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Do you want your platforms to be cute 
and fluffy, in addition to worthwhile? Well,   That's the place Penguin is available in! At first look, the Penguin Finance web site 
makes the challenge appear to be one other easy DeFi   Protocol on , however maintain on tight, 
that's solely the tip of the iceberg! Let's go over the common DeFi stuff first. If 
you add to a pool on Pangolin, which is   A DEX on Avalanche, you'll be able to take your ensuing LP 
and stake them in farms on Penguin Finance. You nonetheless earn the from 
offering liquidity on Pangolin,   But you additionally earn Penguin 
Finance's personal token, PEFI. You can then take your PEFI tokens 
and stake them to get iPEFI tokens,   Which earns you much yield and is used for 
a number of issues within the Penguin Finance . Keep in thoughts there's a 6% 
“paper hand penalty” that's   Deducted out of your PEFI in case you select to unstake. By holding iPEFI, you'll be able to register for 
tasks on Penguin Finance's   Own , which helps you to purchase the challenge's 
token at its beginning worth it launches. From time to time, Penguin Finance additionally 
companions with different DeFi tasks on   Avalanche to supply iPEFI on their 
protocols, which they name icebergs. When an iceberg continues to be energetic,   You can deposit your iPEFI tokens to 
earn yield till the iceberg melts. Now let's get onto the actually enjoyable stuff! 
Penguin Finance additionally provides video games,   The first of which is Emperor Royale. Emperor Royale is a “king of the hill” recreation 
the place each participant creates a Penguin and battles   To sit on the throne the longest. To conquer 
the throne, it's a must to outbid the present   King with iPEFI tokens and solely then will your 
Penguin begin accumulating time on the throne. At the tip of every occasion, the Penguins who 
sat on the throne the longest will share   The prize pool. Only the bravest gamblers 
will survive and develop into king of the hill! The second recreation, Penguin Arena, shouldn't be 
launched but however shall be made up of a   Series of mini-games the place all gamers battle 
to develop into the final word Penguin Gladiator. Penguin may also have utility in 
the , so let's check out them.   CryptoPuffies is the NFT assortment that's meant 
to unlock the complete Penguin Finance ecosystem. You can stake your puffies within the igloo to 
earn yield, and since every puffy has its   Own greatest pal , you'll earn three 
instances the yield in case you stake the pair collectively.   Puffies even have a nemesis counterpart, 
which shall be utilized in a replace. PEFI stakers additionally profit from 
these NFTs as they get 5% of   The sale worth each time somebody sells a puffy.

In the longer term, puffies could have extra 
utility within the Penguin Finance ecosystem,   Including the upcoming area recreation. If that was quite a bit to digest, then you definitely would possibly 
wish to waddle over to Penguin Finance and   just a little for your self. Just make 
certain you for a sure somebody.