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Foreign [Applause] [] Ition it over a pair minutes early Here then we will have Elaine Speaking subsequent on uh Mev train since The merge method Searchers and Builders all through Okay cool merely checking if the audio is Working Right so throughout the subsequent 15 to twenty minutes I'm going to endure uh among the many Meb actions given that merge I'll Touch a bit on each factor along with uh The method the Searcher method the Proposes the Builder rivals market And and significantly touching to Recent stress or Market catastrophe events Um yeah so let's get started So sooner than I'm going into the data I'd want to Highlight the concept of nav Um on account of it's a theoretical price that Sometimes it's powerful to judge and Obtain all the data on chain to do So subsequently we launched an thought of Realized extractable price so rev is the price that we're in a position to observe on Chain that's from the Mev alternate options So sooner than the merge we've carried out one factor Similar by accumulating the Rev from The Proposal steadiness change or the Minor map Balance change and after the merge we Are accumulating the similar information so proper right here We're using the East ship to the

Proposal as an approximation for the Total rev nonetheless bear in mind the Rev Pi Which is solely a portion of the NAD be Theoretical pie moreover incorporates utterly completely different Parts as an illustration we solely check out the Atomic arbitrages the any of the we don't check out any sort Of arbitrages exterior one block there Are moreover rebs on completely different domains on Cross Domains and as well as on centralized change Which in the meanwhile we don't have an extreme quantity of Data on these so the numbers that we see Are in the meanwhile throughout the ecosystem is mostly Focused on Atomic Arbitrage or any of The alternate options on chain And a couple of of you might take note of thought of one in every of The merchandise that now we now have from Flashboards which is known as in math Explore and there have been many Quotations of the numbers from mavic's Poor nonetheless merely to concentrate on that MAV Explorer solely represents a small portion Of the pie so whilst you check out the data From map Explorer merely understand that Doesn't let you understand all the picture Okay so let's have a look on the nav Activities given that merge on layer 1. Um once more in now we now have produced comparable Numbers using map uncover proper right here we're Showing on the most effective hand side a 12 Months safety of Mev actions from Liquidations and arbitrages and that's In territory of 475 million and bear in Mind that the the buck price is based

On the East worth on the time uh on the End this 2021 which is perhaps loads Higher than the place we are literally on the left Hand side is what I'm going to point you Um throughout the following slides that's the Six months given that merge and in entire We've seen the complete is shipped to the Validators spherical 146 000 East that's equal to spherical 260 Million in buck price instantly Um merely this amount as soon as extra Just to concentrate on that we're using the East net web page to proposes as an Approximation for the complete Mev and We've seen this amount having Accumulating given that merge nonetheless uh you Can see two distinct bio charts on the Right hand side proper right here the place Um the weekly numbers are actually loads Higher than the other weeks so these are The two events that I'll talk about Later on in my slides so these are the Two Market catastrophe events occurred Recently one in November the FTX Collapse one in March not too method again The monetary establishment run on svb and as well as the shortly The packing of the safe money Um Just to point you all the occasions Involved throughout the present chain we're Talking about solely the East paid to Proposes which is only one half or One a celebration involved throughout the present chain And if we make a simple assumption to

Say the other occasions Um uh except for the proposed and the Searcher receives no Mev which is not Exactly right in the mean time for Example the builders some Builders take Do take a income from uh developing a Blog But let's merely assume the breakdown is Only between searches and proposes we See a 48 and probably go into the Searcher And 52 going to the proposal so the Numbers are confirmed throughout the earlier slides Only characterize that 52 Roughly on on widespread Okay so given that merge what's occurring Uh with the relay so we see the relay Competition uh has been rising there Are additional relays throughout the ecosystem now Than given that merge Um at first now we now have merely flash Votes Um and block um and and no completely different relays In the throughout the ecosystem now now we now have Multiple relays and in addition you see flash volts Um slot shares has has been reducing Since the beginning of this yr on the Bottom proper right here you possibly can too see the East Paid from flash votes relay versus the Others uh you moreover see there was as soon as A distinct segment the place flash was really pays additional Than the others nonetheless now this Gap is Closing shortly Looking on the Builder home Um moreover at first now we now have Um at first given that merge we

Have flashboards and as well as Builder 0x69 Um dominating the market nonetheless then the Share from flashpoints Builder moreover uh Starts to decrease given that beginning Of this yr and now now we now have confirmed merely The excessive 10 builders inside the home that we Can set up nonetheless on the similar time there Are many uh completely different smaller Builders I Haven't included which I'll contact Based on the later slides So later so what's going to we suggest Um by latency usually Um Among all the occasions involved throughout the Supply chain we check out the block Submission happens so this slide reveals The time the validator Um asks for the get header from the Builder so that's spherical 400 Milliseconds after this the slot begins So after this 400 milliseconds the Validator begins to ask for the bid From The Block Builder And when was the block ready on widespread Here we see that the widespread worthwhile Blocks worthwhile blocks means the blocks That actually lend it on chain on Average they arrive 149 milliseconds Before the slot begins I'm merely going to point you the worthwhile Blocks Um moreover the proposed of the landed Blocks versus all the blogs submitted to A slot so this chart reveals you actually

Um a very attention-grabbing uh picture that Most of the blocks actually submitted in The closing two seconds of the slot and This is what we're talking about in Terms of latency so there is a delay From each involved get collectively to submit the Block as late as attainable to the highest of The slot to permit them to embody as loads a Transaction as attainable to increase the Total income so proper right here this picture merely Shows you that a number of the blocks that Landed on chain arrives two seconds Before and as well as a couple of of them are two seconds after the gradual ends nonetheless At the beginning let's say the the first 10 seconds they're not that many blocks Being submitted so extreme latency in Block Submission would possibly set off some details For occasion the delay throughout the attestation And moreover the congestion in the few Seconds to the neighborhood I think about there Are audio system talking significantly about The latency disadvantage throughout the later Sections so I obtained't contact an extreme quantity of Details on this So now um zooming in to the two present Market Panic events Um one occurred on the ninth of November When FTX sends three Arrow Capital Collapse and the other one uh very current In your ideas most definitely just a few weeks Ago that we seen the svb monetary establishment run and the Stable money similar to usdc and Um uh and die Deepak shortly so proper right here is

A chart exhibiting the Bitcoin worth and The Easter East worth all through these two Crises uh curiously you see the the First catastrophe actually closing for for much longer All the way in which through which until nearly the beginning Of February whereas the present event Recovers very swiftly So why will we Um must look into these two events And what is very attention-grabbing Um so proper right here we're in a position to see the every day Mev pay To the proposals have reached additional time High since emerge in a present event and That's like 9 situations larger than the Average every day nav and that's on account of Uh the usdc depict events shortly Happened after the svb monetary establishment run whereas Before in FTX collapse event we see a Slightly a lot much less excessive by the use of the nav Sent to proposes nonetheless nonetheless six situations More than the widespread Um Also attempting into The Mev from a searcher's perspective we Collected the data from uh I can uncover This is exhibiting the Arbitrage Sandwich and liquidation significantly During these two events you possibly can too see The similar pattern can be seen from This chart the place the Arbitrage amount on That day skyrocketed And Interestingly a cross space So the cross space reveals a barely

Different story Um the you you'll see the FTX event Is has additional have an effect on on a crosstalking Whereas the present svb Bank Run And the Deepak event is additional contained Within the neighborhood so curiosity Interesting information from Semiotics all through chain Mev Um significantly We are going to take a look at how loads easier Were paid on these two days to proposes And what's the Builder rivals look Like all through these two days and as well as the Latency in Block submission and these Are on ethereum and we're moreover going to Look on the cross space on These two days So on the eleventh of March Um that when the monetary establishment run occurred we we See that 6 000 East has been despatched to the Proposes in order that is the same as or Even larger than the widespread weekly entire Ease paid who proposes so on the bottom Here you see the weekly widespread is Around 4 thousand the place on that Single day on eleventh of March you see 6 000 paid Um equally on the ninth of November when FTX collapse you see spherical 4 000 it's Paid Um so these are terribly large single Day Meb actions that I'm highlighting Here Um on the most effective hand side

I um I've a breakdown by the builders Um by the use of the complete ease paid to Proposes so in once more in November we see That the Builders flash was Um Beaver assemble and Builder 69 dominates The market taking about Over 60 p.c of the of the market nonetheless In a present event the best Builders Caution have actually decreased and we See additional Builders coming into the home And the non-top builders or the smaller Builders actually Um takes 60 of the complete is paid to Proposes so that you simply see a type of Um decentralization occurring or Diversification throughout the Builder Market From the present event as compared with once more In November Now what regarding the search strategies so We moreover check out these two days so on the Left hand side you'll see the Arbitrage On these two days and on the most effective hand Side you'll see the liquidation so bear In ideas I mentioned the map look at pipe Which Powers the map Explorer dashboard Is solely counting liquidation and Arbitrage so it's solely a small portion Of what's occurring on that day Just to concentrate on the eigenfi moreover Provides this information and they also moreover cowl a Large a wider spectrum of the MAV types They moreover cowl sandwiches and as well as uh Probably additional are in included But proper right here I'm merely sampling the data on

These two days from Mev uncover you'll See that a number of the Arbitrage happen Among ethereum Bitcoin and stablecoin so The the by the use of the token that's Been upped they're very comparable between These two events nonetheless by the use of the Liquidation it's additional event based totally so as You can see the the present event on the Bottom proper right here we see the the curve pool Actually have gained way more Uh portion in in all the pie whereas The November event will be merely arbing Through all through utterly completely different uh tokens Okay Um by the use of the search method by Protocol uh that's moreover attempting into Math uncover information the place um now we now have Included 9 utterly completely different protocols in This information Um merely evaluating the two days we see The similar story principally Um once more in November when FTX collapsed Most of the arbitrages occurred on V2 and V3 whereas the present Event we see an increase throughout the Percentage in arbing on the curve uh Stable pool And by the use of liquidation the present Event has um Not loads by the use of buck price of Liquidation or that's type of obvious Because the the present event should not be Um extraordinarily correlated to a liquidation Room event whereas the FTX has a wider

Effect on the market the place additional Liquidations had been occurring Okay In phrases of latency Um proper right here on the left hand side we see uh The November FTX event after which on the Right hand side we see the present event Very curiously the chart On the most effective hand side could also be very comparable To the final chart that I've confirmed at The beginning of this presentation and It's most definitely exhibiting that the latency Gain is additional excessive Um as consider if we consider it to the Beginning of the merge on account of most of The blocks in case you look look once more to November are submitted pretty evenly Across utterly completely different time frames of the 12 Seconds whereas now a number of the blogs Are submitted throughout the closing two seconds So Just assure spam of 4 months we see The latency recreation is additional comparable So that's most definitely not um not related To the market Panic events nonetheless additional of a Time comparability by the use of the relay And the builders getting additional Sophisticated and competing on Landing The block Yeah Now attempting on the crosstalking now we now have Um two numerous sorts of uh events Happening moreover on the cross space The excessive Arbitrage tokens are very

Similar to the one space or solely Theorem you'll see a number of the the Hopping Parts occurred or initiated from Either the safe money or Bitcoin or East so that's moreover very comparable in Terms of the share so it's most definitely Not that utterly completely different all through utterly completely different Market events Um just one issue to concentrate on as soon as extra the Cross space Mev by the use of US buck is much elevated once more of their FTX Collapsing events But the present event has a loads lower uh Mez price Looking on the The chains and the and the precise Paths we see that ethereum and BSC and Are basically probably the most usually arbed chains and Also one issue to notice is once more in November we moreover see and Arbitrum whereas in a present event it's Mostly between ethereum and BSC Okay lastly Um only a bit bit additional component on the Top 10 arbitrages by income now we now have Shown the best 10 arbs uh Conducted all through utterly completely different domains so This is the exact path the the Bots have Simulated the place the Bots can detect any Arbitrage alternate options merely to bear in Mind that the data provided proper right here should not be Actual cross chain nav Realized information it's based totally on simulations Across utterly completely different eight utterly completely different chains

And spherical 40 utterly completely different decentralized Exchanges and 60 tokens so there might Be inaccuracy throughout the simulation the place The missing Arbitrage alternate options or The missing information would possibly set off the value To be even elevated so Just to summarize I'm talking a lot About utterly completely different actions Mev Trends in L1 in Cross space given that merge so What we Can summarize is that everyone knows that Mev Estimation could also be very powerful now we now have Only restricted information from ethereum and private Chain information there is a lactose information in Any the estimation of nav throughout the Centralized change actions we moreover Observe like additional relays and Builders Coming into the ecosystem given that Merge and the home is additional Diversified Um the best Builders market share uh Interestingly by way of the extreme Mev Periods have actually decreased so this Is moreover a sign exhibiting that the Builder Market is additional Diversified than since The merge In phrases of searches Arbitrage Strategies we don't see an extreme quantity of of a Difference between utterly completely different Market Crises a number of the Arbitrage strategies Focus on are being all through ethereum Bitcoin and safe money the liquidity The liquidation strategies are actually Event based totally so if it's additional of a Um a catastrophe that's related to

Liquidation of positive property you then definately Will see the liquidation amount in phrases Of Mev goes up nonetheless in a present event This should not be the case Course space strategies even have the Same pattern there's the Mev train Spiked by way of the catastrophe nonetheless by the use of The magnitude On widespread it's loads elevated than the Daily widespread most definitely on account of quite a few The cross-domain are arbitrages on a Daily basis are often not as loads as on Ethereum nonetheless when important events happen The Bots are trying in every single place for Opportunities so that's why you see loads More of a spike all through these events And moreover the strategies differs from Different Market catastrophe it's event Driven And lastly I merely must level out that Because of the dearth of information now we now have a Lot additional room to boost by the use of the Estimation of crossover vet space Mev The centralized change to Decentralized change Mev and there's Still quite a few to be carried out to Collect the exact Mev actions and Total values so here is a document of the References and as well as a couple of of attention-grabbing Readings that I wish to suggest Lastly a selected due to Tina from Flashcodes and I give 5 blocks route Metrica semiotics and block native for Helping me presenting preparing these

Slides and contributing to the charts And the data