Spare Air Showcases Miniature Scuba Systems for 2022

Spare Air showcased two miniature scuba systems at the 2021 Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) show this week. Check out the details below.

Spare Air EasyDive Kit
Spare Air Extreme 6


This miniature dive and snorkel system weighs only 15 pounds and can be used for situations when a full-fledged dive kit might be too cumbersome, such as when making boat repairs or hunting for lobster. The included 19 cubic-foot tank provides up to 30 minutes of air for shallow diving. The system uses a Snorkelator, a patented technology that combines the snorkel with any diving regulator so you can switch between surface air and compressed gas with the flip of a switch. The EasyDive Kit includes a tank, harness, unique tank valve/first stage regulator combo, second stage regulator, Snorkelator, and an air compressor refill adapter.

Even even more stripped down than the EasyDive, the Spare Air Extreme 6 offers a super minimalist dive and snorkel system for shallow underwater operations. Weighing only 5 pounds, the system uses a 6 cubic foot tank to provide up to 20 minutes of air. The system is mounted on a belt and is outfitted with a Snorkelator so that the user can switch between surface air and compressed air with the flip of a switch.

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