Wallet Okay I bought my pockets however what about my Collection So if I click on on this Oh Man what occurred it opened earlier than I Could present you guys however that is what's Going on Oh that is we bought one card for Denmark Is it gonna be a aim Yo yo

We have already got a aim we have already got a Goal man the primary one is a aim already Because we're simply fortunate pricks Just the way it works man Um okay that is one let's go to the Second one cease it cease this This is seven eight eight oh man I'm Gonna I've bought a pink one seven eight Eight of 63 000. Huh Great BTC uh like a bastard Okay let's open the opposite one uh on by Who owns this one whoo Shake that out Yeah We bought one other aim bro And however that is like 56 709 however nonetheless It's a Tunisia one of the frequent Ones Ah man I can't look forward to them for the Marketplace the place we are able to promote all this Stuff Okay let's take a look at the opposite one subsequent so This is Argentina in 1978 that's the one We bought Uh let's see France we bought a France additionally Whoa Yeah Oh oh Well we bought objectives solely And that is for the for the Women's World Cup Uh I adore it I actually adore it France

Oops Oops lovely let's go on to the subsequent Card Okay this this belongings you by no means know They is perhaps price one thing they may Not looks like no person is admittedly doing This stuff so I'm simply gonna carry on Um trying into them and shopping for a little bit Bit of a little bit bit extra we bought fairly a Devoir Series one Genesis drop oh the France One is uncommon guys so we bought two Commons One uncommon and we additionally get one other frequent What else is is uncommon Um Okay I'm gonna open this one Yo who is that this did you Drogba no Wilford Ah man gervino My man gervino what's good Yeah we're profitable we're profitable we're Winning we're profitable [Music] Okay final one Another entrance oh my man Ribery bro my Man Frank Ribery do I personal this one additionally Frank Rieber is my favourite Winger bro Of all time of all time Get him We're profitable we've bought one other one I gotta say I don't like I don't just like the algor and blockchain But I gotta say that this concept of the Nfts is admittedly excellent it's lovely It's lovely

It's far more enjoyable I believe these are Going to go viral possibly through the World Cup guys we've two months to go so all I can inform you is that see what you'll be able to You can get why do I've so many we did Like 4 4 transactions Am I fortunate man once more I've bought one other One uncommon one Poland Let's open Poland Whoa Exactly bro it's loopy it's extremely Crazy Well I believe the those I purchased Because should you look they're all owned by Me you realize owned by grey BTC proper right here You can see it So I believe I do personal them But it's an odd factor that They simply gave me a bunch of an excessive amount of Too a lot nfts Did I hack the system Three is available in one pack ah Okay how might I not see that okay uh Let's go to the collections once more Or to the drops Ah Man sorry my dick my dyslexia performs a in the whole lot I accomplish that mainly you Buy one you get three it's a 3 pack It's a three-part model Click one in all them to open Yeah okay I see what you imply so if I am going To my assortment that is it Collections

Did the Genesis drop I simply realized So I bought Four of 13 collected and the remainder of 8 Of 18 are frequent Okay I bought you FIFA what about these Ones man I believe these ones are upcoming Eh the 2 you'll be able to't actually see what They're all about I've bought Yeah I believe it's price it man it's Definitely price for 4 bucks so that you Get it for 5 bucks you're getting Three you realize that's not a foul deal Um this is perhaps one other Send ship the Fifi hyperlink Send it ship the FIFA hyperlink okay okay Okay let me ship it to you now Uh it's Collect.fifa.com so that you go to FIFA's Website let me simply drop it within the chat Boom Send I believe I do like these nfts to be Honest they're a little bit bit extra enjoyable and We Yeah I ship the hyperlink within the chat already Okay I must seize one other snack man Getting a little bit hungry So I'd inform you the trick should you Want to to not not really feel guilt for consuming Too a lot that is what I do So should you You eat your self to loss of life Over eat

You simply have to do that I don't know should you guys can see it however Uh um Daniel oh he's I believe cool coin He's despatched from cool coin What am I doing with my digicam Okay let me swap to this digicam a lot Better Okay so that is what I do If I add an excessive amount of you simply need to do Your every day push-ups To make it possible for your You simply need to just be sure you do Your every day push-ups then there's no Dukes in consuming no matter you need okay So I'm gonna do mine proper now After consuming all that crap Let's go Oh he despatched from okay Ah So that's a 30. then you'll be able to go on and Eat one other factor Ah Add the sound Um yeah Okay we are able to now swap on again to this Camera Okay so then I I can eat once more Maybe some Uh some wings Exactly did 30. then I can eat some Wings after that no no guilt no guilt Trips You know what I imply Okay let's open all of the the opposite ones

As effectively hey guys should you're watching on Instagram you'll be able to be part of us on YouTube the Channel is crypto Hustle All proper Oh in order that they're epics man we bought two epics The highest stage is Iconic And we already solely we don't have the Iconic however we've a minimum of An epic I believe when {the marketplace} of This one launches fuel it's going to be a Frenzy Um of nft buying and selling Yeah it's algo Network it's algo Network Exactly Uh Let's open our epics guys Germany Oh what what occurred to the sound now Ah rattling Yo Gmgm Guys take a look at Germany We bought an epic For Germany World Cup uh I believe that is A Women's World Cup Beautiful lovely lovely What's the opposite Epic Um Portugal Oh Ronaldo freaky Yo man that is loopy oh we are able to promote this One for an excessive amount of cash sure Foreign Yeah man I believe that is gonna be the

Money maker it's like I knew once I put Him on the thumbnails they had been gonna Get him a Ronaldo Fantastic so I believe that is the very best That we bought uh that is the very best card That we've bought Uh from 2018 in Russia And yeah that's the Epic And we go Japan within the race so we bought Four rares man If if we promote this with for lots of Money I'll give I'll give the cash away Some of the cash Honda This man with hassle in uh 20 the 2010 World Cup or one thing Yeah bro Honda If you're shopping for man simply simply hope simply Hope that Um you get any of the iconics The iconics goes to be extraordinarily Crazy should you discover it man you realize Colombia Whoa Beautiful freaky unpredictable Yeah that is loopy bro Yeah man That's lovely Okay so I'm I've a gathering quickly so I'm Gonna need to go But uh I'll depart you guys some nuggets Of Trades that I've been Um algoran itself is just about trying Sharp in my eyes

Uh I'm accumulating merely entire nft factor Um it may Oh man I really like To purchase quite a lot of these after which I'll be I Will do a giveaway in Discord uh when Can we try this Um I'll go to to a live performance tonight There's 50 Cent coming to to Dubai so I Cannot do it tonight tomorrow I'll go on A dwell stream and I will likely be making a gift of Nfts dwell so ensure you be on the Lookout however you need to be in court docket Tomorrow All proper okay now we're gonna see Yeah precisely I believe extra is healthier at This level Um as a result of if we might see a bull market Of like fan tokens uh in direction of the world Cap This is what organ seems like uh on the Four hour let's take a look at it every day Actually let's take a look at the weekly Okay oh man oh you see it truly seems It's for it's for {dollars} bro to purchase one Nfts it's 5 {dollars} sorry 5 Dollars with different lease and that is the Beauty of cryptocurrency you should buy World Cup nfts Foreign Okay Um so that is the algorithm chart you Can see it's utterly flattened out In its extraordinarily assist ranges and if

This factor catches hearth lots of people Start shopping for algor and we are able to see it Increasing like loopy and that's what I'm baiting on so once more it's not a Financial recommendation or something however I believe This is enjoyable like we we'll we loved This stream due to this uh unveiling These nfts and extra persons are going to Find out about them I believe Tick Tock Can go loopy Yeah the degrees look completely Beautiful proper so even should you Even should you you you you choose it up from Here To the subsequent let's say to the subsequent Support stage I imply the resistance Level right here it's already 125 % If it goes all the way in which to the subsequent stage It's about one I imply 337 so should you can Buy and simply maintain it for a while and Wait for issues to take off you could possibly Make some huge cash on algorand by no means Say I didn't inform you Yeah so you need to be part of the in order for you To get a free nft tomorrow be part of the dwell Stream invite your folks share this Stream to as many individuals as doable so That they'll get entangled and I believe It's going to be lovely So you realize that's that that's the Gameplay that's the sport plan As the World Cup is coming by way of I Think these items will catch hearth and Um I imply it's 5 {dollars} a chunk so

If it doesn't find yourself being something you Lose nothing if it really works out you you do Make some cash out of it Yeah precisely yeah let's do it tomorrow Let's do let's do a dwell stream tomorrow It's gonna be a protracted dwell stream these Days I'm gonna be doing lengthy dwell stream Because I spotted that I similar to dwell Streams greater than making regular movies On YouTube so Um so one other coin different coin in different Coins that I've been I'm Still bullish on Litecoin for the time being Still trying uh just like this as effectively Um I can present you This is a one week you'll be able to see identical Levels Oh Is like Bro when did you do wait or nonetheless on the Live stream but it surely already bought one Quick you guys don't play Man Okay so you bought an epic that's that's Beautiful man that's lovely you need To promote it to me I can I can I can purchase It from you for seven {dollars} should you Want But oh you bought an epic okay it's high-quality You can preserve it what I'm searching for is The iconic should you discover an iconic I'll Buy it from you for I'll pay thrice The cash in order for you so you should buy Them for 5 bucks I'll offer you 15. All proper

Foreign Following okay I like your bro All proper all proper uh by the way in which I I Entered uh Andrew Tate's Bitcoin pockets On my earlier video And you'll be able to see what I discovered inside is Crazy Uh these guys are making some huge cash 77 Bitcoins in a single pockets that's like 1.34 million {dollars} Completely loopy Okay we're gonna open yet another nft Reveal after which the dwell stream is over Thank you guys for watching Tomorrow we're gonna give away quite a lot of This stuff so uh Denmark we already Opened it please Romania Anna from Romania what's up Uh it's not a aim Yo they'd black folks in Romania again In the day of their group how is that Even doable Wow that's so unusual but it surely's cool Yeah yeah look don't fear I'm placing Together a plan we've We must discover a technique to get the cash Out of the nation bro that's the Problem you realize I I promote my Bitcoins And then my cash will get caught and so they Asked me to talk to the river Please purchase for one Pluto what's good I'll attempt the whole lot I can as a result of the Banks that don't they don't enable me to

Take my cash in another country they Say that I ought to name the Reserve Bank Or converse to the Reserve Bank The different day I needed to spend 700 on a Hotel they are saying no it doesn't make sense To spend 700 in a lodge what sort of a Hotel is that I'm like but it surely's my cash Why are you telling me what I must be Doing with my cash So we'll make a plan don't fear I bought You I bought you All proper peace my mates I'll see you I'll see you tomorrow if you wish to Learn how cryptocurrency work please Join crypto college.community seize my Course you discover ways to commerce you study How to speculate you study a complete lot of Other belongings you'll study quite a lot of Incredible lovely issues on the market so Make certain you test it out all proper Peace out mates