Searching for iPhones, GoPros and Guns Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Restricted Area)

Basic Swimming

Some people think that learning to float and dog paddle is enough to say that a person knows how to swim. This is only the tip of the iceberg since there are other ways to swim faster in the water. The most basic swimming stroke to learn is freestyle.

Proper Swimming Technique

Swimming is one of the many forms of exercise that the person can learn in a few days. The strokes are easy to learn once the individual knows the basics. The challenging part is maintaining these when the muscles get tired.

The Different Strokes in Swimming

There are many sports that a person can excel in. Those that don't know how can learn this and develop the speed and technique to excel. In order for anyone to excel in swimming, the person must have some basic knowledge of the 4 strokes then just master the event and stroke the individual feels comfortable in.

Swim Your Way to Fitness

There are many great ways to get in shape. But swimming is one of the most effective ones. Here are a few tips on how to make it work, even if you have a busy schedule…

How to Use a Dive Watch Properly

For divers who aren't using a scuba dive computer to manage their nitrogen levels, it's important to use dive tables to keep track of downtime. In order to make use of these tables effectively, a dive watch is required. How's a dive watch different from an ordinary wristwatch? Two things make it stand out. First, and most obviously, dive watches are water resistant. They also have a rotating bezel.

Now Everyone Can Look Good On The Beach This Summer

This summer whilst on holiday takes a look down the beach or around the pool and see all the different sizes of people bathing and relaxing. People take great effort to look their best when sunbathing on holiday but nearly all swimwear in the shops seems to be geared towards the average body size and shape. If you are lucky enough to fall into this category things are pretty rosy for you but what if you are a plus size, what can you do about it. Look out for good quality plus size swimwear.

Open Water Swimming – For Beginners

I learned to swim in a lake where my family lived, in northern Wisconsin. My siblings and I trained summer workouts in open water since the nearest pool was a thirty minute drive and our back yard was more convenient. Due to this immersion, it did not seem strange when I competed in my first open water race in Seal Beach, California, in my late twenties.

Swimming As A Recreational Activity – 7 Facts About Swimming That You May Not Know

Did you know that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do for your body? Read on to find out why swimming is the sport of the intelligent and creative, and why swimming can be done at just about any age.

Essential Beach Products

Everyone loves the beach; it is like a summer time tradition. The sand, the water and the sun all play a vital role in making the beach what it is. Each of the mentioned elements have their purpose and some making the beach more enjoyable than others.

Chose Swimming to Help You Get Back Into Shape

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that there is. It does not put any strain on your joints and can be conducted in any weather conditions providing you are swimming in an indoor pool.

Make Sure You Choose The Correct Swimwear For The Beach This Summer

Swimming has got to be one of the most therapeutic forms of exercise that there is, it's easy on the joints so even people with limited mobility can take part and enjoy. There can be no better feeling than going on holiday and finding a beautiful beach to relax on and enjoy the tranquility and relaxation that goes with it, and then going for a swim in the sea in your new swimwear.

A Brief Look At The History And Science Of Swimming

Swimming has been around as long as people have been on earth and where ever there is water people are going to be swimming. It was first done in Egypt and then just started getting more and more popular and we have the sport as we have it today.

Critical Swim Speed

When purchasing or borrowing a swimming programme or when attending a coached lane at the local pool, have you ever wondered what all the ‘jargon' means? Ever wondered how the coaches and swimmers alike all know how to pace themselves and at what intensity they ought to train? Apart from endless miles in the pool, and one to three hours per week land training, how do they achieve split times, race pace, swim rest ratios and how do they make it look so easy?

How To Dive From A Poolside

Perform the following steps carefully: 1. Sit on the edge of the pool with your feet in the water. Lower your head so that your chin touches your chest.

Kids and Babies Swimming and Swimming Aids

There are lots of courses for baby swimming classes and classes for increasing the confident of your kids across Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Mostly all the courses run in terms of 10 weeks duration and they provide facilities for babies from 1 month to 18 month of age. Before deciding to go to a swim course you need to check some important matters. About the experience of the swimming course provider, their security facilities, and the trainers they provides.

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