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Another crypto lender in some scorching water Will take it away That's correct Zach and it's not because of Of the lending scheme or one thing of That kind at second it's actually Because of AML uh kyc authorized over in Bulgaria questions spherical nexo funds with koic authorized tips in accordance with New experiences significantly on Facebook is What we're seeing actually there's a Bulgarian authorities is attempting into the Kyc compliance of nexo it's a Pretty large lending provider available on the market Saying that there may even be some Terrorist train or terrorists linked Organizations on prime of nexo Finance This comes actually after quite a few These bigger lenders collapsed all through The 12 months you'll actually throw up The graphic correct proper right here in a second we See that nexo has a fairly sophisticated Scheme by the use of the way it would get quite a few Its juicy or a juicy and For who discover themselves using the equipment And that has led to a number of individuals Thinking correctly maybe they're the next Crypto agency to falter uh we see Celsius has collapse if we're capable of get that Graphic up and we're capable of see that like There's a fairly sophisticated scheme taking place With how these things work proper right here on the Right there's Pretty sophisticated so a number of individuals have Been them saying like hey

Maybe these are the next guys to falter Maybe that's the following Celsius or the Next Voyager nonetheless we're taking this story That's barely bit utterly totally different actually There's further than merely uh on the Lending side there's risks with kyc There's risks with utterly totally different Next to finance put out just some statements This morning actually taken to Twitter Saying that's pretty unfortunate that Bulgarian police have moved so Aggressively in direction of them saying that It's uh unfair in quite a few utterly totally different Ways Jen glided by the story over to You get your sort out what's Happening Here So I zeroed in on what the Attorney General said he said that proof has Been collect that a person who used the Platform and transferred has been formally Declared a terrorist financing particular person I Think that you just acknowledge I'd like to take heed to More knowledge proper right here Um did this particular person use the platform Did they provide real documentation And real knowledge in throughout the kyc uh it they said that authorities Kind of bombarded the office it sounds a Little bit extreme under the guise of uh Tax and money laundering the utilization of the Word terrorist merely strikes a chord in my memory to what We hear in what we hear in North America Right when quite a few our legislators converse

About investigations into crypto Exchanges and crypto lenders correct proper right here In North America they usually use the Words terrorists and money laundering And tax evasion and so I wasn't Surprised to see that I want to Reference the tweets the Twitter thread Will that you just simply launched up in your intro There nexo said that they've 30 and More than the 30 sorry AML compliance Officers and they also work with chain to type of truly understand The historic previous of the purchasers on their Platform and the place money is coming and Going from and so it'll be fascinating To see what comes out of proper right here Unfortunately I really feel that authorities Are using what's going down throughout the to behave maybe in a signifies that they Wouldn't act if this wasn't a company That interacted with crypto nonetheless Adam What do you assume it was a tricky For crypto lenders it looks like 2023 is Getting off to a start with frankly so much Of the similar issue uh it's I really feel Interesting to see that they've survived To this degree when lots of their Competitors throughout the space had an Increasingly troublesome time as soon as extra what We seen type of throughout the early days is that People on a regular basis must have the flexibility to deposit Their token someplace after which get earn Yield on them correct earn more money with The money that they already have what we

Saw was that in type of the the early Days of the there have been tons Of alternate options and that was truly Really a greater exercise to ship on Companies might make some big money doing Doing it as a result of the bull market type of wore On these alternate options form of wore Themselves out and the companies frankly Grew too large to do that so nexo is Somewhat sophisticated scheme uh just by not Having type of run into these points I Think demonstrates that they've completed a Somewhat increased job or not lower than not a Catastrophically unhealthy job as perhaps some Of the other companies which may be out There who did not survive you acknowledge have Now gotten so far so it's Interesting to see this I really feel as soon as extra The key phrase in all of that's Allegations Um you acknowledge on the extent that we Actually start to see some proof come Forward uh Jen which you've said there In phrases of the the you acknowledge purported Uh you acknowledge issue that they did flawed That seems like that's an precise small Issue to me relative to the scope of the Platform and the final problem so I'm Kind of in a wait and see mode on this One curious to see what proof comes Out and I'll determine by the use of How I actually really feel about it at the moment Zach What do you assume I was gonna say you acknowledge for this to be

The nexo headline is certainly pretty Good for an EXO correct all people's been Speculating that nexo was most likely The subsequent crypto lender to interrupt down hey If some overzealous Bulgarian Authorities are mentioning these Charges and raiding the office on uh AML uh or anti-terrorist Financing prices like that will very effectively be the Least of their worries I really feel on this Broader environment the place quite a few Crypto lenders took on terribly harmful Behaviors and eventually led to their Downfall from Genesis to Celsius you Name it blockfi correct these of us are in Are in Dire Straits and if nexo is solely Dealing and it's humorous to say that merely Dealing with this Bulgarian Pro from Enforcement authorities over there maybe That's an outstanding sign relative to the Broader state of the crypto lending Industry C5 is blowing up and correct now Nexo continues to be standing someway and uh It's gonna be fascinating to see if this Uh ends in their undoing or if that's Just one factor that's a bit further Procedural as a result of it relates pertains to Complying with money laundering tips