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Lack of Supervision in Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are iconic symbols of summertime, complete with splashing, laughter, and usually a pool full of kids for several hours a day. Along with owning a swimming pool and hosting a parade of parties and neighborhood children, there is a great deal of responsibility pool owners take on to ensure the safety of everyone. Pool injuries are very serious, especially when dealing with oxygen deprivation or possible drowning. But the majority of swimming pool injuries can be avoided with proper adult supervision.

Taking a Swimming Lesson From the Comfort of Your Home

Usually, a swimming lesson has always meant trudging significant distances, often to remote locations where most swimming schools tend to be located. Unfortunately, it is this very aspect which invariably proves to be a deterrent as far as prompt and diligent learning of swimming is concerned. That is the reason; enterprising individuals have come out with intuitive concepts wherein a swimming lesson can easily be taken from the comfort of one's home.

Swimming Lessons Make Water Safe

When my mother was 5 years old, my grandpa took her down to the community swimming pool and threw her into the deep end of the water. Following a philosophy that she would either sink or swim my grandfather taught my mother how to swim by giving her the options of drowning or learning how to swim back to the side of the pool. Fortunately my mother learned to swim that day and while my grandpa would have dived in and saved her if she had not been successful in swimming back to the edge of the pool…

Different Ways to Swimming Faster and Longer

How can you swim faster and longer? There are many ways to improve your speed and time in the pool. How to make swimming in a faster time, as the saying goes is, “Practice makes perfect.”

Inflatable Swimming Pools – Making Summer More Fun!

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is by relaxing in your garden. More and more people are buying inflatable swimming pools for their gardens. When the weather is nice and hot, nothing beats being able to have a swim in your own garden pool!

Swimming Pool Drain Injuries

Swimming pools should be places of enjoyment and relaxation. A pool should be a place where families and friends can go to create memories with each other and cool off from the unbearable summer sun. Unfortunately, these places of fun and excitement can be extremely dangerous if owners and operators do not take proper precautions.

Swimming Pool Umbrellas – Staying Safe In The Sun

If you're planning on spending a lot of time around the pool this summer you should make sure that you stay safe in the sun. Even if you are one of the many people who enjoy getting a sun tan, you can't actually stay out in the sun all day. Make sure that you have plenty of pool umbrellas around your swimming pool area.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Swimming

Most triathletes want to know the secret of how natural swimmers can just, well, swim! Ask any Masters or Olympic swimmer what their swimming “secret” is and 99% of the time you will get the same answer: They had joined a swim club or team at a young age and/or belong to a swim program currently. Below are the top five reasons why you should join a swim club.

Swimming And Other Outdoor Activities For The Whole Family

Many parents are looking for budget-friendly activities that are fun for the whole family. Going to theme parks, cruising, island hopping or vacationing in other parts of the world may sound fun but it is quiet expensive and not all family can afford to do so. But being on a tight budget should never be an excuse for anyone not to have fun. Our children are our precious gifts and we are all aware that what matters most to them is our love and affection to them. If you want to spend quality time to bond and have fun with your children and the whole family then read on to gain ideas on how to have fun even on a tight-budget:

Learn to Swim – Am I Competent to Swim in the Open Water?

Singapore biathlon, one of the biggest events in Singapore jointly organised by the SAFRA National Service Association and the Republic of Singapore Navy is one of the hottest topic among my students. The event comprises an Olympic-standard 1.5km swim which is held at East Coast Park followed by a 10km run.

Learn to Swim – Personal Hygiene in the Pool

Personal Hygiene in the pool is very important as it give everyone to enjoy a chance to enjoy the pool in a clean and healthy manner. So what is the essential stuff we need to know to help to maintain the hygiene of the swim pool?

Swimming Lessons For Adults – Kids Shouldn't Have All the Fun!

How many times do we say to ourselves I wish I had learned how to do this? Well it is never too late to learn anything especially a skill like swimming. Swimming has so many wonderful benefits for our bodies in addition to a must know for safety.

Learn to Swim – How to Swim Front Crawl

Front crawl is a common swim stroke that most of the swimmers will swim. If you are learning without any coaching, what is some essential information you may wish to take note.

Ways Of Finding Free Professional Swimming Lessons in Oklahoma City, OK

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports, whether you are a kid, a preteen, a teen, adult or senior citizens and wellness experts have recorded a surge in enrollments for swim classes and swim schools all over Oklahoma City. Are you in Oklahoma City and are looking for a great place to take either yourself or your kids for swimming tutorials? Or are you looking for a good indoor pool within the city where you or your family members can learn great swimming skills taught by a competent professional. But swimming lessons can be costly depending on where the classes are being taken and also the length and extent of the curriculum. But there are some places within the city that can offer the classes for virtually free. Let us see how you can locate them.

Installing Your Own Swimming Pool

If you have gone for an above ground swimming pool then your installation should be fairly simple. Most above ground kits just require a suitable flat and level surface to put the pool on, and surprisingly you will only need a few common household tools to put it together. Above ground pools are made of galvanized sheet steel with a plastic liner that fits inside it once you have assembled the pools side panels.

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