Scuba Diving the Bottom of a Lake! (You Won’t Believe What I Found!)

Swimming Lessons – Why We Want You to Learn Swimming

Are you an adult that doesn't know how to swim? Then swimming lessons are just what is needed. There are a couple of different reasons why it is important for every adult to know how to swim. Learn what these reasons are now and how swimming lessons can help anyone.

Baby Swimming Lessons – Infants Can Be Taught to Float at Early Age

Did you know that baby swimming lessons can help your child learn how to float from a very early age? Many parents don't realize that kids can float when they are young. Learn more about how swimming lessons can help them learn how to float, then swim, so they are safe in water.

Water Injuries

While swimming is fun, it is also dangerous. However, there are many precautions that can be taken to make it safe.

Swim Goggles, What Things Do I Want to Consider?

One of the common pieces of swimming gear is swim goggles. What are some of the things you want to consider when looking for goggles?

Excellent Dive Sites in Yap

Are you in the process of looking to plan a great diving adventure; you might want to visit Yap with plenty of Yap dive sites to choose from for diving fun and excitement. Yap, otherwise referred to as Wa'ab, is located in the Pacific Ocean waters, and is part of the Federation States of Micronesia.

How to Double Your Swimming Kick Power

As a coach of both elite and amateur swimmers, it is apparent that one of the biggest issues facing adult swimmers is the ability to generate power from their kick. There is a noticeable difference between those swimmers who were taught correctly as a kid or teenager, and those which have never been shown the correct technique for kicking in swimming.

Helpful Tips For a Fun Summer of Swimming

This article is about swimming. It reminds to be knowledgeable around water and take the proper swim classes if you aren't. Have fun swimming and look for opportunities to swim in new areas like water parks and city pools.

Division I Swimming – How to Reach Your Goal

Are you trying to reach the highest level of college swimming? Is your goal of reaching Division I swimming getting a little more out of reach each day? Swimming at the highest levels of college sports takes talent, skill, and making sure your name is getting out to college coaches.

Swimming Recruits – Get the Swimming Scholarship

Are you a high school swimmer looking to make it to the college level. The fact is there are thousands of swimming recruits you will be competing with from across the country. Therefore, the competition can be very tough.

Swimming Lessons – Drown-Proofing Your Baby With Swim Lessons

It is vital you look into baby swimming lessons for your child. There are countless benefits that your baby can gain from swimming lessons at such a young age.

Swimming Lessons – Tips For Protecting Your Child in and Around the Water

You do not have to or need to keep your child away from water. It is a fun activity that they should be acclimated to. Just keep in mind the various tips and information in this article so you can protect them from anything tragic happening.

Some Things to Consider Before Buying a Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is an aspiration for many people. It can provide many hours of family fun. A summer barbeque by the pool can be enjoyed by everyone.

A Summer Full of Swim Gear

This article is about how to stay cool in the summer by visiting the pool. It mentions getting swim gear to use and let you kids play with at the pool.

Swimming Strength and Conditioning – Some Key Points

In swimming strength and conditioning is important. Swimming is a superb exercise working many different muscle groups and other fitness work round it will make it so much more beneficial.

Swim Teams

If your child has a love of the water and enjoys swimming, they may benefit from joining a swim team. Swim teams can serve several purposes. They allow your child to socialize with other children around their age, they keep them in shape and healthy, and for more serious swimmers, they can be used to compete in matches. Whatever reason your child swims for, they are sure to have a great time.

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