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Hey pep thanks for being right here I'm an enormous Fan Um lately you guys at Manchester City Changed your shared sponsor you're now Wearing okay X And I noticed considered one of your locker room movies Where you launched okx as info So that is getting creating a whole lot of Confusion yeah may you clarify what It's okay yeah yeah uh I believe for one crew is a rare The greatest crew on planet Um however our requirements up to now And the consider once you bought some Standards that individuals consider all the time Will be like this and each day is a brand new One But regardless of of that our crew is Extraordinary okay let me let me play Back the video for you Okay guys you may suppose that okay X Sounds like a brand new genius soccer Formation Yeah in order that's the video I used to be referring To Um are you aware what OK X is I don't I I do know that the the is that Two years in the past we completed the season 25 Points in entrance of Liverpool 19 in opposition to United second and 25 Liverpool 304 I don't know and now we Are 22.2 season earlier than we're 22 factors There we do the Gap we have now to do it Next season proper so okay X is an app

For in and in have you ever invested in Cryptocurrency new gamers no I imply Cryptocurrency I believe that is the most effective Time so that you can obtain okx app and in