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lender salt says it has raised Over 64 million to resume operations after its deliberate Sale fell by the use of the implosion Of FTX changing into a member of us now to is salt Lending lending CEO and director Sean Owen welcome Sean Um so Sean let's merely get correct to the Point proper right here how did you deal with to close deal on this that's you acknowledge That's a fairly spectacular Um race so how did you the way in which did you do That Yeah good morning good to be proper right here with You uh I really feel the particulars of it Really the very technique to explain it Would be uh community-led merchants Internal base and the people which could be Our stakeholders of our platform who Really merely want to see this opportunity Through Um and understand the value proposition Of the enterprise and in Bitcoin and Realize that ftx's failure was was fraud And a bunch of various points however it absolutely Wasn't a failure inside the know-how and It hasn't modified the thesis so truly We're smitten by 2023 as a growth Opportunity and inside the wake of um how Terrible of a 12 months it was in uh the Only the one issue that's smart is To to push forward and benefit from Growth mode proper right here Uh Sean how numerous a hazard and concern uh

Uh is the SEC and and uh Regulators uh Coming after State regulars coming after Crypto lenders we've seen this time and Time as soon as extra block fi uh Etc Um clearly uh Celsius points like that And and one might argue about specifics Of their of their uh enterprise fashions Individual enterprise fashions nonetheless It seems to be a typical theme that They're going after crypto lenders how Worried are you that this will affect And if not uh end your enterprise Yeah I suggest I I really feel The Regulators Have been upholding the foundations the way in which during which They have been for a really very long time and by no means Much has modified there almost about Lending so I don't suppose there's Anything to stress about there in case you're Following the foundations the least bit truly I Think it's smart why there's additional Additional scrutiny correct now in any case And I don't suppose it's merely them I really feel Everybody's cautious and wished to to Verify way in in a bit um additional Conservative inside the wake of each little factor That's transpired so I don't truly see It as a hazard the least bit So in November there was an web Investing platform Bank to the And they away from a deliberate Acquisition of salt lending Um after your group educated prospects I'd pause withdrawals and deposits

On its platform due to unspecified Exposure to FTX are you able to reveal What the publicity was and particulars spherical That Yeah I suggest what I'll say there's we Were truly excited a few merger Agreement going by the use of with the Intention truly focused on strategies to help Victims inside the Celsius state of affairs at that Point in time we hadn't gotten to dam Fire or FTX it was truly solely a focal Point of Celsius which for reference is An similar value proposition the place for The most half people need to preserve On to their crypto for a really very long time and Have utility on excessive of that at that Point time notably for Lending for Salt lending's it's very lots The related and so we observed as an infinite Opportunity and fortunately with FTX at The end of a extraordinarily harmful 12 months it was merely Too lots to take and we said we don't Know what's subsequent I don't suppose that Anybody truly knew exactly how harmful the might be and it felt identical to the Only prudent issue to do was merely to Freeze and pause which moreover included our Proposed transaction at the moment in Time Was it because of there have been just too many Withdrawals not enough funds to to fund It what's the standing of those deposits And attracts Yeah no we don't have the similar model in

That regard so there isn't the ability To merely have a checking account or deposit And then have an on the spot withdrawal That's not going the model our model is Really lots uh for long-term holders People who're borrowing in direction of their Property uh with the intention of of a Long time interval in a mortgage so that you just Would must have a monetary establishment run inside the Form of a Bank payoff you'd must go Pay off your entire debt quickly to have a Bank run so it's a Sim it's not Comparable in that regard nonetheless what's Comparable is that FTX was a shock and It was so fast and so um gorgeous that So many people had been deceived and Nobody truly knew what was taking place at That time restrict that it led to selection Of a paranoia to contemplate what if all Of the exchanges have Bank runs There is that this interconnected ingredient of Crypto on this commerce uh and it'll Be very onerous to know exactly the place that Contagion would end you acknowledge we observed Jenna this after that there was rumors About everybody you'll presumably Imagine and also you acknowledge in a state of affairs like That it truly merely felt like there's no Good reply other than defend your Customers and start interacting with Them instantly fairly than being outward Facing and assess the possibility sooner than you do Anything So what what is the deposit deposits and

Withdrawals now Yeah so the standing is we nonetheless have all Of the similar prospects we're working with Them individually I'm personally Reaching out and meeting every one amongst Them that I can I've gotten by the use of a Couple hundred now and proceed to take care of these relationships you acknowledge It's know-how nonetheless we see know-how as A partnership between people and code And what should happen proper right here in these Businesses so there's a human behind every one amongst these Converse there's a dialog that Happens it's not solely a platform You deposit there's a whole bunch of Steps that go into involved with that so We're we're merely working to instill Confidence and really that's most probably Why we're having a superb diploma of correct now's that our base of Stakeholders must must thrive And doesn't want to you acknowledge disappear Or give up on crypto or they don't want To merely go self-custody or any of those Things they need the businesses to exist And what do you see as the way in which ahead for Crypto lending now that there is that Paranoia as you say inside the markets and We've seen all these crypto lenders go Bust Yeah I really feel the desk Stakes are a bit Higher now I really feel there's going to need To be a bigger diploma of of

uh proof of reserves I Think uh solvency and surpluses of Capital uh making up the ability for People to be way more educated when They're going into these these Conversations with with lenders and likewise Inclusive of D5 there's a bridge nonetheless To get to that some are exploring That extra so there's most probably a Continuation of the the know-how that Can help facilitate this nonetheless I merely Really suppose that the bar has been set Higher now there'll doubtless be additional scrutiny And I really feel that's issue All correct Sean properly congratulations on The race and thanks for changing into a member of us that Was salt lending CEO and director Sean Owen