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Foreign [Applause] [] Welcome to the meth economics uh we've Got a ton of good evaluation topics set Up proper right here on the entry a part of Mev Ethereum all points economics Um first shout out to each Global and Flashbots for putting all collectively Especially workforce and Sarah Um and thanks as soon as extra Tina for Informing me that I volunteered to be Roastmaster for this solely a quick Scheduling phrase all the exhibits Here we'll have some q a on the end um So please submit any questions you've Got Um for many who're on the dwell stream we'll Be checking them I'll prioritize the Spicy ones so please softball Questions with that I'll get into the First presentation Thank you There we go Well I'm set it should merely be a extremely Broad overview to type of set the stage For all of the totally different talks as we converse and This is principally the State of Affairs For each half Mudd correct now Them principally as all people type of is conscious of Uh merge occurred on the end of the ultimate Year absolutely modified with block Production present chain that's broadly What it seems like correct now um this

Picture comes from Barnaby who's Obviously engaged on numerous the stuff From theorem Foundation Um so broad transaction present chain submit Transit actions Um Searchers will take numerous these Transactions make explicit bundles they Send them to builders these endure Relays and finally validators will Take these blocks um that they'll merely Make for them and recommend these to the Network Um this type of separates that Specialized exercise of actually establishing Blocks Um so the validators can have Permissionless entry to Meb and by no means Have decentralizing pressures of needing To be refined actors who should Do that further troublesome duties So that's what the Builder Market has Looked like as a result of the merge Um as you might even see it has Diversified a Lot Um as a result of the start of it or correct spherical The time of the merge Um it was fairly centralized throughout the Beginning the place there merely weren't a Whole lot of occasions there however Um since then it has broken up very very Nicely um such that you have numerous Different members who're all Taking you acknowledge 10 to fifteen 20 market share And then the prolonged tail of a lots smaller

Ones as correctly Um so as you might even see type of on this Graph below on the of the desk Below on the bottom proper right here a number of of those Builders are able to take a nice margin On that uh for among the many larger ones These are the earnings that you simply acknowledge some Of them have picked up over the past Week for among the many large Builders Um a number of of them do run in a income like As you might even see with among the many larger Ones like Beaver proper right here arcing uh 0x69 and Others merely run at flat the place they go by and which is the Illuminate democratized distribute that One slashbox that's what they do thought-about considered one of The totally different thrilling points with Builders As correctly is we'll start to see going Forward hopefully is their capability in Their type of perform proper right here in order so as to add numerous Additional choices Um going forward which I'd advocate You to see Alex stokes's talks on these Topics on account of that might be a really prolonged topic And it ended up itself Um so the big question proper right here is that Everything seems pretty good Um from like the start of the merge I Think most people would agree that we're Pretty happy with the way wherein that the Market is fashioned out that There's an important amount of Decentralization now in that there's a Lot of assorted members in there

Who are performing pretty competitively Um so I'd say it's an important start Um nevertheless there's clearly concern that There are very pure very sturdy Centralizing tendencies on this over Time Um so that's the place it's obtainable in trying to Build an actually completely decentralized Block establishing Network um that type of Plugs in proper right here and is able to have many Many members who actually Contribute to even establishing a single Block Um and that is exactly what Suave is as I'm sure all people proper right here has heard it by Now found proper right here is simply a really quick Overview of it Uh so shifting on proper right down to the following step of The slide chain Um relays is principally type of merely the The pipes throughout the middle between the Builders and the validators who're Sending these blocks alongside Um as soon as extra you see the very comparable Trend Where firstly it was very Centralized it was principally all people Was using flashbots for most likely probably the most half Um and since these first couple of Months we have now now seen numerous Diversification on there which has been Really good Um and the one now could be undoubtedly Not flashbots Um and it is I take into account remaining I ejected is

The ultrasound relay um significantly after They launched very currently I take into account a Week prior to now they're optimistic relays so That is type of a New the place You start to note that there's a Meaningful latency Advantage for many who decrease Out that type of Step of not requiring About uh not requiring the relays to Actually validate the block that they Are sending alongside Um to the proposers that cuts off you Know 100 200 milliseconds of latency and That does add a big revenue Um so It does come along with some Because now they're no longer checking The blocks that Builders are sending Them Um to the whole extent Um nevertheless they're moreover collateralized by These Builders so Builders who want to Be able to get that additional latency Edge And give their block a bit larger Chance of getting accepted what they'll Effectively do is they could merely put up Some kind of collateral and also you acknowledge hey If my payment that I discussed that I was Going to current the proposer doesn't go Through for some motive if one factor's Screwed up then you definitely would take my Collateral principally give it to them and I'd get kicked off of that relay Um so there's some issue of perception in There nevertheless there could also be moreover this fallback

Option to make sure that proposers don't Just absolutely get rugged on it and Recommend attempting out the methus Community calls there's been a number of Them now the place numerous these things will get Discussed So the ultimate improvement on this I'm sure Everyone has seen this chart by now Um and this goes type of hand in hand With numerous that diversification that We observed all by the relay and Builder Market is early on Um the massive majority of relay and Builder adoption that we observed was Primarily coming from ones who filter Out ofac transactions which clearly Got a lot of folks frightened throughout the Earlier parts of the Year notably If that started to proceed to Trend up You'd doubtlessly need to attend a fairly Long time for many who had been a form of Sanctioned listed addresses happily a Lot of the truly diversification and Build a diversification has come from Parties who're often not partaking in that Ones like ultrasound relay who're often not Sheltering these sorts of transactions Out So the the big question type of proper right here Becomes is the ethereum protocol might be very Kind of straightforward as we converse and most of these Types of actors are sitting outside of The purview of the core protocol itself So the correct occasion of that is

Something like imp uh in protocol Proposer Builder separation so as of Right now we would like these relays on account of There isn't this notion of that market Structure and allocation mechanism for For PDFs actually constructed into the Protocol itself Um so we do rely upon these totally different actors And equally with Concepts like Restaking is it doable to ship these Kind of commitments into the protocol Such that the protocol is certainly aware Of these points and that turns into a extremely Big question of what is it actually the Ethereum protocol's job to make sure Um must it is bringing all of these Things in if that's if we see this as a Really important and doubtlessly Dangerous perform that is sitting outside Protocol that has numerous power or Something like Builders must we ship That into the protocol itself Um one factor like him from Pro in Protocol PBS the great issue about that Is it removes the need for relays so that you simply Get rid of thought-about considered one of these vectors for Censorship throughout the middle you are taking away Another event you make that type of Engagement between the proposal and the Builder further trustless that you simply acknowledge That they could receives a fee Um nevertheless it absolutely does moreover suggest that you simply're Now enshrining further complexity Into the protocol and there's a

Possibility that you simply acknowledge you uncover out a Year or two later oh presumably there's this Thing that we haven't thought-about on the Incentive compatibility on the economics Of this development Um so there have to be a fairly extreme bar To like actually enter on one factor and It perhaps seems like one factor it like Um and Shrine and TBS will take some Time if it should happen Um so that's type of the core idea Between uh behind numerous what Barnaby Has spoken about beforehand yr this Concept of Pepsi which he has uh Mentioned sooner than which is efficiently Making the protocol aware uh it's it's An idea it's not a selected proposal or Anything that's like an EIP or one thing Um nevertheless it absolutely's an exploratory idea in any case Of what if we merely make the protocol More versatile in understanding these Kind of exterior commitments Um versus trying to enshrine Everything uh into the protocol itself Like a extremely explicit uh proposer Builder Separation model Um and this type of pertains to restaking Loads Um on account of we're starting to have this Idea the place proposers can doubtlessly determine Into exterior commitments outside of the Protocol that hey I'm saying I'm going To this totally different software program nevertheless the Protocol should not take heed to that at its

Core Um so there are clearly numerous risks That come along with restaking that People are concerned about nevertheless the Reality is at and we merely should Understand learn how to assemble with it Responsibly and one potential uh type of Answer to that is the vegetable is Making the protocol further aware of it and Being actively versatile versus Enshrining very very explicit and Complicated mechanisms into the ethereum Protocol So attempting on the validator market proper right here Um I'm sure a lot of folks have seen This sooner than nevertheless you see the identical Trend of we type of realized {{that a}} Handful of giant operators do administration a Very very large amount at stake um and While we have now now extreme Economic Security we Also want to Much further decentralized the exact State Behind that such that there are many Operators behind it and considered one of many Things there could also be clearly liquid staking Providers they've quite a lot of Operators who're beneath the hood of Something like Lido one factor like Rocket pool Um they often clearly provide numerous Nice to clients they're Effectively a backdoor methodology of warrants For clients it supplies them a liquid token Um so there's going to be numerous

Development proper right here on points like as Lido Talked about their staking router being Able to herald points like distributed Validator experience to hopefully Decentralize type of uh The Operators Under the hood they're way more than They are as we converse So considered one of many large traits that I we'll Definitely hear about later as we converse Um and likely heaps for the following yr Is that clients have principally been not Acknowledged a complete lot in numerous the Stuff that has been constructed um with regard To Med over the earlier yr or two Um there aren't numerous decisions to Really give clients once more a ton of Today for most likely probably the most half you're going to Send one factor to the mempool hopefully You set your slippage correct such that You know you don't get sandwiched Um nevertheless there's not usually this kind Of aggressive course of the place individuals are Bidding you once more the exact price of What your order is creating and that's Kind of the core concept behind order public sale such as a result of the flashblocks has Proposed with webshare early on there's Various others who're establishing very Similar Solutions whether or not or not that be block Native and others Um and that's principally that Competitive course of the place Searchers can Say hey I discover that I can seize 100 If I've the suitable to background this

Trade so I must have the flexibility to bid on this Auction I'll bid 99 for the suitable to do That and that kickback can then go to The individual returning them a number of of that Value it turns into powerful to try this in A trustless methodology and that's the place a Lot of the type of programmable privateness Tech that you simply simply hear about that is going To need to be layered on over time such That you're eradicating trusty elements Like one factor just like the one which's Running the general public sale efficiently in Medshare early on or not technically Running the selection nevertheless the Matchmaker Who's type of doing this you may be Trusting them and so eradicating these Trusted occasions goes to be a large Part of flushing out these type of Systems Another improvement goes to be Wallops Um they're they've been a bit little bit of the Sleeping for a while proper right here the place They're in a extremely extremely efficient place of Aggregating individual order flow into and sending That by the supply chain like that Is efficiently the place each half comes From so the very best issue for them to Do is you private provides you do Payment reward of low I hey I'll solely Send it to this Builder you execute this For me you kick me once more some money Um the specter of that clearly is it Becomes very centralizing um that can get Back to the centralizing forces that we

Talked sooner than with Builders Um so that you'd ideally desire to see a Much further permissionless throughout the open System the place they're not doing that Otherwise we've efficiently merely created A worse mannequin of tradify Um for many who type of play that out At the equipment this may be Another Trend that you simply simply start to see over The yr is Most of the ultimate aim environments Like let's say uni swap or some decks or Whatever on a primary aim Environment numerous the value from that Is usually going to go to the ethereum Validator some Searchers and Builders Etc nevertheless realistically functions want To have the flexibility to grab that price from For themselves on account of that's considered one of many Core values that they do create so that you simply See very personalized uh ideas spherical this Stuff like osmosis is implementing a Module the place their validator will merely Automatically do these arbitrages and Capture that revenue for themselves to Be distributed as they want it's lots Easier to do in an app sport one factor Like that the place it's possible you'll merely actually Customize the turns into further Difficult to usually aim Environment Um after which lastly proper right here we have now now l2s that You'll hear numerous this for uh for Jasus and through in stock shortly

Um nevertheless Mev is clearly going to be a Big draw back on layer twos it doesn't the Problem doesn't merely go away as quickly as we Kick it up there and it already even is An subject as we converse even with the Centralized sequencer Um so even with out decentralizing at All there are important points Um that do need to be addressed Significantly increased on account of the naive Implementations of this one factor like a First come first serve uh you resolve up With these latency video video games and as Troon Will make clear later uh the considered trustworthy Ordering is a bit questionable Um so decentralizing it ought to make it Even harder Um and likewise you introduce numerous new Complexities and high how can we try and Maintain a private psychological anymore now That we have now now further members in proper right here Stuff like that and the very fact is I Think it's further important to maintain The mevfx out of 1 factor like first Gun first serve then it is perhaps to Decentralize the sequencers predicted in The fast time interval on account of the complete stage Of Roll-Ups is that in the event that they're utilized Correctly the place you are taking away the Upbringing Keys you've got gotten permissionless Proving Etc Um they're safe anyway and clients must Be able to exit from them and now you Have this complete new idea moreover popping up

Of share sequencers there's quite a lot of Variations there which we'll talk about Later as we converse Um thought-about considered one of them is what Justin has Proposed known as based Roll-Ups which is Kind of an idea primarily based totally on what uh taluka Described a number of years prior to now as full Anarchy which is principally letting the Layer one itself sequence for all of the Roll-Ups which could be on prime of it Comes up with quite a lot of trade-offs Kind of on ux at numerous very fully totally different Economics which can be very fascinating and Then there are moreover totally different chains which Are in search of to current comparable Services Ones like espresso and Metro Um who could be offering this type of Shared sequencing layer that many Roll-Ups on prime of them can plug into And they will offer that Sequencing service for all of them and That supplies you numerous thrilling Benefits Um it moreover as soon as extra raises numerous very Complex questions throughout the economics And the idea in these methods Etc Um and folks ones moreover do give you a bit Of a greater path to considered one of many nicest Things that people like about Roll-Ups Of the individual is you want these truly Fast pre-conformations that's truly Difficult to do presumably not wise At all to do um with one factor like a Baseball the place you perhaps are going to

Fall once more to the L1 block cases Um so these are all very fascinating Ideas which we're going to pay attention to a lot More about shortly as we converse And that is all from it Foreign