Surprising My Brother With His Dream Car! (Emotional)

Swimming – How to Swim the Breaststroke

Breaststroke is a common swim stroke that most of the people will swim. If you are learning without any supervision, what is some essential information you need to take note.

There's Still Time To Host A Winter Pool Party

Your friends might think you're a little crazy for inviting them to a winter pool party but if you have a heated or indoor pool, you can most certainly host a party even in the winter months. If you don't have an indoor pool but do have a heated swimming pool or a spa, the warmth of the water will make up for the cold dash to and from the house to the pool.

Learn to Swim – Guide to Hire a Swimming Instructor

In Singapore, there are hundreds of swimming instructors who are certified to coach. So what are the ways to select a swim coach that suit you?

Guide To Be a Lifeguard

Lifeguard has been regarded as one of the best professional. How do you become one in Singapore?

How To Make Your Swimming Pool Friendly For Those With Physical Limitations

If you have a swimming pool, it's a low impact way to strengthen your muscles or to just relax. Swimming, water aerobics and water walking are ideal exercises for people with physical disabilities or those recovering from injuries. If you want to make your swimming pool accessible for everyone, here are some things to consider to make it easy for everyone to get into.

Swimming Safety Messages You Need To Know In and Around the Pool

Swimming has been regarded as one of the best activities. What are the safety rules you need to know and help to encourage our safety guidelines?

2 Warmup Exercises to Perform Before Going Swimming

Warm up exercises are essential to any sports or fitness training program. The importance of a well tailored warm up routine directly contributes to the athlete's performance and most importantly, the prevention of sports injury.

Should You Install Video Surveillance Cameras Around Your Swimming Pool?

Nothing can take the place of adult, on-site supervision of all those who are swimming. There are times, though when you just have to step away from the pool but knowing that you can have a surveillance system you can keep an eye on will give you peace of mind.

Freestyle Swim – Tips to Improve Your Stroke

The most basic stroke for all swimmers is called the freestyle. This can also be known as the front crawl or the sidestroke, and it is the basis for many training regiments. It is the fastest competitive stroke, and also uses the least amount of energy. There are a few things to focus on in order to swim this stroke well.

Reasons Why Swimming Provides the Best Full Body Workout?

Swimming has been regarded as one of the best total body workouts. What are the benefits and why you should consider swimming as part of your activities?

Learn to Swim – Rain During a Lesson

This few days' weather has been unpredictable for me. The heavy rain seems to be inconsistent; one moment it seems to stop and the next instance it start to rain. This situation has caused me to postpone my weekend lessons as I understand that most of the students will probably feel very cold inside the water.

Learn to Swim – Your Third Swim Lesson

After going through the second lesson, the children must be eager to learn more of the swimming techniques. So what are the essential points that you need to be focus and take note during your third lesson?

Swimming Pool Trends for 2011: What Are the Latest Trends?

Every year and each season bring different pool trends and building themes. Some stay around for ever, some are more temporary. Here are a few that we've observed in 2011…

Your Guide On Getting Back to Swimming

Swimming has been regarded as one of the best total body workouts. What are the best ways to get back to swimming if you have not been swimming for a long time?

How To Slip And Slide During Summer

Want to keep the children cool over those hot summer months? Why not create your own slip and slide fun in your own back yard.

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