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Sam binkman free Super Bowl Prompts authorities concern oh my was Sam A foul harmful boy it appears to be like he was Apparently prosecutors have accused SBF Of using a VPN before now two weeks to Access the net oh my they found From obtained by way of utilizing a Pen register on his Gmail account and Defense maintains that Sam was not using A VPN for improper capabilities people say That he used it to take a look at the game Because he had some kind of NFL transfer or Whatnot inside the Bahamas and he needed to make use of It to entry it as soon as extra I truly suppose With these sorts of tales they're selection Of distractions from truly needed Things which could be occurring inside the info And as soon as extra I actually really feel like he was given so Much so many privileges because of they Wanted to catch him doing harmful points and I'm sure that they could proceed to get Additional proof of his wrongdoings By him merely being type of an entitled Kid and persevering with to make very horrible Decisions Zach your hand was up go ahead And take it I suggest the specifics of the Story this story merely retains getting Better not because of it like this was a Guy who was on the Super Bowl yr With like Shaq he was sporting like Balenciaga sneakers he was balling he Was on prime of the on the Super Bowl and now he's getting slapped Down by a select for attempting to take a look at the

Super Bowl whereas beneath house arrest While using a VPN merely the rags to Riches after which riches to rags proper right here Keeps delivering on these particulars and This one to me may be very poignant to See the trajectory of this one who Had captivated America's consideration and Is now merely as soon as extra getting slapped spherical By a select saying no you presumably can't do that So that to me is just that's all I want To say about that one that's it's merely It's merely it's Rich that's all I acquired I Said Wendy I do you want to go in Though I gotta fact confirm you I don't Ever suppose he had Balenciaga footwear I Feel like they've been always New Balances No don't make me don't make me exactly Yeah we acquired to get to the historic previous nook Will you presumably are you able to get it'd you take This please We can return one yr and he was Wearing uh these footwear Zach Zach is conscious of Zach always has the receipts on the SPs Footwear Um I I take into account Zach Um no let's focus on regarding the story I imagine It actually points higher than he's Letting on so I actually disagree with You the reality that he's using a VPN means That he could entry accounts which have on them that is perhaps crypto that Is purchaser funds that he transferred Into his private possession and people would

Have a troublesome time determining if these are His funds or not if he can entry them Or not the place they're parked if he's Going to have the flexibility to take custody of them That's the issue about belongings Right equivalent to you is perhaps at your dad and mother House in California beneath lock and key With an ankle monitor on and you might Still switch these belongings into your private Custody after which go spend them someplace Else on-line so positive they're almost definitely Going to be watching this nonetheless take into consideration Him having you acknowledge 500 50 Bitcoin from purchasers that he took into His private possession he had it parked in Some pockets we didn't discover out about or else Some completely different commerce he takes custody of It he goes presumably to jail nonetheless Under investigation clearly nonetheless Possibly goes to jail for a while Comes once out and he has all this Bitcoin that he's merely in quest of it's Kind of like a pirate story correct he's Got his little treasure chest and he can Just wait till till he'll get out so I Think this can be a essential story Something to positively watch channel 3 Over to you Yeah I suggest Sam I be taught a story about Sam I truly Believe that he thinks he's Above the Law he thinks he's Untouchable I imagine This time he spent inside the spotlight

Really Created this ego that he has that hasn't Been broken down however I truly suppose he Still believes that he can do regardless of He wants and presumably the people spherical Him are are enabling him on this thought the reality that he's using a VPN While he's on house arrest being accused Of these truly truly good Crimes is just unimaginable to me and I'm Here in Canada I've basic cable and I Have entry to the Super Bowl so like do I don't understand how it really inside the U.S you Need to pay to take a look at the Super Bowl you Do okay fascinating that's fascinating About completely different stuff oh okay so why yeah so This full story that his safety has Doesn't truly make sense to me however after I Was you acknowledge in Sam's place and Didn't have entry to see that Rihanna Concert I'd moreover use a VPN so like Zach okay I'm with you you guys launched This story once more into relevance so will Compelling argument I agree Wendy I Cannot verify the type of sneaker that He was sporting uh-oh Zach for you I cannot verify I'm gonna Have to do some additional points I'll Teach you prime tier merely say it I'm merely saying nonetheless no I suggest no so Maybe the details don't add up on this Story that the that Sam bakeries authorized professionals Are telling the select it is a bit Suspect and I agree will that there are

Broader to the Opsification that this man's Using now and has used for a really very long time In working his enterprise as evidenced by Public filings regarding these Proceedings nonetheless yeah I don't know last Thoughts on this one will I imagine I'm correct and I'm disillusioned That you obtain the shoe recreation fallacious so We'll we'll focus on that offline uh This is the first time I swear I seen an outfit breakdown it was Like free t-shirt like 30 shorts and Like Balenciaga sneakers and if anyone Has that selfie meme please ship it to Me I'm nearly optimistic I is perhaps making It