My Most Terrifying Moments While Scuba Diving! (Caught on Camera)

Water Pressure Launched Frisbee Life Preserver with Attached Rope

As a kid have you ever played with those little rockets that you pump up the air pressure, or water pressure, and they shoot up into the sky? Those are pretty fun little toys, and I had a lot of fun using those when I was a kid. Best of all they teach you a little bit about pressure and physics, and help you comprehend how things work.

Swimming Pool Safety In And Around The Pool

Everyone knows about keeping the children safe in the pool by supervsing their activities, but pool safety includes safe chemical storage and pool maintenance on diving boards and ladders as well. To enjoy your pool to its fullest you need to make sure everyone is aware of swimming pool safety.

Add A Diving Board Or A Slide And Add More Fun To Your Pool

Having a pool in your backyard brings fun automatically but when you add a diving board or a slide, you can pretty much double the fun. Just make certain everyone knows the safety rules.

The Benefits of Learning to Swim

Learning how to swim should be taught right after we learn how to walk. Playing in water is one of best ways to enjoy life. Nobody takes walking or running lessons because we learn on our own. Swimming does take practice and its well worth it. There are plenty of places that offer swimming lessons because learning water safety is very important. Since kids love to play in the water, and we introduce them to water at an early age with baths and plastic swimming pools in the backyard, its just seems logical that we should teach them how to swim in a larger pool or even a lake or ocean.

The Advantages of Having a Trusted Swimwear Shop

Women who look great in a bikini are a result of having a gorgeous swimwear design to go along with their sexy body. In order to get the body, they must have gone through some serious dieting and exercising. With the swimsuit, they must have spent countless hours on choosing and trying out dozens of bikinis. There is another secret however, and that is having a good and reliable swimwear shop.

Looking For The Right Bikini Swimwear At Bathing Suit Stores

Everybody knows that summer means beach. The summer season brings in a lot of fun beach activities like grilling barbecues, picnics on white sand, beach volleyball, sunbathing, swimming, lounging, and relaxing stress off tensed sinews. However, for the ladies, finding bathing suit stores that can provide fit and comfortable bikinis that can flatter the form of their body can prove to be a complex matter to deal with. To help you find the right bikini swimwear, here are some guidelines on how to shop for a bikini swimwear much easier.

Learn to Swim – Your First Swim Lesson

There is a Chinese saying a high building, a low foundation which means your foundation must be solid before a building can be built. If not, no matter how high or how expensive the building is, if the foundation is not solid it will eventually submit. First swimming lesson form the foundation of your swimming adventure. It is crucial as it will determine how you will react to swimming in future. Thus, a well planned first lesson must be comprehensive and fun to ignite the passion in swimming.

5 Things To Know If You Want To Be A Lifeguard

Some people may think that being lifeguard is all fun and exciting because you can just get to hang around at beach, sitting on the lifeguard chair wearing cool sunglasses while doing nothing. But I can tell you that being a lifeguard is not as easy as you may think.

Anti-Fog Spray For Swim Goggles

A pair of swimming goggles is a very essential gear that is needed when taking a swim whether for recreation or for competition. This equipment should always be present when training & swimming in the ocean. Just be sure to use an anti-fog spray so that you won't have to worry about cleaning them during use, that way you can concentrate on swimming instead of striving to see.

Learn to Swim – How to Be a Certified Swim Instructor

Every profession has its hard journey to success. For a swimming instructor, the hardest way is the process of attainment to be certified as a professional instructor. In Singapore, there are several accredited swimming associations who are authorised to train and certify instructors.

Swimming for Fun Is Fun

Don't you swim during the summer when it's hot? Isn't it fun to swim with your friends?

Learn to Swim – Swimsafer The New Swimming Program

Swimsafer program has replaced National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA) effectively on July 2010 in Singapore. This change of syllabus has enhanced students in terms of their skills and knowledge. The main enhancement is the introduction of lifesaving skills which promotes self saving in water and rescuing people.

Learn to Swim – Headstart Your Children Swimming Lessons

A fun and enriching swimming activity will propel your children into excitement after the first visit to the swimming pool. Children will be eager to step into the swimming pool again with such a enjoyable visit. Thus, the first pool activity which the children experience is essential for the further advancement.

How to Make Sure You Keep Safe and Do Not Drown

Water signifies a very sublime form of death. It is the death by drowning. Many people lose their life every year by drowning in water. A recent data provided by the international Life Saver's Federation (ILSF) shows that every year around 800,000 people around the world lose their life by drowning in water.

Efficient Pool Cleaning With an Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Having a home swimming pool is wonderful for the family; but it does have a big drawback: it needs to be cleaned regularly. Consider the choices for an above ground pool vacuum and decide which is the best for your pool and budget.

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