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The binance has two decisions sit down With the regulator pay the penalty Disclose possession on account of in my view You're asking me an opinion I'm merely an Observer I've made many suggestions about The demise of FTX the ftt token the BNB Token there are some essential questions That now come to the fore about binance That we're moreover requested of FTX so correct Now the binance narrative on the Congressional stage on the regulator Level is you've acquired 64 billion {{dollars}} In a token that is primarily illegal if You want it to go well with it into the System it's in two 97.3 p.c Concentration who owns them unknown who Owns unknown in case you want to get A license inside the after Paying regardless of it's going to worth to Clean up all of these costs You're going to ought to disclose that Not merely Finance any platform goes To have to do that the reason there was War between these two behemoths FTX and Binance was this FTX may not get Licenses on account of the 20 possession held By binance would not disclose possession And it is a should to your shopper on the Cap desk stage so Finance has the Choice to make they're going to keep inside the Shadows as a rogue entity very Profitable and it is a should to start out easy For what he's constructed however he wishes to Play within the precise and inside the

World's largest the U.S he's Going to ought to disclose who owns them And who's backing that token and Binance has the an identical risk that FTX has If there's a run on the monetary establishment of that Token of 64 billion they don't have that Much cash it'll be the an identical outcome and That is the hazard that that has correct now And frankly Regulators are bored with it They don't want any further hearings I was There I talked to those Senators they're Just pissed off and they also've had adequate Of this and they also're going to start start Squeezing arms like lemons and likewise you're Watching it happen with Finance