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Foreign Welcome once more to the channel Aaron proper right here Coming once more at you with one different Cryptocurrency video proper now study us out On Twitter and in proper now's video we'll be Discussing is the underside in for Bitcoin And crypto I'll give you guys my Thoughts we'll be making an attempt out some Technical analysis making an attempt out some Other people's concepts throughout the crypto about is the underside end for Bitcoin we'll be going over all that in Today's video so preserve tuned let's study Out the current state of the market this Video is considerably pre-recorded so prices May be considerably completely totally different as you're Watching nonetheless Bitcoin is presently Sitting at spherical 21 000 we have got at 1558 bnb's at Around 298 {{dollars}} it's really down Two % proper right here over the earlier 24 some Of these all money are a Little bit proper right here xrps at spherical 38 cents We have cardano at spherical 34.7 cents Dogecoins at spherical 8.3 cents and Matic Is at spherical a buck so that is the prime 10 cryptos for you correct there and we Have Bitcoin dominance at spherical 41.2 Percent ethereum dominance has been Moving up as correctly at 19.4 with that Let's go ahead and try a couple of of These charts proper right here you'll see from Dan Crypto he says historically a weekly Candle calls with a 20 purchase following a

Six month or longer bear Market with a 75 drop or further in Decline has always Resulted in a bottom for BTC we seen that Back in 2012 we seen it in 2015 we seen it In 2019 and now we're seeing that inexperienced Wig play out correct now so is the underside In this might presumably be an indicator that is is In in making an attempt out the charts proper right here if we Compare this bear Market to the bear Market of 2018-2019 you'll see we had this massive Red candle correct proper right here once more in November Of 2018 the place Bitcoin coin dropped Around 45 % in a month if we Compare that exact same crimson candle to this crimson Candle proper right here that we had once more in June of Bitcoin dropped spherical 42 % So these candles look very very associated Bitcoin dropped from spherical 6 500 all The method down to a few 500 inside a month and Back proper right here Bitcoin dropped from spherical 31 000 all the way wherein proper all the way down to spherical 16 000 in A single month so if Bitcoin does play Out choose it did in the long term of 2018 and Early in 2019 we could suspect some further Green months for Bitcoin heading once more to These prices it was at sooner than the large Drop so which will suggest Bitcoin is perhaps Headed once more to 30 000 and above it if it Does play out very like what we seen Back proper right here in 2019 so you'll see it made A switch up proper right here from spherical 3 300 all the Way as a lot as spherical 13 thousand Dollars that was spherical a 300 switch so a

300 switch from the underside of this crimson Candle proper right here which will current Bitcoin at Around 52 000 so I'm not saying that's gonna Happen guys nonetheless we could undoubtedly see Bitcoin mimic what it did proper right here in 2019 Where it had one two three 4 5 Green months in a row sooner than I started To commerce sideways so that's one factor we Could pay attention to the underside could Be in correct now it might presumably be a terrific various for BTC so checking Out what plan B has to say he says the November 2022 low of 15.5 was the underside BTC has crossed temporary time interval hodler and Will rise into the 2024 occurring and Subsequently 2025 plenty of indicators affirm short-term Holder signal 2024 occurring is perhaps Greater than 32 000 BTC and the 2025 Bull market might be higher than a Hundred thousand BTC in order that's his over the next couple Years and the place he thinks Bitcoin is Headed and even for individuals who take a look at this Chart proper right here this area once more in 2018 2019 Looks much like the world we had been At correct now in the case of that realized Cost definitely worth the place we merely dip underneath it You can see we merely are dipping underneath it Right proper right here so we may even see Bitcoin make Its method once more as a lot as this blue line over The subsequent couple months clearly that's Not for sure merely charts and

Past effectivity you'll form of see That there after which do this crazy Stat 29 of American Millennials private BTC And that's from Caitlyn prolonged she says 25 % of Americans with an earnings Of 100 thousand or further owned Bitcoin as of October of 2022. given the development of the United States That's vital let's it the U.S System lets the rich bot entry in DC so Bitcoin already has a robust U.S Political Constitution so that's Something we would like to contemplate we have got Crypto regulation coming in a short time we Have Bitcoin regulation coming in a short time We've seen all these politicians throughout the White House discuss how Bitcoin is a Commodity the rest of crypto is form of Up for grabs you truly don't know What's going to happen with all that we Don't truly know what's going to happen With safe money with a couple of of those Altcoins with all this D5 stuff nonetheless the One issue that does seem like for sure In the regulator's eyes is that Bitcoin Will be deemed a commodity much like Gold much like oil much like wheat so That's one factor we have got to look forward To and I consider as quickly as we do get regulation We'll start to see points like and I consider we'll start to see some Of these bigger institutions Have further to actually make And preserve Bitcoin for the long term and

It's very attention-grabbing to see what totally different People are saying correct now in regards to the Bottom doubtlessly being in you'll see Right proper right here that's from Plan B he's Asking if Bitcoin 20 000 700 is a bull Trap the start of a model new bull market and You can see majority of people nonetheless Think we're in a bull entice Bitcoin is Going to be coming down lower and to be Honest guys correct now I may not be Surprised to see Bitcoin go to thirty Thousand {{dollars}} over the next couple Months notably if we see some good Inflation readings over the next couple Of readings I consider Bitcoin may very well Make its method as a lot as thirty thousand Dollars in a short while you seen how briskly it Went as a lot as twenty one thousand merely from Being throughout the crypto space for over 5 Plus years now we've seen this once more in 2019 it seems as if we could doubtlessly See deflation this 12 months I consider we'll See a Dutch fed and I consider that further Money will push into Bitcoin and we've Seen the retail shoppers persevering with to Dollar costs averaging to bitcoin purchasing for More and further Bitcoin every single day All the boys on chain indicators Are the least bit time highs which is totally Good to see all through a bear Market that's Something we did not see once more in 2019 so I consider we may very well see bitcoin's switch in a short while and I'm not Trying to funnel you guys to buy into

Bitcoin we do counsel you buck costs on account of this Market is Volatile we could undoubtedly see Bitcoin Go once more proper all the way down to 16 000 nonetheless that's merely What it seems as if from all The charts correct every now and then moreover Checking out this poll from altcoin Daily they requested Their viewers which is Majority crypto merchants has Bitcoin Bottomed this was a couple of days previously And majority of people are saying no Bitcoin didn't bottom 15.5 should not be going To be the underside for Bitcoin we're going To see lower prices and I consider that's Actually an amazing issue when majority of People suppose that the bomb's not in They're most probably going to be fallacious it's Just like once more in 2021 when when people Were pondering Bitcoin was going to a Hundred thousand {{dollars}} I consider Everybody thought Bitcoin was going to and it certainly not acquired there the majority Of people correct now are very bearish so People talking about 10K Bitcoin we'd Never see one different 10K Bitcoin ever as soon as extra So one factor to contemplate and we requested You guys about half-hour previously has Bitcoin bottomed 41 of you guys talked about certain 44 of you guys talked about no we're going lower So there are nonetheless further bears than Bulls In this I'm to See how this poll performs out after which we Can see correct proper right here the Bitcoin search Term over on Google Trends isn't truly

Going up Bitcoin has blast off proper right here over The earlier week and it went from a 22 to a 23. so new people truly aren't talking About Bitcoin correct now there's no fomo There's no fud there's been form of some Distractions with AI chat GPT that's the New issue that everybody's talking about Now so no particular person's truly specializing in Crypto or Bitcoin when it's essential be if You want the 100x constructive elements and likewise it's essential Take these crazy and some of those All money correct now's the time to be Doing that why the market has plummeted So so much correct now's the time to be Doing these form of bets nonetheless that's not Financial suggestion that's merely what we've Seen since we've been accessible available in the market so Let me know what you guys thought-about Today's video merely must give you guys My concepts on the place I consider the market Is headed is the underside end you acknowledge let Me know what you guys take into accounts that In the comment half underneath are you Investing now do you suppose the underside is In put all that down underneath and thanks For watching all the best way wherein to the tip if You found any value hit that like button My establish is Aaron from the Bitcoin Bros I'm out I'll see you guys throughout the subsequent One Foreign