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Foreign [Applause] [Music] To make clear the uh what kind of Price we're gonna problem and sooner than Um go to the value let's share my show And introduce what's protected Finance Yeah guys good to fulfill you everyone my Name is timoley group lead at protected Finance and in the mean time we now have a associates Reuben would possibly you make clear uh introduce Yourself Yeah the truth is thanks Tima uh good day Everyone so I'm Ruben Abu clear I'm Director of engineering at second Finance I'm principally principal the Um The enchancment workforce for second Finance Great yeah protected Finance actually born From East Global hackathon it was once more To 2020 the first tech FS um you understand Um our founder and the CEO Masa joined The heck FS as a hacker in 2020 that was The first file coin and Global Hackathon and we gained top-of-the-line worth of D5 from first collapse is it a Foundation so after two years or two or Three years we come once more to the Hackathon you understand we sponsored hacks on The hack FS hack money that was on-line And that's first time you understand and we Are sponsoring East Global Tokyo Hackathon in So um quick launched to protected Finance

Platform and all our Solutions we're Building the audiobook based Landing it means uh you're sporting ear to Based lending Market By having curve we are going to assemble a FX Forward market and we are going to current a Heading choices for Traders for for Users and the final phrase goal is to assemble The derivatives Market inside the home if that's Decentralized derivatives Market what we Don't see inside the cryptocurrency home Yet Yeah Um so that you simply see my show and that's the Finance lending platform UI so Currently we're on the verify web Stage and we now have been carried out this Interest lending and the borrowing Solution for principal 4 currencies now falcoin and the Usdc Um so the current platform is audible Based lending decision And we provide the zero coupon mortgage Markets we moreover current the attribute of a Smart contract clearing administration physique and Altered Redemption rolling so Ruben Would wish to elucidate additional about these Four choices Yes the truth is so these observed choices are Really what the differentiators on completely different D5 protocol Um

The audio enhance order information based Landing Means that we we use a older information system For Price Discovery uh reverse to Something a pool system like Ave for Instance we let individual place order on the Rates they want or the value they want And once we now have someone who have to Accept this order we now have a match and The order is taken we This is principally what's used inside the Traditional Finance world It's it's what's going on as soon as you buy A stock on-line for example The zero coupon mortgage Market is Um Indicates that our merchandise are a straightforward Fixed time interval mortgage so for example you see Here June 2023 in our screenshots of our UI it signifies that at this date that's The the maturity of the merchandise so that you simply Will need do you have to borrow at this date you We must pay once more what you borrowed at Exactly at recently Uh the wise contract clearing contact Party is what's make a D5 protocol a D5 Protocol Um we um Uh we creating this Uh the place the shoppers must deposit Collateral sooner than borrowing and our Smart contract is checking that this Collateral stays to be enough and if it's Not it's going to clear the individual Position

And lastly the auto low cost working Means that when your Term is accomplished it's routinely Automatically roll right into a model new time interval so You can principally lend or borrow and Forget and it will accrue your pursuits Great yeah thanks let's go to the Next internet web page Yeah I really feel for hackers and builders Or programmers who's changing into a member of is worldwide Toko hackathon and we provide some individual For hyperlinks like landing internet web page on the Landing internet web page chances are you'll strive the take Your Finance imaginative and prescient and the mission and The intro to the workforce members and Like hyperlinks to many and like like shopping for and promoting Platform or blogs And a really highly effective the verify web is The staging environment we implement we Deployed on the goalie Network So yeah you must strive the staging Network and file set so yeah we provide The like lending decision for 4 principal Currencies Bitcoin ether Falcon and Stablecoin usdc chances are you'll meet the verify Point Test token on the file set neighborhood and The GitHub so strive the GitHub you Can see the intro to the important thing Finance Protocol and wise contract some Documentations and API sdks If you must be taught additional like articles About SQL Finance go to medium and if You have to get hold of the the latest

Updates and please adjust to the protected Finance Twitter Yeah we issued uh three worth excessive D5 Best DUI and the ux and wonderful Finance Awards so three prices Um the first two excessive D5 and the ux UI is The Engineering topic so it means you must Submit code you must Implement some Features By programming and the third one it Could be non-engineering submission so You can submit some evaluation and like documentations Yeah let's deep dive into the three Price and uh like uh issues Top 35 hours we problem 2 000 US buck Price Um so chances are you'll assemble on excessive of secret Finance protocol and uh yeah we provide Uh like SDK Protocol apis and through these apis you Can work along with the SQL Finance Protocol Um and you too can recommend Um Falcon is freezing decision Um so I see Community is setting up the Filecoin is freezing Solutions nonetheless Um Of course if in case you could have greater idea of Bridging the cross chains chances are you'll Propose some choices about that and The liquidation bot using present wise Contract so Reuben would you want to

Explain additional regarding the first worth Yeah constructive so uh the principally did this First worth is to assemble on excessive of all Existing protocol so as you talked about we Provide these ABI spy so the the chances are you'll Uh chances are you'll work along with the wise Contract I really feel an outstanding occasion proper right here is the Liquidation nonetheless we now have All the options on the wise contracts To look at if prospects are moreover the limit and To do the liquidation itself nonetheless we wish Um Something spherical this to to uh to be Able to set off this liquidation so that That may very well be really an outstanding occasion Um Yep that's the the very best defy yeah Sounds good and for the second half is The most interesting UI and the ux awards we problem 100 1500 and the goal of this worth is to Improve the shopping for and promoting experience on our Platform and so uh what we're missing Is um the historic yield curve so as Hacker chances are you'll Propose and Implement a historic Earl Kirk And I really feel third one for the Composition interface so in case you're Available for those who understand if in case you could have Understanding of um like completely different information Based shopping for and promoting platform and chances are you'll Propose a character commerce approach so Reuben I need to make clear additional

About the second worth yeah so as you Said this one is de facto to reinforce the Training experience so we'll current you Or you already observed a screenshot nonetheless we Will current you uh the staging environment We have with our current interface uh What we've got an curiosity proper right here is one factor A bit additional tough than what we Offer for example the mission Composition interface is how can we how Can you make it Uh simple and individual nice to do two Trades on the an identical time so borrowing six Months and ending three months for Instance it's generally known as an charge of curiosity Carry commerce uh It's not simple to make it individual nice And uh We current these bricks the borrow of Six months and the lead of three months In the wise contract clearly nonetheless yeah That that's what may very well be fascinating Same with the the yield curve uh correct Now we provide on an web website on the Application solely the current yield curve But we would be very to see An historic lead code Sounds good yeah and the third one as we Mentioned sooner than is could very effectively be Non-engineering submission and so that you simply Can you understand recommend any kind of Financial Uh new ideas like financial information Analysis and in case you're accustomed to

Trading and or like Quant shopping for and promoting you Can recommend a shopping for and promoting system modeling or New approach is welcome and some Market Data evaluation so please current your your expertise and the Professional Knowledge regarding the shopping for and promoting System notably so please Um like Submit some like Financial Innovations to the our platform yeah Yeah since we since since we're order Book based system chances are you'll principally Apply Things which are already accomplished inside the Traditional Finance into the the crypto World and so presumably you could possibly have ideas of Trading strategy of a doable Arbitrage All of this can be very helpful so yeah Please submit your ideas good Yeah please in your ideas these Three issues and now let's go to the uh Eoi I really feel uh Reuben prepared the lab Demo on the staging environment so we Will then please share your show and The subsequent I really feel we are going to make clear a little bit of Bit regarding the documentation and the Protocol SDK and we title it the Blockchain API Uber yeah share a show Please Yes All correct So that's our staging environment and You have the deal with inside the slide is

And that's the method it appears to be uh we simply recently Deployed this altering environment for For our prospects and we're very excited For you to to aim it and to see it So to begin with when you arrive you need To be part of your pockets Um You be part of your pockets it is On Go early this neighborhood so that you really need To be on Google or it gained't work it is Deployed there And you arrive on this internet web page This is our what we title our straightforward Lending and borrowing experience you are Able proper right here to place a board or Landing Order uh A market order that signifies that you may Accept any fees And it's doable so that you can to fill your order Like this so for example proper right here let's our two borrow Then incredible title proper right here I'll come proper right here I Click on then proper right here I'll borrow I confirm my order my metamask is Popping I hope you may even see it Click the gasoline fees are pretty expensive Today nonetheless um an identical issue And The order must be positioned as quickly because the Transaction is validated Just bear with me few seconds proper right here So you could possibly have the validated proper right here Success click on on on OK and I really

Borrowed 10 Falcon Um you would possibly see yeah But I'd add plenty of Falcons so that you simply Can't really see I had 10 additional nonetheless I I Did additional Uh so as I say born on land proper right here you Have a superior experience this expands Show the alternative information we talked about it a Lot the alternative information and it lets you Place a limit order the limit order it's Another when you place Uh you choose the the value you want So proper right here let's say we want 92 Um I'll possible be inside the on this order I'll Leave my order into the order information with The worth of 92 and if someone needs to Be boring to land that 92 the order will Be accomplished asynchronously Um so I'm not gonna endure all the Different choices proper right here I merely wished to Show you a quick look uh yow will uncover on Our medium articles Um plenty of article or individual Again explaining or tips about methods to use the Application and we're joyful so as to To be taught these Um nonetheless I have to level out one stage Uh is the faucet so proper right here you could possibly have the Faucet we moreover gave you the hyperlink uh Before his first set lets you Mint Or verify token so we now have a verify tube Filecoin that's usdc and a verify by Bitcoin and likewise you indicate them you're gonna

Add them routinely to your pockets And it's doable so that you can to land and borrow And I say that on account of my protocol correct Now on this environment is using solely Those tokens so whether it is advisable to work collectively With these tokens you need sorry do you have to Need to work along with our wise Contracts For you this Um when you do some enchancment you need Those token so you may want to return again and Get these okay Yeah Reuben protect crashing proper right here pertains to the Second worth EO IU x sq. and like Historical yield curve Uh like a product composition interface So for Packers what do you suppose they Can recommend to the current platform or Improve the current platform individual Experience So what we wish correct now may very well be a a method to Do this so we're not opening our code of Our interface correct now uh we're not Ready for that yeah not keep however uh nonetheless You can see uh our interface and what we Are able to see so for example proper right here you Have the current yield curve by a Different foreign exchange it's the costs nonetheless Those are the current value So if some hacker have an ideas or we Could present Historical value so historic earnings Lettuce B good an identical with the superior

Mode yeah a CEO are able solely to borrow For one product But what if I have to land December 23 And borrow September 23 and uh this could Be glorious Ways and and individual experience to do that And that's the kind of contribution We're seeking uh some kind of individual Experience to do these kind of points Yeah is sensible good Reuben let's bounce To the Monkey excessive Yes okay So correct now as I discussed we open provide oh Um Or abis inside the wise contract so we now have Here when you arrive to the secured Finance GitHub internet web page which is already Also inside the inside the slide you may even see our SF wise contracts In this file you could possibly have the deployments Files which are the apis which Gives you all the info to Interact with the wise contract so Those are moreover the apis about stitching Environments so these contracts proper right here we You had been interacting are the an identical one Here so you could possibly have the deployment recordsdata And then Um We moreover added all documentation so this Documentation provides you insights of all The methods we now have inside the wise Contract for example I'll go to The

Lending Market controller Description and you have got the options And the arguments and what they accomplish that This is may very well be very useful so as to Understand our wise contract and to be Able to call the right carry out on what You must do Uh positive and and that's it that's proper right here in The asset wise contract As I discussed uh that's correct now the one Open provide repository we now have Um I'm not however uh in a spot the place we Can open provide the remaining nonetheless uh it Should arrive rapidly nonetheless after the racket Yes yeah Um so by like exhibiting the staging Environment platform and the GitHub I Think we outlined the first and the Second worth uh potentialities correct excessive D5 and top-of-the-line UI ux notably for Third one like uh wonderful Finance or I Think uh hackers can go to the medium Article or landing internet web page and to search out More regarding the what we're setting up so There is additional useful documentations uh Please strive the medium weblog and the Landing internet web page and the proposed your like Financial information analysis or some shopping for and promoting Strategy so yeah chances are you'll the truth is you Can write a you'll be able to do modeling using Python program language or it'd it Could be non-engineering non-uh Programming submission so we hope Everyone can profit from the time in Tokyo uh

Hackathon Um and lastly I need to say to Hackers please come to the workshop Workshop um Uh like home inside the venue they're going To be a workshop home and we are going to possible be There and we have to converse to you Interact with you and as well as examine from You guys so let's uh meet in Tokyo Yeah and if in case you could have any questions there Technical and the help we are going to possible be proper right here Also too to help work together you yeah as you Can see uh the like GitHub open provide Ratio is a little bit of bit low on account of we Deployed the verify web last month so we Are doing our so for those who want to Learn additional regarding the like protocol Please come to us inside the workshop home Thank you good thanks very so much Thank you