Scuba Diver Finds iPhones, Watches and Money Underwater in the River!

Swimming's Role in Triathlons and General Health Benefits

Swimming is a great way to tone every muscle in your body, without nearly as much stress and strain as other sports. Get in the water for a great all-around workout that will keep you looking and feeling young.

Swimming Lessons For Children

Most people have learned to swim when they were children. This a very good thing as when you are a child your grasping powers are a lot better and also somewhere you are a lot more fearless. Though teaching children to swim can be difficult as there is an added fear that they need to be taken care of more than you would if you were dealing with adults.

Perhaps Why Swimmers Swim Bad

Experts agree that swim technique is the first step to getting faster in the pool. Through a small survey to about 25 different swim coaches across the world and across swimming sectors (club, triathlete, master, college, high school), I realized that there is a huge need for private instruction, but not many opportunities to do it.

Swim Faster and More Efficient With Better Body Positioning

What are some of the key points for getting more speed doing the freestyle? Believe it or not, your technique is one of the more important points you need to work on to get a faster time.

Why Get an Above Ground Pool?

Getting an above ground pool can turn your back garden into a paradise that will be with you summer after summer. The popularity of above ground pools is increasing because they give everyday working families the opportunity to enjoy pool ownership without draining their bank accounts.

5 Reasons Why Swimming is Great For You

Did you know that swimming is one of the all-time absolute best ways to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life? This article will explain some of the top reasons why swimming is great for you.

How to Successfully Increase Your Swimming Speed

When swimmers dive into the water, they battle more than nerves, physical exhaustion, and (perhaps) other competitors- they battle the laws of physics. These laws- some of which are unique to an aqueous environment- have long challenged scientists and engineers to devise methods to surmount them in order to successfully increase swimming speed.

Backstroke – More Than Just Floating on Your Back in a Pool

Backstroke used to be a broad name for any stroke done on the back, but over the years a distinctive way of swimming has emerged. Backstroke requires a specific body position with the water line at the top of your forehead and your chest and stomach above the water line. It is a rotational stroke, meaning while one arm is in recovery the other is giving the swimmer power.

Improve Your Swim Technique and Efficiency

If you are trying to improve your swim technique or improve your efficiency in the water, you need to work on some swimming drills. Do some drills every time you workout, include technique drills as part of this.

How Many Calories Are Burned Swimming Laps? 4 Factors to Burning Calories While Swimming

Swimming is a form of exercise that provides many benefits. If you are wanting to find an overall healthy way to lose weight and become more fit, you need to find a pool and get wet!

A Pool Dome Enclosure Can Mean Year Round Swimming For You

With a pool dome enclosure you can extend your swimming season and maybe even be able to swim year round. A solar pool dome enclosure uses the sun's energy to heat your pool and the air around it.

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools have many different advantages that should be taken into consideration when it comes to purchasing a swimming pool. Generally speaking, there are four main advantages of installing a fiberglass swimming pool…

Pool Solar Heaters For Year Round Swimming

Would you like to be able to enjoy your swimming pool all year in comfort? If you would like to be able to swim even when the weather is cool a swimming pool solar dome cover may be a low cost solution for you.

The Benefits of a Lap Pool

Purchasing a lap pool may be one of the wisest choices that one can make when it comes to fitness equipment and getting into shape, as there are countless benefits associated with swimming that you just don't get with other workouts and sports. And a good lap swimming pool can help you achieve these goals very easy–one of the reasons why so many people have turned to such pools to help them get into shape and stay healthy for long periods of time. First, lap pools are easy to find a place for in your yard.

A Fiberglass Pool – Important Facts to Consider

Before you purchase any type of pool, be sure to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of such a pool. In previous articles here I have talked about why you would want to purchase a fiberglass pool. In this article, I would like to present the other side of the argument–why you may not want to purchase fiberglass pools, and the issues that you need to consider before you make this decision.

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