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Water Safety Covers a Lot of Water

In these wonderful times, interaction with people and water goes to the extreme. We can go deeper now and faster and farther with many different water toys. I hope to remind folks of safe recreational water safety.

The Best Ways to Practice Your Breathing While Swimming

It is important to learn good breathing technique in swimming as it will improve your overall swimming performance. In fact, proper breathing is a primary component not only for competition, but also for recreational swimming. Basically the technique is better if it allows you to have more control over your breath while you are swimming.

Snorkeling After Dark!

When most people think about snorkeling, they tend to imagine a nice warm day, the sun shining and the deep blue sea, however, most people do not give a second thought to snorkeling at night. Now it may sound like a crazy idea, however, it is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of snorkeling amongst people who want to try something a little different.

Why You Don't Want a Salt Water Swimming Pool

Most people believe salt water swimming pools are more healthy than a chlorine pool. They think it is like swimming in the ocean. The fact is the salt in the swimming pool is used to make chlorine. The water is less irritating in a salt water pool due to the generation of fresh chlorine from the salt.

Swimming Pool Safety Rules for a Safe Swimming Experience!

There is a need for more safety arrangements near private and commercial swimming pools for a safe swimming experience. It is mandatory to stipulate your rules and regulations for the pool using Pool Safety Signs and Pool Rules Signs.

Great Fitting Swim Gear

Don't waste your time in the pool by wearing ill-fitting swim gear. Tugging at a baggy swim cap can slow you down, poorly sized goggles can lead to irritated eyes, and loose fins can leave you with painful blisters. Thankfully, you don't have to spend a fortune for custom sized gear.

Rules and Regulations For Swimming Pool Creation

There is no doubt that people enjoy their time in the swimming pool. A swimming pool can be a place of great fun or may become a dangerous one if the safety aspect of the pool is not considered properly. Everyone wants to enjoy their day at the pool.

Choosing the Right Goggles For Your Triathlon Swim

If you are new to triathlon, the swim is usually the hardest part and selecting the right goggles can make this aspect easier for you. While you will find a vast array to choose from, don't be swayed too much by their colour or style; their design features to aid your vision during the swim is far more important.

Alternative Workouts In the Pool

One of the best things about working out in the pool is that the amount of routines available to you is seemingly endless. The water's ability to support the entire body and make your feel weightless opens up so many possibilities of alternative types of workouts.

Do I Need Prescription Swimming Goggles?

If you wear glasses, you might be considering a pair of prescription swimming goggles. While some swimmers manage without any eyesight aid in the water and others resort to their glasses or contact lenses, there are a number of reasons why goggles with the same prescription as you would usually wear in your glasses are superior.

Competitive Swimwear Manufacturers Use Carbon to Gain an Edge

The latest development in race swimsuit innovations includes the use of carbon fibers. This helps swimmers retain a streamline position during their race.

Keep Your Pool's Water In Pristine Condition With Swimming Pool Chemicals

Enjoy swimming with your family in your well-maintained swimming pool. Ensure to have a pristine and clean pool water by employing swimming pool protective equipments.

Shoot Underwater Videos Like a Pro With Your Action Camera

Swimming is a hobby that's fulfilling and fun. It would be even better if you can capture good images of the wonders you see underwater.

Snorkeling: What You Need to Know About Exploring the Hawaiian Underwater World

Snorkeling is a fun way to explore the underwater world. It is an activity that is open for everyone. However, you must be in top condition and be able to hold your breath when using a snorkel. Snorkeling is a great way for you to explore Hawaii's underwater paradise.

Cheap Goggles – The Best Swimming Goggles on a Budget

Are you just starting to get into swimming and already put off by swim gear sticker shock? Looking to replace an older, trusted pair of goggles but don't want to spend a small fortune in the process? Are you just simply on a tight budget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're in luck.

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