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Collaboration and fragmentation has been The theme at this yr's World monetary Forum and whereas we've seen an infinite Ukrainian presence proper right here in Davao Switzerland the battle in Ukraine is a gigantic Part of that dialog on Fragmentation and earlier I had a possibility To talk with Olga feldmeier she's the Co-founder and govt board chairman At good Valor and I requested her about her Work advocating for the nation from Which she grew up It grew to grow to be to all individuals very clear that Ukraine is not simply stopping for its Freedom it's stopping bodily Western Freedom and my mission proper right here is to Communicate that and also you understand I run Events I organize fully totally different charities And we donate money to to help Children in Ukraine and I really feel Especially with totally different Technologies there Are numerous how we are going to make it Happen as an illustration there are That are merely making an attempt to advertise their art work To donate for Ukraine and if we we're Helping to advise them on how They can use nft experience to collect More money and also you understand help Ukraine Even additional some people will criticize at The West that there are numerous phrases Being spoken nonetheless little movement what Would you say about that that's true There are additional phrases is an movement and And people a lot of individuals wrestle they

Don't even strategies to do it frequent People correct nonetheless I really feel you understand every Little help an identical to on Christmas going Into the grocery retailer looking for meals in Germany you'll promote this with out German poster Spain to your for Yourself sending one thing to Ukraine Right and there are so many strategies to do Something people merely should do it do You suppose that applies to the crypto Industry as properly I'm afraid so certain you understand Yeah properly I don't have to be But you understand I really feel a lot of individuals Were talking about strategies to help in March You know when the battle started and Now this matter fall once more a little bit of bit Right which could be nonetheless very energetic Communities nonetheless I really feel for 90 % Of of crypto people this matter should not be Really on the ground let's discuss Smart Valor what's on the agenda for the Year For the yr properly properly initially you Know we are the the one one European asset commerce listed on So actually the intention main is to Keep the NASDAQ question as you probably Know so I've been suggested by critics that It's not a NASDAQ listed agency nonetheless It's NASDAQ first North yeah it's European subsidiary of NASDAQ so nonetheless the Rule e-book is just like NASDAQ us It's not the nasdaqs it's not the

European subsidiary nevertheless it absolutely's moreover NASDAQ So so that you understand um I really feel you understand the Difficulty was resulting from numerous Auditing companies Um did some explicit preparations with Exchanges they often acquired scared away you Know by what occurred to the safety so a Lot of Auditors I was drawing as fast as A nice decorative agency considered one of many Requirements is audited financial Statements and we had pretty a wrestle To interact who is ready to audit A digital asset agency nonetheless for many who don't Get this executed Your itemizing is maybe in question you Know nonetheless we lastly found an audit and Just to take care of the standing and take care of All the requirements that's pretty pretty An issue I observed in 2018 there was a Warning issued in the direction of good Valor for Listing on the net web site that their Lichtenstein uh license commerce nonetheless at The time it was not permitted has that Been it's a little bit of bit fully totally different you Know revision was to build up a banking License and we put it inside the road That we'll apply for the banking License nonetheless you're not allowed to Mention this on the net web site not even Plans correct so for this for mentioning That we want to apply for banking License this was the reason you understand has The banking license been acquired are You feeling uh we decided to not go for

It on account of it's merely additional burden We had been the first commerce to get Authorized in Liechtenstein for Custodian and and commerce train Is there a chilling impression from Regulators on crypto in Europe is {{that a}} Sentiment you're feeling we don't actually really feel It however you understand and I really feel you understand Because we play by the rule you understand we Do the entire QVC or ml the permitted Exchange in Liechtenstein considered one of many First so we do each half that that Regulator requires so we until now there Was nothing like there was a request are You involved with safeties and so forth I Cannot give you too many particulars on this We merely said now now we have no involvement and No uh no connection to FTX and that's It one different enormous theme proper right here on the weft is Uh 's as properly regular money and I Understand that good Valor was Interested in making a Swiss franc Digital regular any in that I think about you you launched that in 2018 Yes exactly and and once more then it was too Early you understand it was a really Different environment the place the Interest worth would uh you understand you Would merely should pay Central Bank so Much money every month and I really feel now The state of affairs is completely fully totally different if You take a look at who's creating wealth proper this second in Cryptos that's nearly solely the Stable coin suppliers correct it was was

This you understand inflation that that we see Now Um really hope to offer this Digital Frank as as you launched oh Well we did not announce however there are Different plans being talked about on the Company nonetheless uh nothing that is public Yet and Um When you initially started you you Issued the great Valor token about worth About one Frank now it's worth about 21 Cents I indicate it must be strong for Investors all through crypto winter what do You say to them all through this time Well we don't contact upon prices laser Shares nor nor Um that's merely not not what I'm entitled To do nonetheless I really feel for all of us crypto Winter stuff the prices are down I Suffer myself personally on on my Personal wealth web site from all these Effects nonetheless I moreover know that this is usually a Temporarily state of affairs and the Market's Gonna be once more we're setting up you understand Sustainable enterprise with smarter we Have retail and we mix with banks We give Banks different to offer crypto To their prospects that's such an infinite Market and it's merely getting started all Right and within the meantime you've moreover been Talking masses about proof of reserves Exactly so the place do you see that Happening I indicate with the autumn of FTX

is talking about proof of Reserves nonetheless there's no clear necessities Absolutely that's a difficulty and the Other disadvantage is that it's solely partial Picture correct with proof of reserves you Show solely the crypto aspect of the Business nonetheless that's an commerce you Also have Fiat currencies correct and this Is not mirrored anyplace that's amount One amount two like all the other you Know inter-company flows uh liabilities Right what for many who give a mortgage in any other case you Have all each half that is not on chain How this is not mirrored correct and I Think that's really really no title to Action for many companies uh to go The additional mile we did the extra mile by Becoming a NASDAQ first North listed Company correct on account of we're matter to Nasda cruel e-book which is a very set of requirements uh With audited financial statements Um governance requirements unbiased Board you're matter to Market uh regulation and so forth and Lots of individuals suppose it's very arduous and It's very expensive properly it's positively More expensive on the NASDAQ certain nonetheless on NASDAQ Europe This is much inexpensive Than itemizing on nearly any Asian Exchange let's put it this way correct and It you you place your self out of your free Will beneath this massive requirements and Show to your prospects and your companions

That you play intelligent the least bit so I would Encourage numerous companies to look Into really listening on good experience If not good the Qs then a minimal of NASDAQ Europe