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Um so usually when all of those points Happen and we've acquired liquidity returning Mark it's pretty optimistic so I like this Series on account of I really feel there's I really feel Everybody's attempting that method And that usually means the alternate options To look the other crypto family welcome Back to the channel and as you may even see Right there pal is for 2023. we're gonna be testing some Clips proper right here to see why he's so Bullish for 2023 so hold tuned for that Let's go ahead and check out the Currency of the cryptocurrency market at The time is recording down Instead to 43 ethereum dominance is Around 19 you've got Bitcoin sitting at 22.7 ethereum's at 1600 xrp's at spherical 40 cents you've got BNB at 300 cardanos at 36 Cents doge money at spherical eight and A half cents and Solana is once more inside the Top 10 at 25 flipping Matic there so That is the 10 cryptos let's go Ahead and get into this clip and see why Raw Paul is so bullish for 2023. I'm Hearing additional of this kind of mild Recession Soft Landing calls from people and I Don't know truly I don't truly see That I see transient and sharp and we'll We'll focus on that later inside the Second half nonetheless I don't truly see the Mild facet maybe it's to do with You know if we return to 1980 the

Volcker one correct all people talks about That as like this terrifying recession It was really a really mild one and Um the s p went down 28 p.c And that was it it was sort of over and Done with so maybe there's one factor to Do with nominal versus precise Hmm That implies that it uh prices keep you Know demand stays higher as a result of Nominal and we'll see correct proper right here what Rob Paul was referring to with the Federal funds worth once more inside the Nineteen Eighties When raised charges of curiosity all The method as a lot as 20 once more inside the early 80s So what did the s p do spherical this time We can check out the chart once more in 1980 As we'll see correct proper right here we really had 12 months for 1980 the market was Going up after which at first of 1981 the market purchased off a bit and the Market went down 25 Looks just like one factor that we Just recently had inside the s p we went as Low as spherical 26 p.c after the s p Bottomed out correct proper right here spherical September Of 1982 for the rest of the final decade the s P rallied spherical 200 p.c so whereas Paul is saying what occurred in 1980 in Terms of the s p appears just like What is happening correct now and we'll Potentially See the s p have a nice desire it did once more inside the Nineteen Eighties yeah But an entire lot of the trail is that

The weight Is a lot much less And as a result of this the pace of change of Interest worth will improve the FED are Making it pretty clear they're more than likely Going to get a 25. So it's as you already know in world it's The worth of change that points additional Than something not the absolutes so If the pace of change changes all these Beach balls start popping out of the Water which have been held down by the Heavy weight of of curiosity Rises and That worth of change that's all so Suddenly you already know Emerging Markets go up goes up crypto goes up equities go Up Um you already know that whole story I'm Actually very bullish now the recovering From a each comes two strategies Either sort of it comes up corrects and Then lastly goes or it comes sharper It depends on Central Bank movement Liquidity that sort of stuff however once I Look forward I'm very bullish on account of We've merely gone by the use of the pace cycle So that's out of one of the simplest ways so we've acquired The draw again Rates like a stick someplace inside the Middle which I don't assume they might nonetheless Let's say the is true it's The correct to differ that points the Rate change comes down first then sticks

So that's good for menace property We are we've marked down all of the items in Value and worth so as a result of this truth the Probability of a risk-adjusted return on Yeah Yep Um after which we've acquired you already know I've been Talking about this a lot the exponential Age Technologies we had been talking about Tesla nonetheless you already know anybody's been paying Attention and seen what occurred to AI It went from suggest to being emad to say Oh my God that's coming to talk GPT to Everyone contemplating oh we're out of a Job inside three weeks I suggest that that Chat GPT went from To 1,000,000 clients in 4 days There's we've not at all seen one thing like It Um and it retains there's so many Users on it so that's the experience and We've acquired tons of these coming You know the facility state of affairs that You've been following so intently you Know the nightmare in Europe didn't transfer In the highest it's you already know we observed What was unhealthy nonetheless you already know the Peter's Eye arms of the world and others had been Like you already know the Europeans are going to Be happening to be chipping Frozen Corpses from the streets But that doesn't appear as if that's Happened no particular person's run out of energy Um positive there's been some rationing and

Stuff like that nevertheless it absolutely's it seems to be Contained so Also consumers had been so unfavourable that I've acquired charts going once more to the Seventies The AA III investor server investor Intelligence survey it was primarily essentially the most Negative since 1970 or one factor crazy Um so usually when all of those points Happen and we've acquired liquidity returning Oh it's pretty optimistic so I like this Series on account of I really feel there's I really feel Everybody's attempting that method And that usually means the alternate options To look the other I've been doing this Since 1990 I've heard this debt prohibit You know the negotiations have gone on And prolonged nonetheless look there's not at all a Default I really feel It's fascinating is the aim you correct It's fascinating and the treasury General account is an fascinating half Of that equation and the way in which they deal with it You know on account of don't overlook there has Been assorted offsets to QT which have Been occurring that meant liquidity's not Been as unfavourable as a result of it could have been So as you may even see properly Rao was laughing About there was the not Potentially getting raised this issue Has gotten raised 12 months after 12 months after Year after 12 months it's not merely been Democrats it's not merely been Republicans It's merely what the US authorities does

They have limitless Pockets so that they Spend on restricted portions of money and When we do hit that so-called debt Ceiling they solely delay it further into The they solely preserve kicking the Can down the freeway and you may see that Right proper right here on this chart over the earlier Couple of years with the covet spending This has clearly acquired a lot worse and We will see one factor on Thursday this Week with the extension of the debt Ceiling and I'm constructive they'll elevate it Yet as soon as extra nonetheless let me know what you guys Think about that clip from Raul Paul are You as bullish as he is do you assume That 2023 goes to be a fantastic 12 months do You assume we're gonna is that this Depression going to be even worse depart Your concepts inside the comment half Below the Bitcoin Bros do think about that 2023 is usually a nice 12 months for crypto We've already seen Bitcoin and crypto Become among the finest performing asset class Of 2023 to this point over the earlier couple Weeks we're up giant Bitcoin is up 10 over The earlier week this doesn't suggest we'll't Have a pullback nonetheless points look good so Far so we'll be preserving you guys as a lot as Date in the event you're new make sure that to hit That subscribe button thanks for Watching all one of the simplest ways to the highest of the Video hit that like button while you found Any price my title is Aaron from the Bitcoin Bros I'm out I'll see you guys

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