The Best Candlestick Patterns I Have Found In A Decade Of Trading…<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

My two favorite Candlestick patterns are The and bearish engulfing Pattern and the hammer slash taking footage Star pattern for a bullish engulfing Pattern we're in the hunt for a purple candle Followed by a inexperienced candle throughout which the candle has an even bigger physique than the Red candle nevertheless for a bearish engulfing Pattern we would seek for a inexperienced candle Followed by a purple candle that has a Larger physique than the inexperienced candle as for The hammer and taking footage star I've a Very explicit method that I spot these Patterns to make it objective so I'm Never confused and that method is by using A Fibonacci retracement and I merely pull From the low of the wick to the extreme of The wick and I should be sure that the Entire physique of the gandal is above the 38.2 retracement as long as that is met And as long as that is true I've a Valid Hammer candle after which or a Shooting star I'm pulling a Fibonacci Retracement from the extreme of the candle Down to the low of the candle as long as The full physique of the candle is below The 38.2 % retracement I've what I consider a sound taking footage star