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Hey everyone and thanks for leaping once more Into the equity verse proper now we're going To talk about regarding the S P 500 bear markets And we're going to be the Current one to Bear markets of the earlier If you guys similar to the content material materials make certain You subscribe to the channel give the Video a thumbs up and try into the Cryptiverse premium at into the Cryptiverse.com we've now quite a lot of Different tiers as always along with a Free one hyperlinks throughout the description below Make optimistic you check it out let's go Ahead and soar in so we've been Following this bear market for pretty Some time and the first type of caveat That we've now to say is that until we put In a model new low you're nonetheless going to have To the the actuality of of It merely being the 22 the bear Market correct there's no clear you perceive you check out the current bear Market Isolated until we put in a model new low then There's no ensures correct there's Simply no ensures now with with the place We sit with with you perceive a sustained Rate climbing cycle by and and it Looks similar to the financial system is getting weaker It would advocate that we're in all probability going To positioned on a model new low lastly or at Least come once more down and retest the lows But until it really happens you do run The hazard of of it type of merely being a a 2022 bear Market nevertheless what we're going to

Do Is discuss this bear Market throughout the Context of Prior ones and what that Would appear to be now if you happen to occur to judge this One to the financial catastrophe we've Deviated from that pretty a bit and so This analog has not held choose it Once did nevertheless it's very important to remember That this bear Market goes to look Different than all of the bear markets We check out on this video the aim is Not to say that it's going to adjust to any Single actually considered one of them the aim is to say Look that's what occurred before now And if it occurred then it'd happen Now or some spinoff of what occurred Then may happen now you must be you Should be for it if you happen to occur to judge This one to the.com it's starting To sort out some similarities you'll see The.com crash really rolled over at This stage proper right into a recession it peaked at Its you perceive spherical 421 days if the s p Doesn't put a model new extreme then you may Say it hit it hit it on 390 395 days so The s p at this stage is when it in The.com bomb crash is when it rolled Over maybe give it one different couple of Weeks is when it really started to Roll over proper right into a recession in order that's What you type of have to be on the Lookout for is is that this going to happen Are we rolling over proper right into a recession or Are we not you perceive we'll we'll the

Market merely type of go sideways for a While an occasion of a sideways Market That could be equal to type of a Soft Landing could be if we've been to Follow the 46-49 bear Market the place yeah Maybe we go lower nevertheless we type of merely Scraped the lows for quite a lot of years and Soft Landings aren't truly that good For I really feel merchants on account of you end up Just going sideways for often for Years on account of you perceive there's there's Enough throughout the system type of Prop up the prices nevertheless not adequate to Really help so much elevated valuations Um just because there's you perceive there's So so much weak level throughout the financial system So that's type of what I'd bear in mind To be equal to a troublesome Landing if we Were to adjust to a path like we did in 40 You from 46 to 49 which was moreover of Course a interval of extreme coming Out of World War II nevertheless there's one different Example all through a interval of extreme Inflation 73 to 74 the place we adjust to this Path and we went sideways for a while Right in 73 74 we type of went sideways For a while after which lastly we we Entered right into a model new a model new part of the Bear Market type of have your first leg Down a sideways marketplace for a really very long time And then a second leg down proper right into a Recession and so this may increasingly type of what I'd bear in mind to be a troublesome Landing if If the s p to adjust to one factor like this

Where it type of merely slowly bleeds for Just a number of months after which the picks Up as you get extra on into the yr Into a final capitulation this can be A tricky landing and the rationale why you Might argue that that's might be More greatest for some merchants who you Know who're prepared for it is on account of If you take it out to the next Peak Right you'll nonetheless make Quite a bit of money correct even if you happen to occur to Know even if you happen to occur to're searching for at these Levels in actuality as long as you as long as You give it time often the market Comes once more [] Um But then one different one to match it to of Course is is the bear Market that we had From say like 56 to 57 and let me merely Take it to the underside correct on this case The I suggest we type of rallied up For a while nearly to a model new all-time High after which we capitulate it correct if You go check out at what occurred in in in In that yr we nearly hit a model new extreme Right correctly then we didn't so take into consideration if That have been to happen for the S P 500 Where the place we merely type of proceed a Slow for a while And then everyone will and calls For a breakout to so much elevated prices Only for us to capitulate down and put In a model new low like that's moreover a a

Potential finish consequence as correctly and and Something really like that happen in 87 I really feel we rallied for like numerous The yr after which on the end of the at The end of the yr I really feel in October Maybe we observed an unlimited capitulation we Might even have it on proper right here and and We can check out this so proper right here's proper right here's What occurred in 87 when that when this Was really in the middle of the in the middle of the bear Market it was an unlimited capitulation That had you perceive that type of preceded A or received right here after a fairly attractive Run-up Um that will have had of us contemplating That the prior low was then so these Things can break down pretty shortly we Actually had the identical bear market like This that even was quicker all through uh 2020 correct it received right here down even quicker nevertheless But in the long run bottomed at throughout the Same diploma after which we we ended up going You know so much elevated so The motive we check out these as soon as extra is to Show us what can happen not what has to Happen and if you happen to occur to take all of the prior Bear markets and easily type of check out at The basically probably the most the extremes to the upside And the draw again that did proceed to Put in new lows not these which have been In the restoration part that's the place we Are correct so there have been prior bear Markets that reached out to type of a Drawdown from the prior all-time extreme

Even barely elevated than the place we're Right now But they nonetheless in the long run continued in Their bear Market sort if this breaks Above proper right here and continues to go elevated Then you you start to get into the idea Well is it a restoration and I do know there's Lots of those that already assume it's In restoration and are calling for model spanking new Highs and hey they might very properly be correct nevertheless There's moreover this idea too that there's Been a great deal of bear markets sooner than that Were moreover spherical these ranges that ended Up inserting in new lows and I really feel you Have to ponder that as you as you'll See you navigate the um the equity verse The the issue to remember and I I would like To draw your consideration to this on account of It will probably be significantly harmful you merely Think type of the the draw again when you Compare points even to the.com Crasher Let's say you consider to the financial Crisis correct look what occurred after it You know look what occurred after the Financial catastrophe it merely makes it look Like it's it's merely type of a blip on The um on the map and then you definitely undoubtedly you go up To so much elevated prices this as soon as extra was More equal to a troublesome landing and Again check out at 73 to 74 not as Impressive as what occurred after the Financial catastrophe nevertheless nonetheless a troublesome Landing and nonetheless pretty spectacular Rallies to to new highs

And and take a look at Um you perceive the.com crash correct After it crashed we then rallied up and And then we actually had the financial Crisis correct we rallied into the Financial catastrophe nevertheless nonetheless I suggest positive it Was it was a brutal bear Market nevertheless Eventually the market circled Right and eventually it went as a lot as new Highs Part of the rationale we go to new highs is Not always on account of all the companies are Are are are doing considerably higher typically That's the case to a degree however moreover There's merely more money printing correct And and while you've received more money Printing asset valuations are going to Go elevated you perceive I suggest if within the occasion that they Print one different quite a lot of trillion {{dollars}} Then it is a should to consider a number of of that's Going to make its method to the Market and end in elevated evaluations so It's considered one of many the reason why the market Goes up is is unfortunate because it's uh That's type of the the character of it so I I did merely have to current a fast Update proper right here on on equities hopefully This is for you in in financial markets as soon as extra There's no ensures with any of this Stuff and I don't want anyone to imagine That this bear Market goes to adjust to Any specific analog of Prior bear Markets they will in all probability deviate and and

You can see that thus far it type of appears Like the.com crash however moreover thus far it Kind of looks as if 46 to 49 the place it Didn't Sorry not for yeah Let me consider this so it type of appears Like the 46 to 49 bear Market But you may moreover say it looks as if The.com bear Market that ended up taking A really utterly completely different type It's laborious to know exactly which method it's Going to interrupt it's laborious to know if it's Going to be a delicate Landing or a troublesome Landing historic previous reveals us that onerous Landings are additional in all probability than light Landings historic previous moreover reveals us that onerous Landings give merchants fantastic that they don't they don't Come spherical pretty usually so it is a should to Consider all of these potential outcomes Right that's what that's what a a troublesome Landing would appear like individually This is what a delicate Landing would look Like individually correct take your select I I really feel you're you're in all probability going to See actually considered one of these play out you perceive Whether it's a delicate Landing or the following Landing I really feel you're going to see Still we'll should retest I really feel some Of these lower prices lastly or We'll put in new lows Um which is likely to be additional additional very similar to a Hard landing and it type of relies upon upon On merely how harmful how how aggressive the

FED will get and the way in which prolonged it takes to remove Liquidity from the system and the way in which how Quickly inflation comes once more down thank You guys for tuning in ensure you Subscribe give the video a thumbs up we Also do have into the reverse premium in At into the cryptiverse.com I'll see you Guys subsequent time bye