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How to Build Your Endurance Through Swimming

Some of the world's most successful swimmers are ones that are capable of lasting longer in the water. These are people who have high endurance levels. You can easily get your endurance levels to be built upon through the right swimming processes.

Swimming Pool Do's and Don'ts

When you are using a swimming pool it helps to understand what you can and cannot do in a pool. It helps to use these tips so that you and others can have an enjoyable time at a pool.

Tips on Practicing Swimming Correctly

It helps to watch for what you are doing when you are practicing your swimming skills. There are many things that you will need to do in order to correctly practice swimming. Here are some of those tips that you can use.

The Basics of a Swimming Meet

An article about what a swimming meet is, and how a child can be trained to be a swimming champion! Hard work is always the best way to win in a swimming meet, but read on to know how you should start to train for it.

Swimming Technique – Use Less Energy to Swim Faster and Better

Knowing how to swim properly is not just about being less embarrassed in the pool but also about making a significant improvement to your health, using less energy to swim faster. Perfecting your swimming technique can happen quickly once you understand the common mistakes that most amateurs make.

Improve Your Lap Swimming With Flip Turns

It's universally acknowledged that swimming laps is the perfect low impact exercise for people of nearly any age. Even among swimmers, there's one thing that seems to separate the good people the great people: Good people will touch the wall with their hands at the end of the lap and turn around to push off.

Advantages of Swimming

Why swim at all? Life is hectic and demanding to say the least. Time for family and friends is always diminishing and taking time out for yourself seems impossible. But we all know health is wealth. We have to be strong for our families and stay fit.

Swimming Pool Chemicals – Sodium Hypochlorite

In order to correctly maintain a pool, whether private or commercial, the safest option is to enlist the help of specialist swimming pool engineering services that will be able to provide not only all the equipment you need but also undertake much of the work on your behalf. The name sodium hypochlorite may not exactly roll off the tongue of familiarity but the chances are you have been in a swimming pool that has been treated with it at some point.

4 Tips For Better Triathlon Swimming

The swim is the one thing that strikes fear into most beginner triathletes. Many veteran triathletes still struggle to be competitive in this event also. Even though there are many parts of a swim stroke that can be off, there are a few major mistakes most people make that, when corrected, can make a noticeable difference in swim speed and energy expenditure. Next time you go to the pool, consciously think about your stroke and try to figure out if you make any of the following mistakes.

Swimming Versus Jogging – Which is More Suitable For You?

Swimming and jogging are two commonly used exercises that people can take part in. These are activities that are very different from each other in a variety of ways including how different muscles work and how joints are handled. It helps to take a look into the many differences that are common with these two popular fitness options.

Swimming Tips – Before Entering the Pool

When you are getting ready to get into the pool for swimming there are many important things to watch for. Many of these tips involve your safety. Others deal with cooperating with any swimmers you are swimming with.

How to Swim in the Sea

Swimming in a sea is completely different from swimming in a regular pool. You will need to look into some important tips for when you are swimming in one of these bodies of water.

Suggestions to Help Prevent Children From Drowning

One of the things that summer holds for children is an outdoor pool and during the winter season, an indoor pool is just as welcoming. However, as exciting as this is, care should always be taken when dealing with children and water.

Lifeguarding Tips

Are you interested in being a lifeguard? Are you already a lifeguard? Check out these tips to learn how to improve your lifeguarding abilities.

Long Distance Swimming Tips

Long distance swimming can be a challenge for anyone. The length of this type of swim is one that can be especially long and over time the body can get tired. It can be very easy to get one of these long swims easier to handle though. Here are some long distance swimming tips that can help to get one to handle this challenge.

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