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Let's discuss Sam bankman freed in What could very nicely be a main for any individual Awaiting a severe trial on very important costs SBF has launched a Subs Act known as SBS sub stack via which he Lays out his mannequin of what launched him To predicament via which he Currently sits he's on house arrest in The Bay Area Palo Alto I think about he is Uh you understand has a sort of little Ankle shows can't go away the house and He's taking his sub stack to jot down down Some concepts loads of new particulars in Here presumably not new nevertheless attention-grabbing Details the takeaway proper right here is that SBF is Out proper right here throughout the courtroom of public opinion Trying to get his story available on the however Again I Gotta Throw This to Jen the hash Is unofficial lawyer Jen you suppose the Lawyers are fully happy about this one I indicate This uh you're seeing on the show now That you could pledge your help for SPF Sub stack he actually interacted with The Wall Street Journal reporter shortly After that was highlighted and he talked about Oops my harmful I'm turning that off so That's outdated nevertheless as a result of it pertains to Again spouting out all this information In an try to defend himself what Like what are the attorneys saying correct Now Gentlemen let's ask that to you Well what baffles me about that's he is On house arrest in a house the place two Lawyers keep his dad and mother and he's nonetheless

Out proper right here making a sub stag getting his Story available on the market I really feel we've talked about from The beginning this is not good because of he's doing each factor he's Publishing each factor he's saying could also be Used as proof in direction of him in courtroom And everyone knows his former colleagues former Roommates are already making affords with they're already what They knew behind the scenes and if what They say Is in direct opposition to what he's Saying on-line which I really feel We from what everyone knows we are going to say it will possibly Be there's going to be a he talked about she Said he did He or she did form of state of affairs state of affairs Going on proper right here I don't suppose this seems to be like Good and I don't why he nonetheless has Access to the net I don't know why This is being allowed by his attorneys or His dad and mother and it is merely all baffling To me and I may also't think about that he Was charging eight {{dollars}} a month to Read his uh musings I assumed that was Very humorous and I'm very grateful that He disabled that Zach I suppose to procure to Pay the approved in some way Hey it was it was the reliable mistake no Worries no worries Um This is the perfect timeline is All I'm gonna say that he's a Sub stack to Chronicle these concepts as

He awaits a severe trial in October he's Got time he's acquired nothing to do he's Putting it down pen to paper getting the Stories available on the market it really is excellent There was moreover a piece I really feel it was in The data web page puck via which he Invited a reporter to his house beneath Which he's in house arrest to form of Get a extremely really feel for what the lifetime of SBF uh Is right now restrict form of That this continues to tug on uh as soon as extra In the courtroom of public opinion it's a Bit of a circus and it's a bit Entertaining albeit presumably a bit bit sad Too considering what this man's going via Toward the tip of the 12 months relating to Sentencing pretty very important jail time Is what he's staring down and he's Turning sub stack to make some concepts Known will what are you contemplating I'm contemplating each this or a I Think we're gonna get a podcast later in The 12 months this is usually a prime territory for That presumably like YouTube keep stream I'm Definitely going to be turning into a member of Kobe at Some degree is my guess uh I really feel this sub Stack itself was a bit bit attention-grabbing Like it was merely type of laying out a Lot of numbers that he was saying in areas or he was merely saying in Numerous fully totally different uh tweets that he's Put out since he was going to arrest or Since he was arrested and put in jail And then extra died to the

So quite a lot of that stuff wasn't very Informative nonetheless I do suppose that it Is attention-grabbing that he's nonetheless arguing This line and it's type of positions him In a spot the place he's making an attempt to say like Hey I'm not evil explicit particular person or I did do Something dangerous I merely harmful at my job And that's why he says proper right here that FTX was Between Voyager and Celsius correct they Weren't really like as nefarious as Celsius nevertheless they weren't really almost pretty much as good As Voyager they're someplace throughout the Middle and that's why FTX blew up Another degree merely being proper right here is that he Takes one different shot at binance CEO CZ Saying that it was his fault that he Precipitated the complete event uh and even Went as far as saying that there was a PR smear advertising and marketing marketing campaign in direction of FTX I was very Uh extremely efficient leading to uh the collapse Of FTX beforehand so a few little pictures In proper right here a few little digs in proper right here SPF Can't seem to get away from them Adam up To you Yeah so I be taught the complete factor this Morning I assumed it was very Interesting Echo all the suggestions that Have been made to this point the issue that Really jumped out to me was not merely the Uh the binance uh shot he moreover took a Shot at a number of of their attorneys uh who He thinks uh you understand acted in direction of his curiosity in accordance with this he moreover Takes a shot and uh you understand primarily

What this seems to be like desire to me is on the one Side a person who's very very very smart Uh and unable to cope with the problem That they precipitated and the crimes that They may have actually devoted proper right here Um and he does not deal with as typical with These sorts of points he under no circumstances will get into Like the okay nevertheless you borrowed 500 Million {{dollars}} and you then undoubtedly bought you Know the uh you purchase you understand the Robin Hood by way of a totally Separate entity and now you're saying That it's charitable of you to produce That once nevertheless the place did that money come From throughout the first place correct there's a Bunch of stuff like that the place it's like He's he's he's so good at weaving a Narrative nevertheless the narrative for who Actually understand the small print of what The precise disadvantage proper right here is with with you Know with FTX mainly from what we've Learned to this point does not comport with the Narrative that he's putting forward so I Think that on the one side he's Desperate to handle the narrative and With that courtroom date in October that's a Long timeframe the place normally he Would merely not be saying one thing and There may very well be heaps that could be being Said about him I consider all through that Time and I merely suppose he's decided to Keep what credibility and provenance he Has inside the because of I don't Think he has many mates anyplace else

Um you understand so I really feel it's as soon as extra it's Sad we're watching somebody who was very High flying primarily implode uh and I Don't suppose he's serving to himself I do Think he's going to take care of doing this and I you understand for me it's all going to return Down to the courtroom uh to the courtroom case And that we're not going to see that for Quite some time