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Foreign Back at you one different video What are we doing what are we We're getting straight into it we're Gonna be wanting on the chart and see the place the technical Targets may be based off the earlier We'll be wanting into the long run based Off the go to see how extreme Could be going after subsequent having Before we start any of that ensure You go ahead and smash that like button If you need this content material materials and for many who Haven't completed so go ahead and subscribe To the channel we truly admire all Of your assist So wanting on the Charts and getting straight into it as Promised the current worth movement this Is Bitcoin versus the US Dollar on the Weekly so each one among these candles as quickly as Again represents one week so as we see Here Bitcoin acquired right here up after the 2020 Having and hit its head as soon as extra it started To have this downwards resistance stage And we hit our head acquired right here once down Blasted through it after which started this Upwards resistance stage that we under no circumstances Broke through and as we acquired right here once more down We kind of examined this downwards Resistance stage pretty only a few cases Before bouncing up and retesting that Upwards resistance stage as soon as extra Ultimately topping out spherical that sixty Nine thousand dollar threshold then we

Came once more down and retested this lateral Resistance stage which was flipped to Support after which look what occurred We broke through it we went from 34 and Fell off a cliff down below 20 000. this Was that capitulation event with the FTX Debacle and since then we've been in This downwards Channel this channel has Been started educated truly given that 64 000 Peak once more in April of so We're not out the woods however the next Upwards resistance stage now we've to to is spherical that 22.5 stage At the current time this recording so if We do get once more as a lot as this are we going To break through is Bitcoin be Off to The Races time will inform is the underside Going to be in no one is conscious of like Bitcoin Could come up really get away of this Flip this resistance to assist come Back down sooner than shopping for and promoting upwards and up Into the having sooner than we see that take Off nevertheless sooner than we check out the takeoff Let's look before now and see exactly What bitcoin's completed as you see proper right here Zooming out on the charts we've had one Cycle Peak two cycle Peaks and three Cycle Peaks and correct now we'll see the Four cycle Peak after the next having Most doable nevertheless what did Bitcoin do if We check out the extension ranges so as You see we truly can't rely this Because that's sooner than truly there's Any havings or one thing that's kind of

Just speculative Mania when Bitcoin First acquired right here on the scene once more in 2009 and 10 after which Bitcoin then bottomed out But if we check out from this to The earlier High which is spherical that 31 stage you see it Came up and examined that 1.618 stage if We make this a bit bit bit bigger you Guys can see acquired right here up and examined this Level Wicked above it nevertheless then acquired right here once more Down and ran to some resistance at that 1.61 1 8 stage that 1.618 stage was at The 170 dollar threshold acquired right here once more down And retested this and nevertheless then retested The 1.272 then bounced up and ultimately Came to the 2.272 stage so that's what Happened after this main bottom when This euphoric Mania run up in 2011 Happened so let's maintain the next Having as soon as we bottom out we bottomed Out spherical of 2015 spherical 160 Dollar threshold so if we come from this Bottom and we pull this FIB extension up To the sooner extreme spherical a bit bit Over twelve hundred {{dollars}} you see what Bitcoin did as quickly as as soon as extra if we stretch This out so you may even see Bitcoin acquired right here up Like clockwork and examined that 1.618 Came once more down after which blasted through It to make elevated worth movement so it did The similar issue it did in 2011 and 12. Also in . so then after that what did Bitcoin do 2 we see that Bitcoin then

Bottomed out down spherical Thirty one Hundred dollar threshold phrase these Bottoms every time Bitcoin bottomed out What's the excellence so let's merely get A Target let's merely get a phrase and The worth phrase be correct proper right here that's the First bottom then now we've the second Bottom then we had the third bottom you Really can't rely this as quickly as as soon as extra Because that's sooner than any having cycle Happened this was all merely Euphoria in This cycle so we're not going to primarily Look at this two dollar stage so we'll Really start wanting on the pattern After that first having as soon as we bottomed Out on the 160 threshold as quickly as as soon as extra we Came once more proper all the way down to this stage and that's Look use our FIB extension stage pull it Up to the sooner extreme spherical that Twenty thousand dollar Peak and look What Bitcoin did as quickly as as soon as extra like Clockwork acquired right here as a lot as that 1.618 stage The 1.618 seems to be a magnet when Bitcoin takes off to the races with that Being acknowledged is the underside in if we zoom Into the current worth half to get now could the underside be in Could this be the underside down proper right here Around that 15 5 stage now we're in a position to start To check out the bottoms in question is This area going to be the next bottom Target area so if we look once more throughout the Charts to see if we're in a position to phrase some sort Of pattern you perceive with these bottoms

We see that now we've 160 3000 after which fifteen thousand so if There's any commonality between all These what happens it seems like every Time a model new bottom with this doubtlessly Being a bottom sorts a will get added To the underside so if we use that exact same Principle in Bitcoin and we use the FIP Extension proper all the way down to this 15 4 stage and Pull it as a lot as the sooner High which is Around the sixty 9 thousand dollar Peak the 1.618 stage is as a lot as this 176 thousand dollar threshold so if this Is the Target that Bitcoin goes to Go to which may be doable which is a Possibility based off the FIB extensions Once as soon as extra we'll denote this spherical 177 000 and if that's going to be the Target Bitcoin goes to what could that Next bottom be properly how low had been each One of these retracements from the Previous High we check out the worth range From spherical 1200 and we come once more down To this stage this was an 87 retracement And then we do the similar issue we're Going to be wanting from the 2017 Peak Around 20 000 and pull it once more proper all the way down to About thirty 100 so we go from 87 to 84 retracement and from the 69 000 Peak proper all the way down to the low which is spherical That 15-4 stage we're a 77 Percent decrease so the traits your Friend to the highest as quickly as as soon as extra we see 87 84.77 so if we go up this extreme and what

If now we've a 60 retracement from this Level or a 65 retracement from this Level when Bitcoin goes once more proper all the way down to Roughly maybe that earlier all-time High area spherical that sixty thousand Dollar threshold could that be what we See could that be the model new After the 2028 having if that's Somewhat throughout the range of the place the Bottom may be retesting these ranges It could go lower it could go proper all the way down to Say a 72 p.c we'll merely keep it up Towards the sooner all-time extreme say 65 retracement however when that's the case And that's throughout the height we're in a position to do Our subsequent extension and see the place that 1.618 takes us to and that 1.618 takes Us as a lot as roughly a 345 000 bitcoin worth phrase this shall be After the having of 2028 so as you see The worth because of continues to get additional And additional the longer you preserve on to this Asset long-term optimistic features is the title of the Game within the case of Bitcoin now this Is merely speculative and there's an entire lot of Guessing proper right here based off of patter Instruction so we're not Saying that's assured to happen this Would be after the 2028 having that In ideas if it does go as a lot as this Threshold over 350 000 Bitcoin Target That's not unhealthy that's not unhealthy for Holding one factor inside the following decade

You based off the current worth Action spherical twenty thousand hitting Around the 350 000 threshold contained in the Next decade that's almost a 20x about 17 18x to be exact so it's a long-term Game not a get rich quick scheme nevertheless all In all you see the place the worth is Heading the having shocks the system and Bitcoin then as quickly as as soon as extra takes off and With that I'm displaying with the Bitcoin Bros you guys like this content material materials go ahead And smash the like button for many who haven't Subscribed to the channel go ahead and Show us some love we admire the Support with that that's all I've for You proper now outing []