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We're finding out {{that a}} division of 's a financial agency Block has launched C equals which is a New enterprise entity centered on and routing on the lightning Network which is 's later two Scaling system so what's that all about Christy Well we talked actually I really feel it was week barely bit about Bitcoin Liquidity on the lightning Network and What which implies so as everyone knows as you Just acknowledged it's a two that it Enables sooner cheaper Transactions on bitcoin by taking the Transactions off of the first Network and Doing them type of like on barely a Side platform successfully a layer two once and Forth you'll be able to do all forms of Transactions off of the neighborhood after which Finalize the consequence on the end of the Day you would possibly do a complete bunch and a complete bunch Of transactions after which finalize the Result State the following State on the Bitcoin neighborhood nonetheless what's required in Order to do that is liquidity inside the Lightning Network platform do you have to look Right now the amount of little little bit of neighborhood Capacity the amount of bit Bitcoin up correct now inside the lightning Network is 5385 roughly Bitcoins which is a spherical 120 million {{dollars}} which appears like a Lot nonetheless isn't actually all that so much and

What we would prefer to have the flexibility to do is after we Send Bitcoin onto the lightning Network We should assure that inside each of Those channels you have to ship your Transaction from node to node by Channels you have to assure that Whatever you're attempting to ship on the Night on the the neighborhood by a Channel has that functionality locked up in That specific channel in order to make The Hop from one node to the following and Sometimes The functionality in these explicit particular person Channels isn't pretty adequate so Transactions can fail and we've been Seeing that happen and don't neglect that The lightning neighborhood is a extremely new Still significantly experimental layer Um and we're nonetheless attempting to find out The most interesting approach to make points and Trying to boost the experience and Trying to increase the liquidity and the Capacity on these in these channels so What Jack dorsey's TBD which is a Division of block Um Has launched with C equals is that this new Entity centered on enhancing liquidity Within the channels however as well as uh working On a variety of the uh a variety of the Infrastructure that's going to boost the Network reliability and what's thrilling About that's that successfully Jack Dorsey has Been pretty a proponent proponent of

Bitcoin throughout the previous couple of nonetheless The lightning Network significantly he sees The promise inside the neighborhood and is Putting his money the place his mouth is in Terms of supporting it so this might presumably be Quite an excellent improve for lightning Network Infrastructure and reliability All correct I was surprised you acknowledged that There's solely about merely over 5 000 BTC In functionality on the lightning Network we're that your complete Circling Supply On a Bitcoin bridged onto Avalanches Like 8 500 Bitcoin Uh And I'm questioning successfully I I'm you already what I really don't know What's occurring with correct now And Um how that how that how that's going to Compare uh what it that appears like an Awful lot of exact Bitcoins Um nonetheless I don't know how that system so all correct I'm undecided I'll Compare that and there's moreover some on behind C equals applicable Oh yeah successfully do you indicate the establish the Name itself yeah the establish itself is Actually a reference to the tempo of Light in E equals m c squared okay Um yeah it's it's barely barely nod To Einstein so yeah kind of cute