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Swimming Technique – 3 Killer Tips to Blow Away Your Competition

The three important tips in achieving great swimming technique are simple but deadly effective. Do you know what they are?

How to Swim – The Five Keys to Perfect Swimming Technique

Swimming like a champion can be achieved by following 5 simple rules. The 5 keys to correct swimming technique are…

Freestyle Flip Turns – How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Which Will Slow Down Your Turns

Are you sick of crappy freestyle flip turns? It doesn't have to be that way.

Swimming Kick – How to Increase Your Speed in 3 Easy Steps

There are three easy steps to developing a great kicking technique in the water. Swimmers must turn their feet (in particular their big toes) inwards and they must point their feet in the opposite direction to where they are swimming. Additionally, swimmers feet should always remain under the water with the back of the feet breaking the water by less than an inch on the upkick. Most swimmers will get the first point correct without being shown because it happens naturally during the kick, however the second point is something which needs to be learned.

The Anatomy of a Dive

If you love the water and are always looking for ways to spice up your time in the pool, why not try diving? Diving is an exciting sport and has been sought after in the Olympics for many years. Its actual meaning? Acrobatically jumping into the water from a height or distance above the water. While it can be dangerous, if it is done properly and with the right training, it can be an amazing experience.

The Importance of Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim can be a very beneficial lesson in someone's life. There are a number of times when the knowledge of how to swim comes in handy, and it may even save your life someday. Therefore, if you are an adult who does not know how to swim, consider getting lessons. Or, if you have children, you can give them a wonderful gift by teaching them their strokes. This article will outline the benefits of a basic understanding of how to swim.

Super Suits, Shady Records and a Certain Mr Phelps

Something like 40+ world records were broken at the Swimming World Championships in Rome over the duration of the meet. On the surface, as it were and more likely below it, that is impressive.

Swimming Benefits the Whole Body and the Whole Person

Swimming benefits the body and the whole person. In fact, swimming has long been considered one of the most “perfect” sports because of its low injury rate and the amazing benefits, regardless of one's age or ability.

Swimming Recruiting – 5 Tips to Swimming in College

Are you a talented high school swimmer trying to make it to the college level? If so, this article can give you some clear steps you should take as you go through the swimming recruiting process. Remember, you are competing with thousands of other swimmers as you try to get a spot on a college swim team.

The Best Swimming Drill to Do Before a Race Or Competition

There is one swimming drill which will dramatically improve your technique, power and feel for the water if you practice it prior to a race or competition. This drill easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes each session.

Preventing Summer Swimming Accidents

We're in the middle of the so-called dog days of summer, and the heat is starting to get to us. There are few things as relaxing and enjoyable on a hot summer's day than going for a lazy swim in the cool waters of your local swimming pool, lake, beach, or river. But, as you know, there are plenty of potential hazards that go along with doing so, and it's important to always be aware of the dangers that go along with an activity so that you can plan ahead and be prepared to respond to potential problems.

Swimming Lessons – Tips on Choosing Your Swimming Instructor

Swimming lessons can provide a student with information and survival skills needed to make it in the water. Here are some tips to choosing an instructor for you or your child.

Swimming Lessons – The Benefits of Swimming For Ladies

Swimming is a tremendous exercise that all people can benefit from. As for women in particular, it can be a great way to eliminate stress, get efficient exercise, reduce the chances of having a miscarriage, and even help you heal from breast cancer.

Michael Phelps – Still in the Swim

The drama continued in Rome this week at the Swimming World Championships as the rivalry between American great, Michael Phelps and Serbian swimmer, Milorad Cavic played out another scene. Leading up to the main event race yesterday, the Butterfly, Cavic had talked loosely all week about how he would be the victor in the race, and saying that he would be delivering the knockout blow to Phelps.

Breathing in Swimming – Three Killer Tips to Stop You Choking on Water in Freestyle

Are you swallowing water when you swim freestyle? Do you find it difficult to breath without stopping? There are three things which you can do to stop this for good.

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