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This is the first digital monetary System inside the historic previous of the world Perhaps the first per we've tried others They merely didn't that's the major One that's perfected that's functioning It's the first one to to cross 100 Billion {{dollars}} in cap and now It's about 200 billion in market cap 200 billion {{dollars}} means 200 billion Dollars of monetary energy And if I take a look in any respect the completely different good Digital networks Apple Google Facebook they cross 100 billion Dollars of monetary energy Then that's a legitimizing Generally as soon as they get there 95 p.c or further of the funding Community doesn't think about in them Sometimes 99 doesn't think about in them nonetheless They're too big to fail their their Fires which have been Unleashed into the Society they often're burning and the the Effect is exothermal it's it's it's what We have in each of these networks is we Have the collapse the dematerialization Of some providers or merchandise or benefit or Some ineffable top quality be it friendship Or mobile items or data it's Collapsing proper right into a lower energy State and As it collapses proper right into a lower energy State large large portions of energy inside the Form of cash circulation and Get given off Apple can ship a a higher A higher digicam to a billion people

Overnight for a nickel Facebook can Improve the easiest way that you just discuss to Your members of the family Overnight for a nickel and Google can Package the Library of Alexandria inside the Palm of your hand and ship it to a Billion people in a single day for a nickel And when if you might need these big Dematerializations of they often get On a neighborhood with a neighborhood Work impression it's almost like when you See a crystallizing development the place You've obtained an amorphous substance and as It crystallizes we go from Steam to water to ice Collapses provides off energy and what what is is it's that first digital Monetary Network digital monetary system It's collapsing proper right into a a far more Efficient sort it's off energy so Michael Saylor is saying Bitcoin is solely Too big to fail at this stage when you Saw Facebook Apple Amazon when these companies Surpassed a 100 billion dollar market Cap they in no way appeared once more testing The chart proper right here that's for Facebook when They hit a billion dollar 100 billion Dollar market cap once more in 2013 they did Nothing nonetheless go up and up and up Eventually they peaked in the middle of the 2021 and correct spherical one trillion Dollars you might even see the an identical issue proper right here For Amazon Amazon it obtained to 100

Billion dollar market cap once more in 2012 And you guys have seen what's executed since Then hitting a extreme spherical two trillion Dollars once more in 2021 has come down since Then clearly Tech has provided off you might See the an identical issue proper right here with apple apple Hit 100 billion dollar market cap All the easiest way once more in 2007 and is presently shopping for and promoting at spherical Two trillion {{dollars}} so you might even see These companies have carried out very successfully Michael sailor is contemplating that Bitcoin Is going to do the exact same issue over The subsequent decade or so this that's the reason He's so bullish and it's very Interesting Michael Saylor that's an Article from 2013. he was actually Telling people a few decade up to now to be in apple and likewise you see he says Look Apple computer was worth 3 billion 12 years up to now after which it went to 600 Billion within the occasion you ask me Apple computer is Going to 2 000 a share I'd be very very Long on that agency whoever is That needs to be a you might even see This is an article from 2013 so he was Telling people to buy Apple an identical to He's telling people now to be investing In Bitcoin Bitcoin is presently at Around 400 billion dollar market however Depending on what's shopping for and promoting at for the Day it's very dangerous nonetheless you might even see Michael Saylor has referred to as some points in The earlier and let's go ahead and confirm

Out this second part of this clip Michael acknowledged I talked about how Bitcoin Is the facility Let's go ahead And check it out proper right here we see it uh Throughout all all areas of science nonetheless Right now that's that's uh merely the First time in human historic previous that we see Uh this creation of a pure digital Monetary Network and I I want to substitute Monetary neighborhood with energy Network Because Monetary energy is energy and money is Energy in reality money is one of the sort Of energy so if we ask the question what Is money Money is one of the best sort of energy that Human beings can Channel So if I look once more through time Human beings as a species prosper by Channeling energy And as soon as we mastered fire we channeled Chemical energy And as soon as we mastered missiles we Channel Kinetic energy and as soon as we Master water And hydraulics we're actually channeling Gravitational energy the idea of an Aqueduct is successfully I'm using gravity to Move water 70 miles or I'm working a Water wheel or I'm floating a two-ton Block inside the water and the gravity is Pushing down on the water and the water Is pushing up and as soon as I Dam a stream And I generate Hydro energy successfully that's That's gravity being remodeled energy

But if I rattling the stream to divert a Bunch of fish into my Pawn I'm nonetheless Using gravity now I I can Channel Gravity by dumping a bunch of rocks on Your head nonetheless it's not virtually very easy to Create a river of rocks because it's to Actually merely faucet proper right into a river of water And uh and so the Mastery of fireplace and Water is the Mastery of of chemical Energy gravitational energy lastly Thermal commerce in energy and and that In the fashionable interval morphed into the the Mastery {{of electrical}} energy and atomic Energy and naturally in any case there's Conservation of energy And as soon as we take a look in any respect of these energy Networks Yeah I suggest look 100 guys with Bows and arrows are an energy Network Right I'm I'm shifting kinetic energy from This facet of the battlefield to that Side of the battlefield and and um a Civilization At the mouth of a river with cities up And down the river correct is sitting on a Energy Network correct an identical to the Aegean and the Greek civilization was Sitting on the middle of an energy Network they often have been using Gravitational energy You and by wind energy correct Another sort of energy between product sales and Gravity You know I I'm cashing in on these

Energies so the theme is folks prosper By channeling energy yeah What's primarily essentially the most surroundings pleasant Energy Network inside the historic previous of the World successfully it's about to be Bitcoin Um on account of the issue of individuals Humanity is how do I retailer energy and Transmit energy Across time and home and space and by Domain I suggest perhaps governmental Domain like how do I switch my energy from New York to Tokyo so within the occasion you want that Clip make sure to hit the like button And moreover subscribe for model spanking new motion pictures coming out every Single day moreover confirm us out on patreon For some distinctive content material materials we dive deep Into the financial markets and the markets and we try to give you Guys some over there So confirm that out I'll be inside the Description beneath and thanks guys for Watching all the easiest way to the tip my title Is Aaron from the Bitcoin Bros I'm out I'll see you guys inside the subsequent one have a Rest your day Foreign