Scuba Divers Unexpected Discovery! (Returned to Owner)

Shark Attacks – Why Are They on the Increase?

I have compiled information that has been extracted from watching TV documentaries about sharks attacks. However, I have also included my own theory about the sharks' nervous system and correlation to their increasing aggressive behaviour towards humans.

The Lifeguard

It was the summer of '66 where I landed my first open water lifeguard job at Holiday Home Camp on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva. This was the start of a career that lasted for more than 35 years. Of course being a lifeguard had it's privileges.

What To Look For In Swimming Goggles

Swimming is an excellent way of getting fit especially now that summer is upon us. That being said, donning a pair of swimming goggles is important, not only to protect your eyes from the sand and dirt when swimming in the ocean but also to make it easier to see your way through. Whether you are training or just want a relaxing swim, choosing the right goggles would make it easier for you to navigate the waters.

How to Swim Faster: Step Up the Pace to Improve Your Times

Are you getting bored with your regular swim training sessions? Want to learn how to swim faster? Here's how to develop speed, and improve your overall times in the water. We'll also show you how to enjoy your swim training sessions.

Pool Supplies Needed to Care for Inground Swimming Pool

Pool supplies are needed after the addition of an inground pool, which increases a home's value and provides immediate entertainment for the owners. A simple pool maintenance routine will help keep your new inground pool in top shape.

Tips For Those Considering Teaching Swimming

Considering being a swimming teacher lately? Are you good at swimming and have wondered how you can pass that skill on to others? In this piece I will show you some pointers to help expand on your interest.

Explore Benefits of Swimming Lessons

Engaging in swimming lessons offers a number of health benefits. Explore the positive aspects of activity in the water.

Custom Swim Caps To Match Your Preferences

Swim caps are generally used to keep hair dry during swimming. However, this is not the only reason why you might need to have a cap on as you swim. The cap also protects hair from chlorine present in pools, keeps your long hair off the face to give you a better time swimming and keeps the head warm when swimming in open water or in cold weather. These same caps can be used to keep swimmers visible to eliminate risks of colliding with surfers and boats among others. They can also help in speeding up swimming and keeping water filters from clogging with hair.

Lifeguard Hoodies And Selecting The Best

Hooded sweatshirts are referred to as hoodies and they are very popular amongst men, women and even children. They are designed to offer extreme comfort and to keep warm during the cooler months of the year. Lifeguards have not been left behind when it comes to hoodies. There are now special hoodies made just for the lifeguard with the bold LIFEGUARD lettering and cross on them. The cross image and lettering are usually placed on the front and the back of the hoodies to make sure the lifeguard remains visible at all times.

Top Considerations To Make When Choosing A Kickboard

Kickboards enhance workout for beginners and even professional swimmers. They are good choices for team drills, workouts and even training for a variety of reasons. The advantages of using kickboards during any of the mentioned situations include improved buoyancy and balance, arm rest and focused workout. They are the perfect items during a lengthy workout since they ensure you push your workout to the maximum without necessarily tiring your body while at it.

The Importance Of Swim Goggles

Swimming is a fun activity, but it is more enjoyable when you have the right swim gear on. Swim goggles are some of the items you will find helpful to you during swimming. They are helpful indoors and in low light to offer great visibility. With the goggles, you will have an easy time seeing clearly under water and this in itself enhances enjoyment all through the activity. It is a benefit that can actually enhance the performance of a competitive swimmer since keeping track of other swimmers is made easy.

Tips To Get The Right Lifeguard Flippers

Swim flippers and swim fins are footwear kinds designed with the intention of improving speed and agility when swimming. There are however different types designed for varied purposes, but among those that you will find in the market today are fins for lifeguards. Speed is very important in the line of duty of any lifeguard. This is because it ensures that the guard manages to reach even far water areas in the shortest time possible to make a much needed rescue. Taking too long to reach a victim is the thin line between surviving and losing life.

Choosing the Right Lifeguard Whistle and Whistle Strap

The beach or pool area can be extremely noisy and with plenty of commotion making it hard for any lifeguard to get the attention of the people around it in given situations. The lifeguard whistle is therefore a very important lifesaving tool since it makes it easy for the lifeguard to catch attention and take control of the given situation. People will definitely stop to listen as soon as they hear the whistle. It does not only make it possible for the lifeguard to stop inappropriate behaviors, but also makes it easy to conduct evacuations as a result of bad weather or wildlife.

The Benefits of Starting Swimming When You Are Young

Why would you start your child swimming as a baby or toddler? Read on to find out why!

5 Types Of Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles play an important role in protecting your eyes when you are in the water. The protection is majorly provided by the lens and the gasket. There are different types of goggles with the main ones being: Swedish They are well known among competitive swimmers and their popularity is growing by the day. They don't have a gasket and sit perfectly on your socket; therefore, you have less water drag.

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