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Foreign Art possession and Legacy panel so Excited to have everyone proper right here in particular person And all who's streaming in uh from All everywhere in the world all correct let's Introduce further completely our panelists to my Left we have the unbelievable Seneca moreover Known as All-Seeing Seneca she's a Visual artist her remaining assortment Premiered at Art Basel painter high-quality Artist and likewise the lead artist for an Nft enterprise y'all have most certainly heard of Called the board ape Yacht Club so To her left we have Eric cauldron Cauldron cauldron I should have prepped that sooner than uh Also known as snow fro snow fro is the Founder of paintings blocks and the creator of Chrome squiggle Yeah so his left we have Ryan greater Known as thanks X he started his Career truly in Street biking and Creating Andy Warhols in and LA And New York transition to being a Painter and a sculptor has subsequently Gotten pretty excellent for geometric Cubes and big abstract works and in 2020 started entering into nfts with a Number of collaborations and drops on Nifty Gateway moreover a painting Commissioned or a chunk commissioned by Sir Paul McCartney And to the left of him is Tyler Hobbs One of basically essentially the most renowned generative

of our time and the creator of Fidenzas An unbelievable panel of artists proper right here the The title of this panel is like Reimagining paintings possession and Legacy so I needed to to Really current it to all of You and maybe we'll start proper right here at Seneca With you should you want to talk about How have you ever ever reimagined your paintings how has Your paintings modified since discovering Nfts the blockchain we Can moreover go reverse order if we want to Start with Tyler Um yeah I'm comfy to start out out Um yeah for me it was a extraordinarily drastic Change Um you perceive I've been practising Generative paintings for for a really very long time and Um as a digital artist you perceive Pre-blockchain you've got gotten restricted decisions Uh for for recommendations on easy methods to promote your work I was Uh primarily selling distinctive prints so I Would use uh the algorithms that I wrote To generate various uh distinctive gadgets of Artwork I'd curate these all the way in which all the way down to a Few of my favorite per algorithm uh Create a singular uh print of that and Sell just one copy of it and um that was How I labored for for a couple of years uh until Uh I ran all through paintings blocks uh which is The the platform that Eric started and This merely truly launched a totally New method uh for generative artists to uh Create and uh promote their work and

Um Be created as part of the crypto Transaction um you could you could most certainly See the artwork work uh being created on the Time that it's purchased so Um every collector is assured to have A singular work that's reproducible for All on a regular basis and uh it's solely a Really completely totally different method For The Collector to engage with the Work and to know the work and it's A far more pure match truly than Prints are Um uh so it's truly fascinating to see Um collectors engage with this new kind Of possession and the way in which it's modified the Relationship between the artists and the Collectors it's a quite a bit nearer uh Connection does it put My shirt on the artist because of I get the Sense that clearly gender of artists You might you'll print out a whole Bunch of varied decisions after which select Your favorite works and be like these Are what's on present and now it's like Live and the collector's correct there Getting it as a result of it's coming out yeah There's uh there's no harmful one I'm sorry Yeah Well correctly what you gonna do yeah there's No there's no margin for area yeah that comes out of the Algorithm is is eternal and uh goes to The they don't want harmful work to go to

The Collector so it's it introduces a New artistic downside which is certainly An beautiful part of it to me I I like That it introduces that new downside Um so I really feel that's a bonus in some Ways Moving down the street Ryan I'm curious You've dabbled in various completely totally different Mediums and the way in which nfts have modified your Um it's type of fascinating because of like Now I merely give it some thought like just a bit Bit from the start not inside the sense of Like what I'm creating nevertheless how I create It so if I'm painting the whole thing I do Starts with a painting first so if I Start a painting Um Generally like inside the typical world Of much like paint after which paint and Paint after which as soon as I'm carried out take a Photo of it Um nevertheless now I'm type of like documenting Every of the way in which through which so that I do know Okay if I've this layer I can animate This on excessive of this so that it's not I'm Not restricted shortly as quickly as we stock it Into 3D And yeah I really feel that's type of the first Thing various events I merely paint merely To paint I don't basically know what's Going the place however and I assemble up a a Collection I assume sooner than I take it uh And digitally and make it into nfts

You've carried out various collaborations In nft world I really feel your first drop was With Giant Silva which is a extraordinarily cool Like you perceive dinner yeah Jan digital Photography combine is that one factor have been You doing various collaborations sooner than You went to nfts or is that one factor That's truly been a part of your since I've undoubtedly carried out Collaborations nevertheless I wouldn't say it was An enormous half nevertheless I really feel empties that's One of my favorite points is because of I really feel my favorite part of web 3 is That it's like Um it does present further of a collaborative Situation the place it's like I don't know Smart contracts I don't know algorithms I don't know like that type of that facet Of it so I can with any individual who Does they usually might not know the Fine Art facet of it and we're capable of collaborate Together to make one factor My in any case coming in in 2020 Was like Just being open and being like I don't Know how to try this facet does anybody Like I'm in my circle or regardless of and we Can you perceive decide it out they normally Might attain out to me for the same Situation for what they're doing and I Don't know like I'm truly large on Collaboration I hope to do like hundreds a Lot further of it superior there's a Playfulness I actually really feel like in web3 that's

You know you get to have because of it's so Early Person I may have my ideas expanded Because of that you just perceive Eric how about you you come from a humorous Background of your artistic you're Futuristic you're Tech oriented uh what Was what was your Evolution proper right here I I Feel like I'm going by lifestyle uh usually Having conversations with my partner about How the problems that we wish on this World don't exist and that's one issue That merely didn't exist and I didn't even Know what our books was going to be Um I undoubtedly wished to get to the Point that he obtained in the intervening time nevertheless Um there's various shifting Parts I was I Was coding I was doing projection Mapping stuff I was Studying screens and shows and attempting To understand you perceive what know-how Implied as a result of it obtained greater over time and There was a there was a really good match There with what occurred with our blocks With the idea that you just perceive so one factor That may very well be very important to me for our Books is that it's generated Algorithmically and it's agnostic of Whatever the choice is so every time That you see an output from paintings blocks Piece it doesn't matter what measurement of the Monitor it's being displayed in full Resolution and that signifies that in you Know 30 years once we've 24K or

128k screens you'll word the paintings Exactly the way in which through which that we're seeing it Today and that's essential to me as Someone that's watched know-how A gift from 5 years up to now we would Already start feeling small or up sample You know there's various points that Kind of received right here collectively You notice it's modified my life in so many Different not merely inside the paintings Practice that I've however moreover in merely Like the way in which through which that I work along with Artists and the way in which through which that I get to Interact with the neighborhood Yeah it's merely it's been various pleasing And my understanding what Punks you had this thought-about like Okay why can't I select the punks I want What if I didn't know what I was getting Before I obtained it and it was practically further Like a sports activities actions card reveal is that how You ended up with the the mechanism we Have with our area in the intervening time the place you don't Know what you're getting until you've Minted it yeah I selfishly claimed a Bunch of zombie crypto books I'm sitting There pondering be good like why do I get This privilege to say these and likewise you Know they're 0.8 likelihood of hitting And in my ideas I'm nonetheless pondering correctly If I press declare then I should have a 0.8 chance of getting a zombie not a Hundred % chance of getting a Zombie just because that was on the

So that that's the place the concept I assume Fundamentally of on-demand generative Minting received right here from Um and that tied into various totally different Hobbies Stuff after which yeah that's the place we're Today Tell us your journey since nfts correctly I Think firstly basically essentially the most Important aspect that changed about my Work with nfts is de facto the psychology And the connection between me and my Work Um you perceive I've been painting inside the Digital medium for as long as I can Remember and I felt like very Sequestered to the enterprise Arts topic Because you perceive um People amongst my viewers Professionally personally I merely did not See my my digital opinions as like works Of Are so that you perceive rising that craft Over the years nevertheless yeah it's much like To be ideas blown by the use of this entire Journey as you perceive I've received right here out in a Very explosive method and it's very you Know it was conflicted nevertheless very Significant I really feel to my comply with and Any future Um mentally uh unstableness when it Comes to my course of nevertheless nevertheless yeah it's Been unbelievable and scary Have you carried out generative paintings sooner than

Board Apes no no was how was that as Like a course of shift as you And figuring that out was it what was That experience like correctly I really feel for me I really feel the generative part of that Project was further to do with the Technique barely than maybe the concept I really feel it was further regarding the provide So should you do generative Arts it's About correctly okay there are completely totally different Structures with generative paintings correct for That one it's resembling you get a singular Um piece with every launch and that Establishes a certain Attachment mannequin between you and your Audience and whoever collects that piece And it's about Pride it's a few little little bit of Entitlement and I'm very critical about That that relationship Um and with reference to board Apes I Mean it was it's solely a matter of me Designing what fits on excessive of each other And that maybe affected the tactic a Bit nevertheless not quite a bit an thought and it Might be worth distinguishing and other people Who know this nevertheless you perceive A whole number of generative paintings on This stage the place you've got gotten an paintings blocks Model that's very like machine and man You know working collectively to create Something I take into consideration the board eight Situation you had drawn many various Layers after which a machine's inserting Those layers collectively in quite a few

Configurations however it's it's completely totally different Styles It is maybe properly well worth the Eric would you want To give a quick definition of generative Art after which I'd like to take heed to folks Talk about I really feel a very powerful Misperceptions of generative paintings inside the World are in the intervening time Sure uh correctly I really feel it begins with Algorithmic paintings algorithmic paintings is any Art that's created using code and so Code establishes what you see or hear as A this and generative paintings is Adding a layer of randomization onto That so the place that randomization comes From may be your home bar and Kind of like creating random variables Within or from the blockchain which is How the artbox model works Um there's there's some points though That for example I do know with crypto Funds maybe with board Apes as correctly that If you'll want to have the power to guarantee 100 Uniqueness from each uh between each Output Um you each must have trillions of Possibilities so that you just don't have a Collision or you could have the Ability to curate what comes out of the Algorithm so that you perceive for example and This is one factor that to me is de facto Beautiful regarding the phrase generative paintings Because crypto punks have been maybe one in every of The first nfts or in any case the broadly

Successful The larva Labs guys didn't draw every Pixel they they wrote an algorithm that Created a bunch of uh locations they normally had A pair collisions and collisions being Two that are an equivalent so that they actually Kind of wanted to go in and manually make Sure that each have been explicit individual If you've got gotten 1,000,000 prospects for an output And you've got gotten 10 000 that are going to Come out although that seems like a Lot 1,000,000 is not actually ample to Guarantee that you just're not going to have A collision an an infection you're very most likely To have a collision you need billions if Not trillions in some situations to solely make Sure to make sure and there's not at all a Guarantee in any case uh that you just're not Going to have a collision so the Difference proper right here is Um that in inside the inside the generative paintings Form of paintings books the place we talked Earlier there's no curation for each Individual output the artist truly has To craft their algorithm to make sure And to ensure that the whole thing's going to Be the way in which through which they want it upfront and They moreover should assure that they Add ample entropy And that's the hardest half together with Enough entropy for the addition measurement to Make optimistic that each of the outputs is Unique and by no means merely distinctive nevertheless

Meaningfully distinctive you perceive not merely Like dots in a definite part of the Screen because of that doesn't actually really feel Meaningful it's a subject Uniqueness and I really feel there's one factor Really explicit about the way in which through which artbox Artists have been able to execute that Yeah I want Tyler to answer nevertheless I merely Want to uh I assume like physique set proper right here Which is for anybody who doesn't Understand part of the rationale that I Think it's so important to present consideration to Generative paintings on this panel in addition to To having like most specialists on Generative paintings is it I'm not an educated But the two people saying I'm in Virginia and likewise you've carried out it now You know on account of on account of nfts and It appears like generative paintings is a big Part of of nfts and blockchain and it's This like intensely digitally native Form of paintings that merely appears like Inevitably going to explode over time Because of its new type of man machine Blend so in any case that's why I really feel it's Really cool to present consideration to this proper right here and Then go ahead Tyler would like to take heed to You yeah I suggest I really feel part of part of Why it's been truly worthwhile and half Of why it's having such an enormous have an effect on Is that it's like a extremely scalable paintings Form correct like software program program makes points Scalable and and generative paintings or Algorithmic paintings notably is type of a

Software-based technique to creating Artwork and easily to assemble on what Eric Was describing it's Um You're not you're not as a result of the artist You're unlikely critical in regards to the Individual output gadgets you're pondering About your whole potential home of Potential outputs that's truly to me Like that's what the work is is that is That entire home that you just're designing And um so it's it's uh it's a it's a Unique downside to try to try to imagine About uh that full home try and assume About uh what fascinating uh Dimensions Can you introduce to that what Interesting corners of it'd exist But moreover how do you make it you perceive Cohesive and to tell one unified story Right to nonetheless have like One Vision like It's very clear should you see a board ape What a board ape is true there's like a Clear Vision and magnificence to it Um so I really feel the generative artist has This this fascinating rigidity of like How can I scale up the artwork work nevertheless nevertheless But maintain the imaginative and prescient Um focused as correctly it's it's it's it's a It's a push and pull uh that the artist Has to work by the use of to with this paintings Form considered one of many causes I I I really feel Fidenzas was so extraordinarily worthwhile Was because you had this unbelievable Variety whereas defending the usual of the

Art truly extreme which I really feel people who Don't understand generative paintings don't Understand merely what an issue that is Especially for an algorithm that you just you Can't tweak as quickly because it's like as quickly because it's on In the blockchain sorry I merely add yeah How tasteful I really feel fidences are and It's merely nuances and sophistication Every line I suggest funny story I snuck Into your current at vibrant moments and I Was like hey I don't notice it's like hey [Laughter] Wow what a what a pleasure to be there To be inside the presence of that and um and I had not even appreciated generative Art till now so I assume I'm merely honored To be proper right here yeah I like that I like that Do you assume generative paintings continues to be uh Broadly misunderstood and like Undervalued as an paintings kind in in The Wider world like do people give you a Hard time about it like being paintings inside the Way that you just perceive in early days people Were like photos is not paintings oh yeah I suggest there's various Skeptics like oh Go ahead from any individual from who's like Not a generative artist from the floor I see it as a rising issue actually Like I really feel that want it was very correctly Respected by like a definite section viewers and It's merely slowly being acknowledged like Now you're looking at points like like Pace from the traditional paintings world you Know doing Partnerships with paintings blocks

And that correct there displays that there's Like an enormous curiosity from a world who Maybe even like six months to a 12 months up to now Would have merely wrote it off as not paintings And it's clearly a medium like paint or Like one other medium exactly I really feel That ultimately you're going to look At points like even merely digital paintings Generative paintings and it's going to be like Picasso medium oil on canvas after which You're going to be like uh you perceive like Crummy squiggles it's gonna be like Throw me squiggles nevertheless no for precise like That's what it's going to say and it's Gonna say similar to the medium goes to be Like the software program program and like that's what's Going to be subsequent to it yeah it's not Going to be on separate pages anymore It's merely gonna be on the equivalent net web page yeah Isn't that crazy I merely want to add like The incontrovertible fact that nfts have championed the Digital medium when sooner than it wasn't Even potential until the ultimate 12 months that's Insane I suggest we're talking about Reimagining paintings like that's that's a part of it Um I'm curious what you all assume as Artists regarding the the possession wave We're seeing I really feel web3 is opening up All these completely totally different prospects for Ownership we see CCO you see board Apes For occasion you perceive enterprise rights To a specific piece of paintings How do you all actually really feel about that from an

Artist perspective Once he must dive in I personally I'll say it I've not at all seen an amazing Example of like making a gift the rights I I haven't seen one occasion that's been a Well executed one Um I'm having a panel talk about CCO I'm Having you on because you're resembling you Know it's arduous to look out Skeptics Sometimes the nfts I merely look there's Like burger joints and this and that and How to get paintings typical artists That's the place I uncover my Skeptics I merely Look I'm merely precise and I'm not attempting to Be rude to anyone there's various like Interesting and I really feel that there Should be 1,000,000 uh like makes an try I Think that's essential because of like Anything that strikes points forward There's on a regular basis like makes an try and I really feel Each issue might switch it forward and There may be an amazing occasion and snow Pro I we had this dialog remaining Night and he pointed at my hat and he Said that's the that's the occasion of a Like a collaboration or regardless of nevertheless Um this was a collaboration it wasn't Necessarily like an proprietor going off on Their private and creating an entity that is You know doing regardless of I merely assume That there's It will exist I merely haven't seen one Yet that has impressed me personally

There's a there's a narrative by the Whole CCO debacle which was pretty Significant that talked about that if it's not CCO it's not an nft correct and this type Of goes once more to this I really feel downside that An nft is not a medium and nft is a Technology and actually quite a bit it's an NFD and Very quite a bit people should benefit from that Technology in nonetheless method they freaking Want to utilize it and I really feel I don't Necessarily I I really feel CCO is an outstanding Concept I merely have a difficulty with the Backwards just like the idea that Somebody should say oh I received right here up with This considered CCO and now you artist Creator should then embrace it in your Project in another case it's not actually Relevant inside the nft home and I'm like Well who're you on this nft home and Why are you why are you making the foundations And so for every like I I'm an anonymous Twitter Troll and like for example There's a enterprise uh the cryptos and Like the little nouns I really feel they're Cute as hell and maybe they're not meant To be paintings for the same sake of paintings Itself and I uncover my dialog is Often attempting to discuss paintings for the Sake of paintings itself nevertheless I nonetheless want to Be a degenerate infrequently dive Into these duties and I like that They're CCO nevertheless they started CCO and That was the intent of the artist not a Bullying of the neighborhood to push it

That method I really feel that the concept of CCO Would be very considerably higher acquired like It'd be one factor that I'd most certainly More actively participate in if it Wasn't Presented to the world in such a Brash And like pushy method I'm dogmatic it was So it merely felt fallacious and it felt Against the ethos of web3 as correctly so it Um nevertheless I do I do want it as a as a Concept and I really feel it's truly Interesting we have quite a bit Representation of Ip proper right here correct so I Ignorantly because of I didn't know Literally I didn't assume anybody was Going to buy my chromos Googles I picked This license that existed known as the nft License because of I was speaking in nft That one presents some enterprise Exploitation rights to the holders You've obtained creative widespread stuff are you Creative Commons as correctly what's your License No like I private I private the IP optimistic yeah I Mean nevertheless resembling you creative suggestions for Example would give you your people the Right to carry it on the wall the punks For occasion not at all even give a license so Literally Like technically you not at all had the License to carry it in your individual residence to even Print it like because of it was merely not at all A license established so the the Entirety of the IP was saved with the

Creators Ford Apes you've got gotten Um you perceive a further open license nevertheless not CCO there's nonetheless some administration over it And then in your high-quality paintings what license Do you utilize do you've got gotten a cc license a Creative authorities's license uh I suggest I private that work I haven't you perceive I Didn't promote IP it's cool yeah So I really feel it's fascinating to see like The breadth of correct I really feel we're going to see An entire lot of completely totally different use situations that may Be useful I merely you perceive it's it's Nothing has stood out to me as similar to the One yeah you perceive and I really feel it's I'm Sorry Tyler please correctly I really feel it's It's as a lot as us we have this monumental Responsibility to type of redefine what That means and look people are going to Demand what they want to Demand correct Right you perceive people want them what They want nevertheless as long as we set the Exact intentions and incentives behind Our private paintings correct I really feel then we're capable of Only perception in that I really feel yeah yeah artists yeah I really feel it's truly Important to to depart that decision up The artist per enterprise like there's merely So many various uh reason you Might create the enterprise correct Um uh Cc0 uh it could be truly fascinating if You're attempting to develop a enterprise That's alleged to be like foundational For totally different people to assemble on correct it's

Kind of like good for that nevertheless uh nevertheless You must you could know that like might tomorrow use your work for Their commercials and also you have to be Okay with that like Um does it break the rest of the Collection for the alternative holders correct I Mean you will have a weight you'll put A persona in porn such as you would do Really yeah Walmart is in any case in my Concerns Short-sighted about these potential Consequences uh yeah and um I really feel the Artist is extra more likely to be Thinking future like I want my paintings to Be to have a healthful lifespan correct so Um I really feel it's important to to to Respect the artist's willpower spherical What type of Rights they acquired't affiliate With the work yeah I've come spherical to Seeing price in a CCO or in a enterprise Rates for explicit individual you perceive characters For occasion by the use of the promoting and advertising and marketing Power of 10 000 people it's usually not That correct nevertheless 5000 people are one factor Who can exit and help unfold it nevertheless I I agree we're not at all going to be completely One or the alternative because of it you could Dilute a mannequin so merely that method hundreds Of this home is about testing with Precedence and we haven't established Precedence correct so the day {{that a}} hate Group Yeah like Embraces a CCO enterprise as

Their model I really feel people are literally Going to have like a like a backflip in Their ideas similar to the individuals who have been Just not the I suggest the artists that Created it they normally wished it to be that Way that's good nevertheless the people pushing It there's some duties which have Backwards built-in into CCO correct and The day that that happens you I really feel Those artists are they're gonna actually really feel Attached to at least one factor that does not fall Within their price set and that's Terrifying and that's why I've such a Hard time like Just even picturing it the unknowns are Huge we're merely getting started on this Space like this we don't know what's Coming and that's one factor that very Easily might come and can break What was in another case created with like Beautiful artistic content material materials or good Intentions and that's terrifying to me And I actually really feel such as you perceive we merely should Test these precedents for people to selection Of uncover a a contented medium we solely have a Few seconds left proper right here so I want to merely Go to each of you maybe or start with You Seneca of merely what you've got gotten Upcoming I do know you're truly focused on Your high-quality paintings we've seen a couple of of it up On the show display screen it's unbelievable so type of The subsequent part of your legacy focus on to us About what's subsequent in in 30 seconds or Less thanks Charlie firstly

Um and due to coindesk and I I owe You guys correctly I'm so honored to be proper right here But certain I've some work some Paintings that I've made and the Future's making an attempt very vibrant you perceive I'm merely excited to make important Bodies of labor you perceive we talked about Legacy what does that suggest leaving Something behind nevertheless um I'm truly merely down for the journey and Trying to do one factor good have you ever learnt Where they'll be dropping is it no website Or reliable particulars particulars to return Perfect and on that remember we hit our we Hit our mark thanks all quite a bit for Coming and turning into a member of us thanks all so Much you're superior []