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We are gonna head off to the And I feel that we're going to have a Little Better first minute no come on guys Mr Jinx at present [Music] Beautiful One day get the timing proper and that Day might be a wonderful wonderful day so We are going off to the we Haven't spoken about them shortly and They're a brand new land sale with Playboy Tony Hawk and Snoop Dogg Thursday so the sale goes To public sale just below 2 000 land For these of you who don't what Land is land is a bit of a Land within the sandbox metaverse that's Represented by an nft and these are Often used because the constructing blocks for Creating video games on this universe this Feels very very similar to a bull story It sounds somewhat bit loopy to be Reading this given what's occurring in In the market however I don't realize it's I Think it's type of cool I feel it's a Little bit odd that they'd resolve to Launch now given Market sentiment given That the who comply with Tony Hawk and Snoop Dogg and Playboy who Might not be embedded in all of the Time are simply seeing these these Headlines Um that we speak about within the

Show and crypto's not wanting so good so Will I'm going to cross it off to you What do you consider sandbox launching This now Marking schedules obtained to watch out if You don't at all times wish to stick with them Because yeah my launch throughout a when nobody needs to speak about It that is approaching the heels Of FTX and all the opposite terrible information out There so I feel there's undoubtedly a Sentiment downside and as you talked about There's plenty of celebrities concerned With this sandbox launch proper and what Do we find out about celebrities and crypto Well plenty of them are getting sued Right now in a category motion lawsuit Against FTX with Tom Brady Steph Curry Larry David So if I used to be concerned with This as a star I'd be pondering About this twice that's for certain as a result of It would possibly simply not be well worth the time or Effort even when it's completely above board That being mentioned sandbox that kind of Stuff that's cool and I'm glad they're Still engaged on it and constructing these Things out like bear Market has a time For constructing so would possibly as properly do it Interested to see how this land seize Goes will it succeed I imply there's not A number of curiosity in this stuff on the Moment I imply simply take a look at meta I feel That's a very good proxy sock for like Interest in constructing this stuff on the

Moment it's down quite a bit over the yr so Maybe there's not as a lot curiosity however I Can be confirmed fallacious I used to be fallacious about Nfts like your complete time so it may very well be Wrong right here Zach come to you hey man the First wave is California themed so it's A Californian by I'm all in me and Wendy we're all in on this factor I don't Think it's gonna do particularly properly Because the curiosity isn't Really there proper now however these California themed Brands and it's known as California Dreaming I'm in I'm gonna Toss it to uh my SoCal uh correspondent Um Wendy on this one what are your Thoughts One of the issues I wish to say is sure It's not an excellent time to launch Anything in any respect in crypto like in any respect I Do Consulting on the again finish and I inform Projects such as you wish to perhaps be Careful what you wish to launch proper Now Etc however one factor to notice Is we're speaking a couple of massive undertaking Like sandbox they most likely had this Planned for fairly fairly a while and Whoever's doing consulting or advertising and marketing For them I don't know why they didn't Let them know that crypto operates on a Four-year cycle and we're going to have Lows we're going to have a bear Market But on the identical time if you don't Launch like if in case you have a very massive Community and I don't I'm not on this

Sandbox neighborhood so I'm unsure but when You if you're hinting that you just're going To launch one thing and it's within the highway Map and also you're speaking about it and There's rumors and also you truly don't Launch on time regardless if it's a bear Market or a bull market goes to Anger the neighborhood and that's actually Who you're advertising and marketing to is to your Community at the moment particularly throughout Bear markets it's a must to preserve the Community as tight-knit as you possibly can Because in case you upset them they'll Leave and the undertaking won't do properly So it's type of like a double-edged Sword launching in a bear Market however Also too keep in mind that it's a must to do What you mentioned you had been going to do to Your neighborhood Yeah I simply wish to additionally say I imply There's a bit of information to recommend that You know that sport Phi or May have some legs even regardless of the Depths of crypto winter proper I feel There's a narrative out at present about an subnet that hosts D5 kingdoms Which is sport 5 merchandise that's Actually seeing fairly a little bit of utilization and Uptick proper so I feel um the promise Or no less than what the True Believers would say is that Nfts and gaming are extra to These Market Cycles than different property Within the crypto area and so if that's

The case and I feel it is smart for Land right here on this occasion or the Sandbox to maintain creating to maintain Building out its product suite and if That includes the manufacturers extra energy to Him um it's fascinating to see that Those Brands appear to have a little bit of Conviction on the metaverse While others Have kind of light away uh right here within the Bear Market however yeah I feel um I'm Gonna be curious to see if kind of sport Five can Buck the development proper if individuals Just having fun with these experiences on-line And they occur to be receiving perhaps there's some one thing There that is a little more resilient or a Bit extra immune to what's happening in The broader Market however I'm gonna throw It to will properly what do you bought Well you talked about D5 kingdoms that's One of my greatest loss leaders for the two years so I'm a bit triggered at The second not nice to convey that up as We finish the present and I feel you convey up A very good level although like perhaps the bear Market is a time for like plenty of these Game 5 merchandise to give attention to the sport Part and on the 5 half after which subsequent Bull cycle just like the finance half will Come again round there'll be extra Adoption everybody needs to play a sport But individuals wish to play a very good sport and I don't suppose they're going to only play A sport since you get some tokens that

Are now primarily nugatory so perhaps There's a there's a highway map right here to Really dig into your product construct an Awesome sport connect some Finance angle Later for it