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Signature Bank Tak taken over by state Regulators in New York over the weekend As a type of follow-on impression from the Silicon Valley Bank shutdown and the Usdc catastrophe that adopted now Really comes all the best way right down to Barney Frank prolonged Time former was a member of The Signature Bank board who made some Comments to CNBC NPR and others Suggesting that this monetary establishment was taken over Because it was meant to ship an Anti- message this was pretty Incendiary suggestions from a former uh you co-sponsor of the Dodd-Frank a Former stalwart of banking legal guidelines In DC and this acquired numerous folks Wondering what is going on on with Signature was this a targeted takedown On the part of state and federal Regulators who didn't like that it was Serving Chris crypto prospects uh Barney Frank proper right here alleged that you just perceive the Balance sheet was great points had been Solvent when nydfs folks stepped in and Took over administration now the nydfs is out Here pushing once on that saying that They had misplaced confidence in Banks Leadership and wanted to intervene and now Some additional reporting has moreover Suggested that the doj was most likely Looking into two signature for Irregularities with new prospects coming Onto that monetary establishment and using just a few of their Crypto suppliers this one I really feel is

Probably the biggest story out of this Whole weekend and we had a great deal of big Things that had been Brewing over the Weekend with svb usdcd pegging nonetheless this One whether or not it's most likely as incendiary As what Barney Frank is saying is type of Interesting and an necessary signal For how the U.S crypto commerce should Proceed proper right here going forward I'm going to Toss this to will I don't know for those who occur to Saw the uh the storm that this kicked up When these suggestions had been made nonetheless what's Your sort out type of the he said she Said that we're now seeing unfold Yeah he said she says the fitting method of Putting it assault I was actually use that phrase myself because of that's What seems to be occurring correct now we Have a bunch of his Banks explode we Have a signature monetary establishment which has a very Important place contained in the crypto itself go beneath and on the height Of that is Barney Frank a really very long time Congressman and the necessary factor uh piece of this Dodd-Frank legal guidelines once more in 2010 when The Great Recession occurred and they also Put in new banking to Against the very issue that then Occurred about 10 years later at his Very private monetary establishment that he was a board member On so a great deal of he said she said goes To be occurring the next few weeks Against all these completely totally different companies the Members the signature the members of the

Board of signature and the purchasers of Signature as correctly going to be asking What exactly was occurring proper right here on crypto we already have identical to the tinfoil Hats out the is say like this was an Active takedown of signature that may Be true primarily based totally on Barney Frank's suggestions But then now now we have the doj and others Coming once more as soon as extra no these of us had been Not showing precisely that that they had many alternative Customers along with crypto prospects that We should cope with with a goal to do This precisely we'd have preferred to shut down This monetary establishment and do it quickly and do it Efficiently and to their stage the fdsc Has stepped in they've all Deposits it doesn't appear to be anyone is Really going to be coming out of that Out of this with out their shirt on They're going to be okay Still the question stays why would Barney Frank say this and why would he Put his reputation on-line to say Something so inflammatory like this when All these totally different authorities companies Obviously took a that was a little bit of Bit completely totally different than that so we'll see What happens with this one it's going to Be one factor that we're going to be Tracking for pretty a while because of it Does reply this key question does the US authorities significantly the chew Administration and the administrations Are at it identical to the doj actively have

Been in direction of crypto or not I really feel we're Really on the thick of the fireside proper right here With Barney Frank's suggestions gentle Throw it over to you Yeah Barney Frank like as a board member Of Signature Bank and as any individual who has Operated inside authorities for thus many Years I really feel has a larger understanding Of the inside working of every entities so I really feel that's why his phrases had been so Strong and and triggered all of this Discussion that we've seen nowadays inside the and I really feel that they have to be Taken severely correct this assertion Might not have held rather a lot weight if we Didn't have so many Regulators come out Within the month and warn in direction of Banks that had been servicing crypto consumers Right we heard from a minimal of two Regulators inside the ultimate month saying Banks you most likely have crypto consumers if You're dealing with crypto you perceive Consider this so consider this your Warning be careful we predict it's very Risky and I really feel that every a kind of Little alerts type of put some weight Behind what Barney was saying Um and I really feel probably if the foremost if the first Reason to close this Bank down in accordance To The Regulators had nothing to do with Crypto it is perhaps silly for us to sit down Here and and assume that crypto didn't the selection probably it wasn't

The main motive nonetheless I really feel it Would be very very silly of us given all The information now now we have to say that it Definitely did that it didn't undoubtedly Influence it Zack I suggest it's arduous to say at this stage Like Barney Frank proper right here has a horse in This race correct he must make his Banking institution look practically nearly as good as a result of it Can presumably look and say hey the books Were good this was a This was meant to Send a message correct hey that operation Choke stage 2.0 issue that you just simply guys have Been conspiracizing over for the ultimate Three months that's precise that's an Escalation of that so there's clearly Some self-interest self-interestedness In making a press launch resembling this Especially if we're seeing just a few of those Other claims come out on the part of Nydfs so it actually is gonna be arduous to Suss out what's occurring but it surely absolutely Certainly is a big wake-up identify and Sort of lends Credence as soon as extra to this Operation choke stage 2.0 idea that Stems from that January pronouncement From the FDIC the OCC and the FED saying That yo Banks don't mess with crypto That stuff's harmful that was a preliminary Sort of pronouncement that type of was The Embers of this and now with Signature we see that most likely turned Into pretty the fireside if crypto goes To be allowed to utilize banking suppliers in

The U.S from proper right here out and I really feel this Is going to be really really attention-grabbing To see how powerful it is for crypto Firms and individuals who you perceive are working Within the U.S financial system who in {{dollars}} nonetheless who contact crypto In a manner kind or variety it's gonna be Really attention-grabbing to see if these folks Can go to any of any of these Banks and Ultimately get the suppliers that they Need to operate as a enterprise proper right here in The U.S I really feel that's what a great deal of People are literally really nervous about And probably probably rightfully so inside the Wake of the Signature Bank takeover Really really attention-grabbing in truth to me That Signature Bank was taken over whereas First Republic Bank for example was Given one factor like 70 billion {{dollars}} In backstop from JP Morgan and the merely an attention-grabbing kind Of um Tale of Two Cities that we're Seeing unfold proper right here with these express Examples and yeah this generally is a story to Watch for sure uh we'll ultimate us on this One sooner than we modify gears Yeah I don't have one thing uh genuine To take proper right here I I really feel you guys are spot On that's one factor to take a look at Barney Frank's place as every the co-author Of this important banking Regulation from 2010 and as well as his Placement on the board locations him in an Unusual footing uh is he defending his

Reputation on the banking entrance is he Protecting his reputation on the uh Banking company from the regulation facet That he crafted a decade up to now it's really Hard to parse it's really arduous to look Into this and I really feel we're going to see Both a great deal of characters smearing and I Think we're going to see a great deal of Pointed fingers and hundreds backwards and forwards On this explicit topic over the next few Weeks