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I do know video is prolonged overdue proper right here It is I'm sorry guys I I apologize Um for for the way in which the highest that's unfolded Thus far and I would love people to know that They can perception me and that I'll on a regular basis Take care of the followers and people who Support me YouTuber Logan Paul has merely Issued an apology to you the crypto Zoo Community and to investigative reporter Coffee Zilla after Logan Paul known as him A authorized and threatened to sue him Coffee Zilla is simply not a authorized I known as Him I apologized my preliminary response to His sequence was that of of a fireside uh an Ego flare regardless of it is satisfaction I'm a Fighter at coronary coronary heart and I was Defensive Because I do know I not at all scammed anyone With this mission I not at all made any money Never purchased any tokens and I solely had the intentions getting into nonetheless the reality is The suing espresso Zilla is simply not going to Help crypto Zoo holders so I do need to Focus my consideration the place it must be Which is on followers and supporters of me You guys suggest the to me so I'd Like to announce my three-step plan Moving forward so Logan Paul merely an Announced a extremely fascinating three-step Plan for his crypto mission and its Holders should you occur to're in crypto or should you occur to Follow Logan Paul you're going to want To hear this we break down all of the items Here on this video and regularly at

Altcoin Daily for that reason you subscribe So Logan Paul actually obtained right here beneath Fire From coffeezilla initially after Coffeezilla's three-part expose on Logan Paul's nft crypto sport known as cryptozoo Cryptozoo.com I'm so obsessed with this Project it's it's it's so gratifying it's a Really gratifying sport that makes you money a Fun sport that earns you money how loads Did you guys make from crypto zoo I misplaced Around fifty thousand {{dollars}} in cryptos I misplaced forty thousand {{dollars}} and I misplaced Around 15 000 US {{dollars}} I misplaced twenty Five thousand {{dollars}} 100 twenty Thousand {{dollars}} 5 hundred thousand Dollars Australian which is half a Million in crypto zoo shut up Shut up yeah 500K Oh no at current we're Logan Paul's cryptos a blockchain sport that Made Millions nonetheless not at all labored just a few of You guys suppose you notice the story but it surely certainly Goes loads deeper so because of the Press and because of the stress and Because of people resembling you who shared The films engaged with the flicks make Sure people knew what was taking place Because of all of this Logan Paul issued This assertion at current asserting three Big modifications transferring forward I'd want to Announce my three-step plan transferring Forward the first step Jeff and I are going to Burn our Zoo tokens so we have no Financial upside throughout the sport and it will

Add to older tokens step two uh we Want to provide a program for Players who're upset throughout the Status of the game so primarily you're Going to have the to burn your your base Egg or your base animal for the mint Price which was 0.1 each or the Equivalent in BMB I'm personally Committing a thousand each to this which Is about 1.3 million {{dollars}} correct now For players who want to get out after which Step three clearly finish and ship The sport as outlined throughout the white paper By ending the egg Bridge from eth to BSC for base animals and base eggs Completing {{the marketplace}} and and Obviously ending the releasing your Animals into the to accrue your carry out so Logan's three-step Plan major Logan and his supervisor Jeff are going to burn the tokens they Hold to permit them to't get any upside from Them plus the token Supply will develop to be More scarce for these domestically I Guess so doubtlessly it could be greater For these token holders within the occasion that they want to Continue with the mission on account of then We get to amount two it seems like he's Allowing those who bought at mint to Redeem for the mint price equal in Eth or BNB to permit them to get their money Back after which Logan is personally Committing 1.3 million of his private money To this or 1000 ethereum after which three

He actually completes the game as Outlined throughout the white paper Logan Paul continues throughout the video saying That there shall be a full inside Investigation and any further Recovered funds shall be given once more to The neighborhood to say I'm upset In how this was handled internally is an Understatement there's a full inside Investigation taking place along with an Audit and we'll pursue full Legal movement for whomever have to be Held accountable if any money is Recovered throughout the course of it'll go correct To the neighborhood my sole obligation is To my supporters subscribe to our Channel altcoin every day on account of if and When that ever happens we're going to Let you perceive on how to say that money Logan Paul finishes his apology to you I Know this video is prolonged overdue proper right here it Is I'm sorry guys I I apologize Um for for the way in which the highest that's unfolded Thus far and I would love people to know that They can perception me and that I'll on a regular basis Take care of the followers and people who Support me I acknowledge your guys's Patience whereas we do our inside Investigation and I promise to be Transparent and disclose any information We uncover out throughout the course of and lastly Thank you coffeezilla you have gotten catalyzed This and I'm very grateful in your

Work and your investigation and I suggest That thanks bro so what do you suppose Do you suppose Logan is being actual Will Logan Paul actually full these Three actions Will he burn his tokens most probably will he Refund those who minted most probably will he Finish the game Probably nonetheless will it actually be an excellent Game and may he proceed to information the Project and proceed to discuss it on His channel like he does alongside together with his activities actions Drink I don't know there could also be one issue that Logan Paul didn't deal with though I don't Think he really addressed the chat leaks Between him and the others involved Manager Jeff Eddie and the Seemed like they've been all pretty Literally plotting a pump and first For context these are their preliminary Private chats arising with the thought For crypto Zoo this was all one of the best ways once more In March of 2021 and see should you occur to remember This that's them talking about how loads Money they might make with this idea we Have to start out out in March of 2021 six Months sooner than the token even launched Our 4 suspects Logan crypto King Eddie and Jeff are in a gaggle chat Discussing cryptozoo which begins as a Copy of 1 factor else quote I like Imitating crypto kitties Jake the crypto King says Logan replies I agree and

Initially it wasn't known as cryptozoo at All it was known as crypto pets after which We're gonna promote a pets token and pretty Early on it grew to turn out to be clear this was all About money how they've been gonna promote This issue to consumers the reality is crypto King talked about he thought it was worth at Least 20 million {{dollars}} in solely six Months saying the differ is insane 20 to 210 million {{dollars}} it's gorgeous Wherever we land Eddie jumped in at this Point and talked about how he could promote The mission as an funding to a pal Matt Higgins saying quote he has to Spend that 350 million {{dollars}} someplace Why not us and Logan says I like that Idea crypto King I'm in and naturally You have Jeff saying let's go so you can See correct there they wanted to advertise this Game sooner than it had even launched now Later Eddie amends the report of consumers And says quote consumers shall be garyvee Todd Morley James altiture Ryan Kavanaugh and others confirmed on my end Supposedly they'd 100 million Dollars of funding curiosity so these Are their private chats that I don't Think Logan ever really addressed Because like I discussed it seems as if They're pretty really plotting a pump And dump nonetheless you inform me did Logan Address this this clip is them deciding Not to do a pre-sale for crypto Zoo Because of potential licensed points with

An Ico pre-sale in its place they choose merely To buy up the tokens early pump it and Then that's how they generate it seems Like there was further factors than merely Finding consumers on account of the group Wanted to pre-sell tokens and by no means Everyone was optimistic it could be licensed Jake The crypto King mentions that quote if We have a pre-sell it opens us as a lot as SEC Issues and Jeff agrees and says don't Want to do one thing that brings the SEC Eyeballs not all people wanted to be So cautious though Logan argues all people Does pre-sale with money Eddie agrees he Says you fully can do it I've the SEC down private and pre-sell and Honestly it was pretty the Dilemma for This group who wanted money you notice do a Pre-sale make tons of of hundreds nonetheless you notice you Have these potential licensed factors don't Do it you make a lot much less money so crypto King Comes up with a middle decision he says If we are going to't promote no pre-sale we are going to Still commerce them throughout the liquidity pool And that's the starting of a model new disaster Which takes a bit of little bit of explaining now merely So we're clear a pre-sale is the place you Sell consumers money typically at a Discount sooner than you've launched after which When you launch you give them these Coins now like I discussed the group didn't Want to do this so what they did in its place Was they bought the tokens on the open Market correct after launch nonetheless they tried

To get clever with it on account of they Didn't actually announce that they've been Launching this the least bit they stealth Launched it on June eleventh and didn't Announce this token by the use of Logan until August 18th which implies they'd all that Time to silently buy up as plenty of the Supply at a steep low value as they Wanted and the thought proper right here was that doing This the group could get these tokens Extremely cheaply which is type of like A pre-sale nonetheless you notice with out the entire SEC troubles and crypto King makes this Clear on June seventh when he says quote Launch of the liquidity pool is the place money shall be made because you get In cheaper after which says we the group Begin searching for out the liquidity pool as quickly as The group has exhausted funds for the Liquidity pool searching for we ship the Contract deal with to associates family who have to have the power to get in So clearly the plan is we buy first Then we give it to our shut associates and Family after which maybe most of the people Eventually correct and even the day sooner than Crypto King reminds all people quote Zoo Day is tomorrow I extraordinarily advocate Everyone get plenty of hundred to some Thousand {{dollars}} in zoo when it goes Live it should seemingly are prone to a thousand X Anyways it's ultimately good that all of This stuff is coming to gentle I hope That Logan makes everybody complete on account of

Honestly I like Logan Paul I have the benefit of his Impulsive podcast I respect how he's Been able to hold associated as a content material materials Creator and likewise the transition he's Been able to make in his content material materials Creation career as he's develop to be an grownup And he's atoned for his earlier sins in distinction to His brother Jake who usually comes off As barely But Logan's obtained to keep up on the suitable Path all of us agree on this in any case if You're fascinated by incomes income in should you occur to're fascinated by Staying educated on crypto on a every day Basis subscribe to our channel altcoin Daily and let's chat about this throughout the Comments half beneath get your tickets To 2023 Miami May 18th by the use of twentieth Miami Beach this 12 months use code Altcoin every day 10 off that's Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket Prices proceed to increase as we get Closer to the event use code altcoin Daily 10 off get your tickets now