Scaring People With a Fake Snake! (Police Called)

The Secret to Having Beautiful Pool Water – Reducing Chemicals and Preventing Pool Problems

Learn the secrete to having a pool with beautiful sparkling clear water that is so soft and enjoyable you won't want to get out. Find out how to spend the least time making your pool look great and the most time enjoying a great looking pool! You don't have to spend more to improve the amount of enjoyment you receive from your pool this summer.

Tips For Swimming at the Beach

When you have routine activities everyday, it will be very great for you when you have time to go on vacation or picnic. In this matter, you might choose the beach as one of the best alternatives. This is a very great place to spend the time.

Swimming – Breathing Technique For the Front Crawl

Do not hold your breath When you are not inhaling, you should be constantly exhaling slowly, to get the exhale try making an audible sigh under the water. I sometimes find when swimming in a triathlon that I need to breath threw my nose a bit there is a lot of movement in the water, and some water tends to get up my nose.

Swimming With Your Children

Being able to swim is an important safety measure, particularly for parents. Parents who enjoy taking their children to the pool or lake should be able to swim themselves. Children love getting wet and playing in the water.

Swimming As a Workout

Do you enjoy swimming? Swimming has physical benefits and can speed weight loss goals. If you are a good swimmer, consider swimming on a daily basis as part of your weight loss plans.

Swimming to Bond With Your Child

Are you a parent? Do you know how to swim? Swimming is an important life skill for all people, but this is especially true for parents.

Summer Swim Safety Tips

Summer is upon us once more, and for many of us, that means the swimming pool, the lake, the creek, the river, and the ocean. Swimming is one of the most popular summer activities, and many of us can't wait to hit the water. Swimming can be safe and fun if proper safety precautions are taken. But if they aren't taken, you may be setting yourself up for serious injury.

Triathlon Swim Training and Goggles

I have been swimming for years and have always struggled with goggle choice, many triathletics are now using AquaSphere Goggles. They are nearly the norm now on the circuit.

History of Swimming – Part 1

The History of swimming is a long and interesting one dating back over 7,000 years to prehistoric times. Evidenced by paintings found in caves and writings dating as far back as 2,000 years ago in such books and stories as The Bible, The Iliad, and The Oddyssey.

Pool Owners – How Do You Keep Your Pools Free of Leaves This Time of Year?

Spring brings extra work to all pool cleaners who take care of their own pools. How often should you clean your filter? And do you own an automatic cleaner?

Sand on Your Swimsuit – Tips to Remove It

The beach and its shore is one of the best places to spend your time. You will have a great time playing in it. There are many things that you can do when you are in the beach. You can sit and lay on the white sand while enjoying sunbaths.

Beach Essentials That Are a Must Have

Once again, it is that time of the year when it is sunny and the only thing buzzing in your mind is sprawling on the seaside enjoying the tan benefits and all other activities that define your day at the seaside. However, the only problem is that you do not have all the essentials meant to make your day more enjoyable. While most people think that all they need is a swim suit, the truth is that your day out on the seaside should be organized in depth to offer optimum satisfaction by considering other essentials which can be bought…

If You Want to Swim Faster and Stronger Work on You Overall Strength

Do you want to swim faster and stronger doing the freestyle? Of course you do and doing strength training for swimming to strengthen your body is one of the steps you need to take. Swimming lots of laps and doing intervals is important but so is doing some strength training. Give yourself that extra edge by improving your overall fitness level.

What Exactly is a Swimming Noodle?

A swimming noodle or pool noodle is an ultra-flexible, neon-coloured foam pipe that is primarily used as a swimming aid that many children know as the “woggle”. It is a cylindrical shaped polyethylene foam object used for fun and education.

Swim Competition Equipment Basics – Know What is Needed!

When parents, kids and swimmers of all varieties walk into a pool facility, it is taken for granted that all the necessary equipment is there to run meets and practices. But the list of this equipment is long and can be complicated.

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