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Women who web3 hosted by Kamala coms Alcantara who you've seen on the hash Before launches its second season with Special firm like Shelly Zales the CEO Of the female quotient let's take a look At a sneak peek I imagine a really highly effective part of web Free is ladies always assume they have to Be wonderful web 3 is in its infancy and Men are moreover finding out males don't perceive get hold of a pockets each nobody does Everyone is making errors and that's The magnificence is no one has a clue what They're doing and so we're all inside the Beginning and that's what's making it All neutral we're in neutral territory We're all finding out on the same time Joining us now's host cams Alcantara Welcome once to the hash camps Hey everyone how are you so joyful to be Here Well it's good to see your as soon as extra Season two of the current you've been on Quite a since worthwhile the Podcast opponents at closing Year why don't you inform us how your Mission has been getting into into bringing ladies Into the Oh my goodness we get ladies inboxing us Dming us emailing us steady every week To be on the current and we get various Women telling us wow I spotted rather a lot Oh my gosh I opened my first pockets Today

Um I acquired my first job in web3 within the current day They're finding out heaps from our our Experts that we convey on and our firm In the first season we focused on Educating ladies about web 3 starting With what's web 3 what's and we Have launched on and Sandy Carter to really break down each factor For them in a method that they could Understand it in course of the ultimate half of The Season we addressed the metaverse And the importance of proudly proudly owning your identification taking of your Bank account and unpacking the Importance of promoting belonging Inclusion and ladies in administration Especially inside the web 3 space then we Rounded out the season with Understanding D5 with our very private Sheila Warren and cyber security Um so now in season two we're inviting Completely new guess the lineup is Packed with Powerhouse ladies predominant the Way in gaming AI sustainability Fitness And we're attempting forward to actually Having ladies taking out their notebooks And really executing on their merchandise That they're making an attempt to assemble the Communities they're making an attempt to assemble and Getting these specialists linked to the Show so that they will dish out the Latest Alpha and Instructions on how one can get hold of regardless of They dream of inside the web 3 space

You talked about Alpha to procure a leak a Little Alpha on season two like who was Your favorite interview like give me a Moment what stood out that was fully totally different From season one that you just're significantly Pumped about for 12 months Oh my goodness uh season two is so Different from season one already I Cried heaps already inside the first couple Of audio system Um so this time we want we want ladies to Be listening feeling energized and Inspired Um one in all my favorite reveals was with Robin arson so she is the vp Of Fitness programming at Peloton and She's going to blow your minds I don't if I'm not a cuss nonetheless she talks About doing epic epic and how one can Actually do it and I was telling her That I bought her e ebook it's often called shut Up and run and really I couldn't make It earlier internet web page 17. I I ended finding out and I hit the treadmill for the first time Like 9 months postpartum Um it the listening to the podcast if You're not capable of make happen Don't hear nonetheless I encourage you to Listen I I really love that you just talked about you Talked about getting once more on the Treadmill 9 months postpartum because of I suffered I had truly horrible Postpartum and it's important to type of

Talk about these items and I actually really feel like We don't talk about these things enough Especially after we're like on this Tech and it's important to let People know positive that's precise positive this Type of stuff happens and type of segue It into how one can improve prime quality of life For others and really merely type of Inspire totally different people regardless if it's Men or ladies so thanks for sharing That I wanted to applaud you for that It's not easy to share usually Yes no I one in every of many one of many essential Beautiful we noticed in the entire 12 First episodes inside the season one was That every single girl millionaires entrepreneurs ladies who're Just starting out all of them had one issue In widespread and that was celebrating and Empowering ladies generously and making a Way for girls and what which implies is you Know generous maternity depart it's Taking care and understanding that that Women have various fully totally different priorities And making certain that you just cater to their Specific desires and having these very Vulnerable conversations and we get Super Nitty-gritty all up in there raw in Season two like I discussed I started crying Shelly Zales was like look I'm 60. I Know what I'm talking about that's What's important in life you guys have To take heed to that episode

Um and it we truly break down and we we Talk very very candidly about about Things that people often wouldn't Talk about I imagine on a podcast current Thanks for turning into a member of us within the current day I must Ask about like what you realized about Yourself all through this whole podcast Production like what has been some predominant Takeaways from interviewing these firm Or doing the manufacturing side of points Or developing an viewers Gosh that's a horny question Um I had various imposter syndrome after I first started recording the current and Michelle the producer is always on the Other end like yeah you're rocking it This is sweet Um and I nonetheless I truly felt at home Talking to these ladies I was truly Scared to talk to various them because of They have tens of thousands and thousands of followers or They've had seven decide exits from Their firms and these ladies who're Succeeding are just like you and me Um they they care about their kids They care about their husband their Families they're on the lookout for love Just like we're and really you merely Have to be our real self when You're web 3 whilst you're Navigating the world and also you even have To Lead with kindness and lead with Understanding the other specific individual's

Struggles and really catering to not Only your desires and inserting your desires As major nonetheless serving to others alongside The method as you can when you can and You'll obtain success and I spotted so Much about failure being of It's like your progress all one of the simplest ways to Success and I'm cheering everyone on and I seen that about myself that I actually like To have time ladies and Empower ladies in Any method that I can