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Among the beautiful oversights by former FTX CEO Sam bankman freed is that he was Unaware of eight billion {dollars} in Liabilities telling the monetary occasions That it was quote by accident prolonged To his coaching agency Alameda Joining us now with extra is Seth Wilkes Senior director for SME and authorities Relations at tax match Seth thanks for Joining us so might some good forensics Accounting performed nicely to forestall the Collapse of FTX You understand it's it's an fascinating factor I'll put my auditor hat on for a second Because when you consider being Audited there's an idea known as Materiality the place you recognize relying on The dimension of the enterprise you take a look at Certain accounts which might be over a sure Threshold and an account over eight Billion {dollars} it simply doesn't make Sense Um you recognize when you consider the Smell assessments there's simply no method that an Audit agency might presumably have missed Something like and I do you recognize Sam bakeman freed made the made the Comment that they'd performed a U.S Gap Financial assertion audit however I believe if They had performed a full audit of all of Their entities there's no method one thing Like this might have handed so my guess Is that that assertion was doubtless Specific to a smaller entity throughout the

Organization however it didn't apply to the Overall org so FTX is a non-us entity But submitting for chapter safety in The can the IRS get a maintain Of their financials Absolutely I imply as soon as it begins going Into the chapter course of Um there's plenty of disclosure that's Going to occur and clearly Sam Bingman freed has stepped down and so they Brought in anyone else who went Through one other very well-known uh blow up Back within the early 2000s with Enron so I Think they're bringing in who Understand how to do that there's going To be plenty of disclosures and albeit It looks as if there's going to be so much Of stunning information that'll doubtless come out Of these disclosures yep that's John method III uh previously who oversaw the Enron Bankruptcy now stepping in as CEO of FTX So earlier this month the irs's legal Investigation division Chief mentioned it's lots of of crypto circumstances many Involve off-ramping and People being paid in crypto and never that earnings what's the very best Way to verify are getting Their taxes proper in void IRS scrutiny Yes so I believe that um proper now given The um I suppose lack of with Exchanges having to on Transactions it actually remains to be on the Shoulders of most taxpayers to must

Go out and do these calculations and so Um I believe that what's actually occurred Over the final a number of years is that People have made an excellent religion effort however It's actually sophisticated except you're Using software program that can assist you do it and I Think folks simply type of surrender and so I believe as we transfer into the longer term with New rules popping out like from the Infrastructure invoice that was handed final Year we're going to see much more uh Better reporting popping out of exchanges Which goes to assist taxpayers to do Uh do a greater job complying with these Laws and the IRS is targeted so much on Crypto Traders however are they lacking the Ball right here ought to they actually be going After crypto exchanges You know that's a fantastic query and That it's truthful given the entire Circumstances which have occurred over The final over this previous yr with so much Of the lending establishments in addition to FTX now Um however I do suppose that there's a mixture of Scrutiny that must be had on each Sides I believe it was again in 2019 or There was a report lately that mentioned uh That solely about 100 000 folks reported Crypto transactions in 2019. now given That roughly 20 p.c of the US Population the grownup inhabitants has been Involved in crypto that appears extremely Low which suggests there's an enormous tax Gap

In reporting for people as nicely and So I believe each deserve scrutiny Right so crypto is in a bear Market what Should folks know when reporting their Taxes in April A bear Market does current some within the Securities There are these guidelines known as wash cell Rules which mainly stop you from Um you recognize promoting an asset at a loss And then shopping for it again inside 30 days Before after that promote as a result of that's Very particular to Securities it doesn't Apply to cryptocurrency or digital Assets which implies that there's an Opportunity for you to have the ability to promote Out of an asset that's in a misplaced Position acknowledge these this Year and you may offset different positive factors Potentially out of your inventory and or Real property portfolio or you may offset Up to 3 thousand {dollars} of extraordinary so there is a chance even In a bear Market to have the ability to take Advantage of tax loss harvesting Opportunities all proper and what are the Positives and negatives of holding Taxable accounts versus a tax sheltered Account like an IRA The tax sheltered Ira actually the the Benefit of that's that you just there's not Really annual reporting on the Individual degree Um and so you recognize an IRA will be shopping for

And promoting crypto all year long And there's actually no reporting that has To be performed by the person uh if You're promoting if you happen to're shopping for and Selling on an individually held account Then that exercise needs to be reported And the IRS has been very Heavily in instruments to have the ability to assist them To higher perceive what persons are Doing each analytics in addition to Things like John Doe summonses which have Been despatched out lately over the past Year to you recognize exchanges like Kraken And extra lately s Fox and circle Awesome all proper of us take a look at cdtv And for extra tax tales Happening all this week for tax week Seth thanks a lot for becoming a member of us that Was Seth Wilkes from tax and accounting supplier tax match