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Well no My identify is gray to the b to the t to the C to the moon i'm forgetting my identify now Those are a few of the results of the Bear market You get hit so laborious that you simply neglect your Own identify But right here we're guys we're nonetheless residing It i see a few of you guys simply becoming a member of Me dwell Reporting dwell from dubai it's late right here But i do a few of you guys it's within the Morning should you're within the us Uh a few of you guys it's kind of within the Evening nevertheless it doesn't matter as a result of Crypto is 24 7 working and at present we would like To speak about so lana is solana Going down as laborious as luna so i've so Much juicy information for you guys Interesting issues that may provide help to to Get the bag This week Like we at all times do as a result of that's what It's all about on the finish of the day you Know what i imply Uh so yeah in case you are simply becoming a member of us we On youtube crypto hustle is the identify of The channel you'll be able to transfer over from there I wanna see the feedback and drop your Flag of the place you're watching from if You're instagram You are doing it fallacious come over to Youtube proper now Yo man everyone is on right here sorry i'm

Late guys i'm so late i used to be i assumed i Was gonna beat the time however hey man Life's laborious life's laborious But i've so many pursuits we now have so Many issues coming for you Guys Uh from crypto college from the staff Uh so this week simply be looking out Make positive you're following all the things on Youtube you comply with me on twitter And so on and so forth i see my man from From the united kingdom dropping that flag I do see samir right here dropping two flags i Think one Is belgium if i'm not mistaken the opposite One might be morocco i may very well be fallacious As effectively Dez from cape city Team dubai is in the home as effectively What's happening everyone Uh cynthia say i misplaced all the things i've Been asking for assist from all the things Because i'm confused and that i don't know What to do anymore twelve thousand Dollars I obtained you simply keep round on the stream I'll let you know precisely what it's essential to Do Uh terra luna what a crash completely But we now have a plan Morocco belgium oh my gosh man i'm so Smart i actually simply obtained these Countries At the identical time i do know all of the flags

That's how i really feel like proper now Man thanks for not embarrassing me i Hope you're not mendacity to me and also you're Not simply saying it to make me really feel good Okay But good one i can acknowledge so many Flags and i assumed that one is ghana That one is u.s And these phrases oh that one is croatia Sly money is that croatia or i'm fallacious Let me know let me know let me know Yo enterprise discuss is in the home hola uh I believe that is hola milay is right here from Nigeria Joe from canada oh joe i keep in mind you From fb final evening you simply joined Crypto college yesterday you purchased The crypto grasp class Congratulations And giga says croatia is true oh my Gosh i really feel so good I do know all of the nations I want to go to um croatia someday quickly But guys we're Really worldwide proper now unbelievable Community Sounds of sleep I simply dropped that south african flag In there cynthia says that nigeria however Based in south africa i imply worldwide Wg from malawi homie what's up Okay so let's get to enterprise right here guys What is the topic for at present what Exactly can we wish to cowl primary

We're speaking in regards to the looming rumors Of solana happening Number two there's one thing that i would like To present you guys proper now earlier than we go Into the markets The terra luna group Is now plotting to begin a rip-off They're so indignant that they're keen to Do all the things Basically the identical factor that obtained them To the place they're at present They're attempting to comply with that very same Trajectory and to rip-off different folks All proper Uh any individual says youtube we're nonetheless Waiting i'm additionally dwell on youtube proper Now I'm guys i'm dwell on youtube proper Somebody on twitter uh instructed me that They're nonetheless ready huh am i not dwell I'm dwell on youtube Enrico From jamaica wagon what one batman Yo man we worldwide I believe that's botswana flag jeez Okay Okay okay Youtube is dwell i'm not on the fallacious Channel yeah i feel that man is on the Wrong channel Youtube shouldn't be dwell are you positive Wait wait wait wait wait Wait i must see this for myself yo No i'm dwell on crypto hustle i can see

It myself proper now so that you sir you might be Looking on the fallacious channel okay Uh so Let's get to it let's get to it Uh the subject was solana and we're Waiting completely so first let me simply Put you on what's happening available in the market And then we'll have a look at what's happening In terra luna after which we're going dwell Into the solana scenario okay So happening straight into the market Segment all proper right here we go we're Looking on the scenario on coin gecko Bitcoin now above 30 000 once more ethereum Above 2000 bnb Coming on the quantity 4 uh slightly below Usdt at 333 after which usdc xrp pushing Ada pushing however within the final seven days Phantom Has been killer with 24 % up uh Loop ring has been 21 And clayton which i instructed you guys Already within the supply This is among the cash that you need to Have for your self for in your portfolio Because it's that necessary All proper tron uh to cope with rip-off coin I don't fear about that one however there Is cake and uni swap pumping up So what it's essential to know proper now could be That the market is now recovering I can present you a chart straight Out of compton Uh the place is that chart so i'll go to

My official charts proper right here Uh beginning with a us greenback index All proper that is the us greenback index You can see should you're watching on Youtube should you're not come over to Youtube This is the us greenback index the fed is Still coping with its downside And they attempting to push up the Uh they're attempting to push up the worth And sadly this has not helped Uh they attempting to push on they're attempting To squeeze up by elevating the charges And this has had a adverse impact on The us financial system Why effectively as a result of plenty of People now don't have cash after which the Economy is getting squeezed as a result of Money is turning into so laborious to get Now Will the fed sustain with this promise Of elevating extra charges simply to maintain up The of the greenback as a result of now it's Crashing Speculation now could be saying that they're The the feds would possibly change issues a Little bit simply to guard the us greenback And in the event that they do this we may see the us Dollar beginning to get better as a result of this Is undoubtedly not a great signal for the Usd All proper However they by attempting to Squeeze out inflation they're attempting to

Remove of the greenback from the System And i i'm speculating a market pump for Bitcoin within the subsequent Few days within the subsequent two weeks Which would possibly see us seeing one other 33 to 34k pump earlier than we additionally possibly would possibly Start consolidating once more it's going to Be a pump however not as a lot as would Expect however i feel that the markets Right now has bottomed out so should you're One of these individuals who have been Looking for uh Entries and so forth and so forth then Maybe that is the time Uh as you'll be able to see right here there have been Uh on the four-hour chart it has been Nothing however a bullish uh output pattern With somewhat little bit of resistance proper Now however on the each day bitcoin has now Registered the primary streak of purple Candles Multiple weeks of purple candles for a protracted Time which we haven't seen in such a Long time And that's that has been somewhat bit Scary so you'll be able to see from right here one two Three 4 5 It was 5 days of straight redness With in the future of inexperienced candle after which Suddenly one thing form of modified All proper Uh why calling trx rip-off i'll get to that If you actually wish to get into it

But for now let's get to the topic of The day so i went into the luna Discussion at present Where is luna Luna luna luna i feel i had a hyperlink right here To there Let's see if i can discover it right here Okay it should be someplace I discovered it okay So there may be this dialogue About luna It was on my telephone the place is it Ah discovered it discovered it Let's see if it's gonna paste Ah okay yeah So the luna group is now plotting a Scam on us they saying they wish to do Uh a play utilizing the group that they Have and dump it on everyone all proper So Why am i getting the fallacious article each Single time that is the solana Thing wait Walt If salaam is so scalable this isn't the Article That i'm searching for There is a ton of degenerates on this Sub i'll say it once more why don't we decide The small cap coin so we will truly Make cash This is among the members of the luna Community on reddit asking a query And i feel that is the route that

Luna sadly now has determined to Take on simply give me a second i'm attempting To pump it up on my laptop right here so That you guys can see it For some cause Does it have Why this solana factor man i don't Understand it it retains Sharing itself I need this text Okay let me do one thing cool i might Drop it within the telegram group And then from the telegram group i'll Copy it over to To my laptop So i'm dropping it in right here within the Telegram should you're within the personal group You're additionally going to see uh the share i Just dropped it in there Okay Found it guys discovered it So that is the dialogue All proper This is the dialogue Okay cool mcdonald's okay okay we'll get To that simply in a second okay let's simply Get all the way down to this fast so there's a ton Of degenerates on this subreddit Why don't we decide a small cap coin so we Can truly earn money This is the luna group Basically what they're attempting to say is That hey guys We have so many individuals with cash right here

We are in a single group and why don't we Just select a coin that's low cap Invest in it generate excessive to pump it Then we will after which when folks begin Buying we will dump on it after which all of us Make cash everybody else loses cash This is precisely what they're speaking About So right here one other man says 40 billion Market cap subreddit turns right into a pump And dump sub fascinating completely Right Luna is now going to to show right into a pump And dump identical to what occurred to amc You keep in mind that uh the inventory Lots of people created a subreddit and They pumped it after which lots of people Lost cash on the finish regardless that the Idea was to screw the larger guys And defend the small guys We all know the way it ends proper right here so i Just really feel sorry for these of you guys Who are nonetheless in luna like i mentioned i imply If i have been in your place it hurts to Lose cash however i might actually simply Switch out and go into one thing else Okay this is identical conduct that obtained Luna screwed up and these should not the Founders of luna in any respect however in fact It's a group Who are deciding on issues like this so We need to watch out on the market pay Attention with what's happening we will Get wrecked

All proper so subsequent level is the solana Situation okay so there may be this story Uh Let's see how we will share this let's Say some sort two Here we go So that is the the scenario with solana If solana is so scalable And why does it have so many outages Okay so that is the the dialogue of People now are having to debate The vulnerabilities and the weaknesses Of solana Right they usually're saying that okay guys Why is solana going um Going on plenty of outages to this point solana Has been rebooted 5 occasions since its Existence should you don't perceive what This implies that the solana Has been having points identical to your Windows computer and each on occasion you Have to restart it simply to refresh and This is a blockchain which isn't Supposed to like that This doesn't occur to ethereum it has Only occurred to bitcoin possibly two or Three occasions in its tremendous early days however With all of the experience Which is incremental by the best way With all of the experience that the Blockchain group has It's very unlucky and unhappy to see a Blockchain that has been failing Uh always like just like the solana

Blockchain So there's a good response right here from Someone says solana has a really bizarre Transaction submission system you Literally ddos the chief to get your Transaction in Other chains have mempos the place Peer-to-peer purchasers kick off Kick purchasers kick you out for Misbehaving the chief can not confirm the Source ip as a result of transactions Come in on The tpu port as a udp datagram there may be No reply no supply iep verification no Handshake no suggestions you need to spam At 10 megabits per second to ensure Your transaction will get in earlier than the Competition lookup tpu consumer within the Github solana ripple so I needed to ask a developer to translate This message for me And what they instructed me is that sure There is unhealthy infrastructure uh design on Uh on the solana blockchain which is a Major danger however presently There are applied sciences like qic Quic which are being developed to Circumvent this downside and issues may Get sorted now We want to recollect Before if earlier than the autumn of each coin Oh my gosh i'm rhyming man i'm within the More at present god rattling it destroy the like Button guys earlier than the autumn of each

Coin There is at all times rumors circulating about The fall of that mission proper Just like there's a man on youtube who Was predicting the autumn of luna so there Is a man who mentioned Uh luna Will collapse He made a video i feel a few Months in the past Uh the place is that video Yeah this man six uh two months in the past he Said plain proof that luna plus ust Is equal to ponzi There are just a few folks like him who made Videos and wrote articles concerning this And on the finish it grew to become so true What in regards to the solana scenario ought to We be scared that solana will go to zero Okay now right here is my tackle the solana Situation all proper so i'm going to Bring out the chart Because i do know lots of people In the blockchain house don't care About um The technical implementation of Blockchains themselves they simply care About the worth as a result of they wish to Make cash all proper which look i'm not Hitting any anybody on that one i do the Same more often than not identical to everybody Else within the house pretending that They're in it for the tech But we all know guys we in it for the cash

But in fact it's additionally unbelievable to See that that is life-changing uh Technology and growth okay Let's simply cease pretending to be angels All proper So solana That's what i wish to discover out Did you purchase robobotzland completely i Bought plenty of robobotzland and that i'm Probably gonna make a video tomorrow About this so please be sure to keep You stick round so as to know Exactly what sort of play we're going to Do with this uh robots land Um and going again to the solana Situation Solana reset let's go to the each day chart Uh effectively i can truly simply provide you with Guys uncooked what's happening proper uh what Is the massive recreation about solano that is the Chart in the long run uh it's wanting Like an m it's now nearly in direction of its Listing costs on exchanges like binance Towards And So right here's what's occurring the rio proper I'm in dubai so i actually i do know the actual Deal about this i've met so many vcs Here and so many early buyers with Big cash in solana solana is an efficient Blockchain mission Backed by a few of the largest Mines and a few of the largest cash like Sbf founding father of ftx embankment fried

And it has it has loads it has loads Going on for it however Solana is a type of initiatives that Raised an excessive amount of cash from enterprise Capitalists Okay They raised an excessive amount of cash from vcs and You know the way this the vcs play go They don't at all times find yourself very well and The cause is distribution is at all times unhealthy And if vcs make Look if like 10x to a vc is plenty of Money And on solana they've made a lot More of it and the present market cap it Has an enormous focus of cash Holding massive chunks of it And if they're speculating on a Downturn of the market The is that they're extra Likely to dump it they're not going to Wait for the following cycle vcs don't give It two dimes about crypto or blockchain The guys who're coming from the Traditional house they simply wish to make Money And that is precisely the chance that luna Has so i'll provide you with a technical instance To make you perceive the distinction Between these two issues okay Uh however rapidly let's give a shout out to Our sponsor at present who're margex Incredible crypto alternate that enables You to commerce with 100x as much as 100x on

Your Uh in your trades on crypto So you may make cash on the Way up on the best way down available on the market Through buying and selling uh derivatives you'll be able to Short alongside the market uh you do it by By shorting or longing or not by shopping for cash or nfts that you simply don't Understand proper So that is undoubtedly not monetary Advice and buying and selling comes with plenty of Risk that's why we've obtained crypto University for you however should you undoubtedly Want to commerce i might say you wish to go And begin utilizing margex you'll be able to see i Have my cash in right here and i'm buying and selling On it uh it has an excellent person Interface very straightforward if you wish to Deposit all it's essential to do is enroll With my disk with an outline with a Link within the description of video enroll With my hyperlink If you enroll with my hyperlink and also you Deposit a minimal of 0.04 bitcoin which Is roughly about 400 You'll get 50 bonus free of charge to begin Trading with proper Uh so undoubtedly you need to do that you simply Just go to deposit You choose which coin you wish to Deposit you may also deposit with a Credit card proper right here as you'll be able to see if You're a bitcoin man otherwise you you simply go Here and replica the deal with you go into

Your coinbase pockets or lunar pockets or Whatever and deposit your btc into this Account and begin buying and selling instantly If you might be in a noob in the case of Trading i obtained you my course is There to point out you precisely what you want To do however that is an unbelievable alternate Easy to make use of And uh it even have plenty of danger Management instruments to guard you from Getting raked like an fool okay let's Get to it shifting on on the solana Situation shout out to margex for for Supporting crypto hustle and our Community love you guys All proper shifting on so the solana Situation All proper the solana scenario it seems to be Like This This is solana This is solana on coinbase Boom And it is a each day chart Right Uh it's getting tremendous tremendous near Areas the place it obtained listed so like for Example round coinbase the bottom it Has ever been since itemizing has been 19 Right and that is the time that plenty of Vcs dump But solana had a really excellent uh Economics in the case of vesting

Period And a cliff for the buyers now the Next cliff for many buyers is coming Soon rumor is that plenty of buyers Had august as their time for to obtain The subsequent bunch of cash so which implies That that is going to extend The provide of Solana within the ecosystem which is able to lead To a lot larger dumps with folks with a Lot of plenty of cash billions of {dollars} Is in all probability going to be deployed to Investors or a whole bunch of tens of millions and They'll need to promote now you guys at all times Hear me speak about a coin like Uh a coin like um Let me simply deliver it up You hear me speak about beat down each Single time okay so beat Usdt Be dow okay Be down And i can speak about this guys as a result of i I do know the depth of uh this mission all Right So i instructed you already that this mission Bit down Most institutional buyers Got in round 90 cents And 80 cents Where as solana so many buyers Uh obtained into it round lower than One greenback at like 4 cents and fewer Than ten {dollars} so proper now they're

Already within the revenue If they get the cash any single tokens That would should you invested in solana at 10 cents however you haven't obtained your Tokens and also you get your tokens proper now You're undoubtedly gonna dump all proper Because you're just about off the Charts already Bit dow plenty of institutional buyers Entered at 90 cents if they begin Selling proper now they're promoting at a Loss they're not gonna do it they'll Keep it Solana is bearing an enormous danger as a result of Of vcs and that is the larger danger that I can see that it may go all the way down to 19 If we see one other capitulation within the Market solana goes to 19 bucks I'll preserve it actual with you all Right so that you simply have to pay attention to This however is that this to fail as a blockchain I don't assume so the nft group is so Big proper now on solana and so many Other numerous initiatives are doing actually Well All proper so that's the level that i Wanted to make uh to simply present you that You know you should you evaluate it with a Project like Um like vida which can also be just about It's off from its entry But i feel the dump will probably be somewhat Different i can provide you one other instance Of

Uh ghost Right ghost is identical it didn't promote So a lot to vcs which implies it may be Able to maintain up its value so should you're In solana simply know that you simply're gonna Hold it The likelihood of solana dumping Massively is tremendous excessive you simply have To preserve And keep superior and never panic in any other case It's it's gonna be a tricky experience for you Me too as a result of i invested in solana of Course all proper I see somebody right here asking if i've a Discord in fact man crypto college If you should you go to youtube In the outline of all my movies i Have all my hyperlinks in there together with the Discord server within the discord we now have Trading dialogue nft dialogue dows Step in all the things In we now have mint dates the place we come Together and begin minting we give away White lists the following mission that we're Going to satisfy collectively goes to be Great goats nft So be sure to take part there I had a bunch of white lists which i Gave away to the group as i at all times Do guys all proper Now there's a query right here By mr banks says i feel okay bears has Helped or heard the actual scenario With solana guess i might simply maintain

Bears however possibly time to diversify some Okay let me truly have a look at how okay Bears are doing proper now i assumed i Thought of promoting above 200 i offered some Now i'm solely remaining with like Two or three of them i had 10 i noticed the Bunch of them however now let's have a look at Magic eden To be trustworthy the copycats have helped Okay bears as a result of it in case you are being Copycat If individuals are coping your model it does It undoubtedly implies that you're doing Something proper Okay so this gentle retains on blinking and This is bothering me so i'm going to repair It All proper My stunning gentle is gone My stunning gentle is gone and that's Okay Um however let's have a look at the okay bear Situation Okay Bears Ooh 185 okay okay bears we have to work On this we have to work on this uh i Don't like these numbers i wish to when We're above 200. Um yeah look i feel okay bears did the Right factor and we'll see time will inform But undoubtedly it is a blue chip Project on solana There are different initiatives which are coming

With a lot larger just like the Great gods And the trippy nfts and stuff like that But to be trustworthy I do assume that um there's a mountain to Climb now you need to beat okay bears You need to beat Solana monkey enterprise you need to be Um uh What's the opposite one The one with uh the founder who doesn't Reveal his face Um what's that mission d gods i personal some D gods as effectively So it's laborious man Mayoa says please is luna coming again no Sir it's not coming again search for new Alpha proper now search for new dowels And Pay consideration to boundless um they're Called boundless nfts bsts or boundles No noticed sure so sure tokens so vitalik Buterin and a few different guys Vitalik by the best way is the founding father of Ethereum He got here out with this idea referred to as noticed Bound tokens These are like nfts however you'll be able to't promote Them which implies you should utilize them to Track your fame on this house They will launch in direction of the top of this Year and that i'm going to provide you guys a Hustle proper now I'm going to provide you guys a play that

You can do proper In in direction of the top of the yr so sure Tokens are going to develop into an ethereum New customary identical to erc20 or 1155 or 721 That will probably be facilitating the sub-bound Ecosystem proper What it's essential to do proper now begin Buying domains which are associated to noticed Bound tokens do on sub-bound Then when you perceive it begin shopping for Domains begin creating twitter accounts That has a kind of sure identify round it When the initiatives begin to launch round This you'll be you'll begin promoting These domains and also you make plenty of Money That's how we earn money on-line guys you Have to be quick and fast with issues Right so i'm telling you already the Next play is dowse the following play is sbts Start in that by shopping for Domains or the high-level key phrases Domains and high-level key phrases on tick Tock on instagram fb personal Everything And when this mission's launched you Will begin earning profits by promoting all These property proper straightforward But undoubtedly it's essential to take the chance Of uh shopping for stuff that you simply may not be Able to promote otherwise you don't even know the way The pattern will work like proper so it's Always like that in the case of

Investing you don't put no cash down Bro you don't make no cash scared cash Makes no moneys Okay sir please make a video on Buy in okay Yeah it's sbt soul sure like soul it's All about your soul as a result of Vitalik has an issue with um Uh nfts as a result of they created this entire Nonsense purchase and promote scenario he Doesn't prefer it So i do assume undoubtedly that there's An alternative there that we will Leverage And Make cash All proper Destroy the like button guys we don't Have to remind this you already know the Drill destroy the like button Uh please discuss in regards to the merge occurring In all gasoline for ethereum i'll truly Talk about that on friday My analysis staff is working laborious on that So that we can provide you guys the juicy Information about it If solana dams does it imply that it's a Bad coin good query so there are There are two various things while you Talk about solana Solana is a blockchain Right then there may be so which is The token or the forex of this Blockchain

These are two various things however They're kind of interrelated What's extra necessary is solana itself Is it a foul chain probably not as a result of It's helpful there are issues which are on Top of it which are value billions of Money Um now the worth can actually get screwed Up however the blockchain nonetheless survives Just like luna blockchain nonetheless there But the token obtained screwed up Or the blockchain however the issue is Though if the blockchain will get screwed up The forex goes with it that's a Problem in order that's the place basic Analysis is available in If you put money into one thing that's proper It simply reduces your possibilities of Completely getting wrecked as a result of now It means loads look you'll be able to have proper But in case your technical evaluation is fallacious You may also lose cash identical to with Luna you purchased a bunch of tokens Thinking that oh it is a superior Chain it's going to be helpful But They screwed up after which one thing Everything obtained screwed so regardless that The chain is there you and also you invested In the expertise Not the cash you continue to misplaced the cash Not actually What most individuals would count on

Please advise on prime 5 artwork coin to Buy for the long run straightforward bitcoin Ethereum Um And Well a few of them are actually extra dangerous you Know not monetary recommendation however bitcoin Ethereum proper now i'd put polygon in That record I'd additionally put decentraland on that List And i might additionally put Uh let's see what else would i truly Have to place in that record Huh You know what i might truly I'd put avox in there to be trustworthy Right now i'm tremendous bullish on Blockchains Uh and that i'm attempting to play it secure as Well so i might i might play Something like that after which if i would like To take extra danger i might go into the Dows and issues like that that aren't Decided but however they've Uh much more room so uh mr turner is Saying polka dot for present i i do personal a Lot of pokedot by the best way i make I used to be making 600 {dollars} per Month per week by polka dots and now as a result of the Market has crashed i'm receiving like Maybe 150 bucks a um Every week

On that Imagine how unhealthy issues has gone What about information initiatives i really like filecoin And just a few others however that mission is Oversaturated so The upside could be very very very restricted How about solana long run solana lengthy Term is an enormous maintain uh there's little question About it it's not going wherever it's Here to remain What about minimize down [Music] Do not get me began man i really feel like Going in my room now and getting my My masks my um My minimize down masks as a result of minimize down i really like It however as you observed i i now don't discuss About it an excessive amount of nowadays Because i do know that it is a unhealthy Market situation And typically folks don't do their very own Research they hear me say one thing and They're simply gonna go and purchase it Right so for extra dangerous initiatives i don't Like to speak about it besides when i'm Talking to you the Deal we're we're collectively on this co dow Thing Uh and that i nonetheless invested cash in minimize Down it's down however look i'm all good sure Cut down my dependancy Abigail i i do know i see you on twitter Talking about minimize down day-after-day i really like It i adore it

Why doesn't cart be on b and b good Chain okay so let me preserve preserve it actual With you guys binance is screwing up a Lot of issues available in the market by this by Trying to power feed the binance chain On all the things There's a lot complicated proper now with Stepping as a result of binance Came in And they i feel they invested in Stepping after which they pressured them to To need to to fork it additionally into their Chain so that they're on solana and binance Chain Now there are two stepping cash one on Solana and one on on binance the one on Binance is simply too costly And it's getting lots of people Confused like okay which one ought to i Buy And so many individuals proper now you you They would ship you Uh you say oh ship me a bitcoin pockets They're gonna ship you a binance chain Wallet deal with It's so complicated man prefer it's now Getting folks confused no one is aware of use ones anymore everyone's Using this pine and good chain i hate It now So watch out with binance good chain Tactics it's identical to a it's a replica and Pest code of ethereum however much less safe And tremendous centralized

Uh your youtube caption is fascinating What's your opinion on solana brief time period Short time period i feel i'm bearish on solana I'd in all probability brief it within the brief Term But long run tremendous bullish on it it's Just that They took an excessive amount of vc cash And no vc on this market situations if We proceed to path down goes to Just sit on it and simply wait as a result of Solana will get hit laborious And i do assume if we see an up uprise in The market which we're extra prone to See within the subsequent two weeks A variety of good buyers in solana massive Ticket guys they'll begin promoting And From there You know we will now simply hope to get the Bottom once more after which one other rise in The future however undoubtedly solana is a Thousand greenback coin within the close to Future sir are you able to speak about tripping Ape Tribe that will probably be going dwell tomorrow Look man I'll commerce i might commerce the nft But each nft that begins with tripping That has ape in it I don't maintain for long run as a result of if You are a copycat to me it already means That you're placing your self second by Definition so why ought to i put money into an

Inferior mission That has accepted to be calm second Place or a replica of one thing that's Original like all of the wanks on the market Who are shopping for okay not okay bears bro Losers Losers you didn't handle to purchase Okay bears early you didn't handle to Take danger and purchase with 100 solana you Didn't handle to purchase a 200. now you're Like oh man it's too costly Let's simply make one other one and name it Baby okay bears and so promote them for Twenty {dollars} And plenty of these guys are getting rock Pooled like loopy bro so i'll Trade it It has plenty of hype however is it gonna Make it long-term no nfts you need to be Extremely cautious not a lot of them will Make it like plenty of them are simply Gonna go down like this Right i can present you a chart of child Okay bearish proper now on openc in order that You can perceive what i'm speaking About So like trippy Trippy what do you bought trippy What's the identify of you calling this Trippy okay bears is it trippy ape Trippy f membership this mission goes to Dump it would pump at first Create hype after which it would disappear Because they don't have any unique concepts

Other than copying from The broad api membership And i do know that even the okay bears kind Of is a copycat of the Broad ape nevertheless it has an unique staff Original concepts they needed to truly Deflect from the apps design and are available up With their very own factor So let me present you And by the best way i'm buying and selling all these Assets i've a financial institution i had a bunch of uh And i instructed you guys in discord earlier than it Went 6x up on the identical day i used to be like yo There is that this child okay bears let's ape In proper now the identical date when 6x i Sold all mine and now i'm out of that Nonsense So child Okay Baby okay bears Very quickly i feel we'll see that um Openc will cease itemizing this sort of Projects man open c is sluggish as hell i Don't like this crap It's getting congested now Okay But what do you assume you you going to Buy this trippy ape membership nfts Because i might commerce them however am i Going to carry them hell no Okay for some cause open c is tripping No search perform not working Let's simply discover Do any penny dolls like

Other than caught They're too dangerous so i'm not comfy Talking about them simply now like i mentioned Before i speak about one thing Experimental and folks go on the market and Buy so i'm simply being cautious What do you consider moon beam moon Beam It's okay however i'm not invested Yet a minimum of If you solely had 100 the place would you place It i might use 100 I'd commerce with it actively So that i can develop it how would i commerce It i'll use all these affiliate hyperlinks Sign up on a brand new one deposit the cash And then after that get the bonus go to Another platform deposit it get the Bonus transfer to a different one deposit it get The bonus i might do this like 20 occasions On completely different platforms till i double or Triple that cash after which i might Invest half of it into bitcoin first and Then i'll i'll take the 150 And commerce with it Okay so oh man that is horrible on Open c let's simply go to magic eden Most folks lose when buying and selling completely Right it relies upon Most folks they by no means discover ways to Trade however they begin buying and selling Right And then different folks They simply don't know what sort of

Trading that you simply do there may be completely different Types of buying and selling particularly in crypto Not everyone Have to commerce what am i doing right here with My life gray What are you doing What are you doing Man okay instagram my telephone is useless so It's useless over there however Youtube we're at all times pumping so you'll be able to Join us over right here So if what sort of buying and selling you Need to do you may be completely wonderful Just just be sure you be a part of like Um strive p2p buying and selling strive otc some Of your gasoline all it's essential to do actually In your metropolis is to arrange workplace in in Town and begin buying and selling bitcoin develop into The people who find themselves accepting btc to money Or money to btc within the metropolis identical to i Showed you in turkey You noticed these guys they're millionaires In turkey they're killing it they arrange An workplace on the town you wish to convert Your btc into money they do this's Trading not everyone has to study the Charts should you don't really feel for it And in my course at crypto college i Teach you do all this stuff Step by step so you'll be able to go and enroll And study crypto college Dot community Mr damian simply present uh shared me the Link for okay bears and on um

On discord man mr d you're the perfect sir I admire you Whoa whoa whoa how did i copy this Okay Oh man now the worth has utterly Dumped as i anticipated so now test this Out test this out right here is the deal If you go to exercise you have a look at the Chart you'll be able to actually see that it's Going just one approach downhill begins excessive Ends decrease That is what a copycat mission seems to be Like And the volumes are in all probability reducing As effectively Man open c come on child what's what's up Do you advise us to dump luna look There's nothing you are able to do about it Right so simply maintain it in case it comes Down into one thing however write it off Your mind that's an important Thing or in case your head is finished You even neglect about it you simply take And neglect if it ever occurs let's say If it goes 20 more money the place is that Now due to burning Because so many individuals are voting for Burn then simply promote it then and also you stroll Walk away however don't assume that you'll Make your a refund from it it's not Going to occur Well the place is the i don't wish to see This i imply i simply wish to see the chart Yeah open c is a damaged two i don't like

It All proper What do you say do you need to say about Luna yeah man it's gone sadly Luna is gone Do you assume ada can attain 10 within the Next 5 years within the subsequent 5 years Totally it would it undoubtedly will Especially in the event that they introduce some Burning mechanism which each and every mission Right now could be doing It can simply do this But in the event that they don't Very unlikely I've additionally been holding solana so line of Good initiatives simply overleverage as a result of Of Vcs and everyone knows how we really feel about Vcs Uh shiva i'll make a particular video About shiba however that may be a excellent Um Suggestion Which platform am i able to take pocket dot you Can stake it on Uh On ftx you'll be able to stake it on binance you Can stick it in a ledger nano within the Official pocket dot wallets you'll be able to Stake it all over the place you need so what i Would advocate is you purchase a {hardware} Wallet Chunk it on there after which take it from There day-after-day it exhibits you the way a lot

You're incomes Hardware pockets is essentially the most safe approach To preserve your cryptocurrency i've a Link to get your self a legend within the Description use it and go get it Do you assume minimize down would hit 0.01 Dollars this yr um it may uh it Depends on how bullish in direction of the top Of the yr crypto could be it's burning Like loopy minimize dow is burning the tokens Like loopy And with the ethereum merge occurring Very quickly which goes to slash loads Of Of the gasoline payment scenario We can see that plenty of the e-based Projects may even resurrect as a result of Right now we're seeing like a A pla A plateauing of So many actions within the ecosystem Okay guys so we now have been right here for an Hour nearly Thank you a lot for watching Uh we had so many individuals on the dwell man Appreciate everyone for watching and Always staying round Thank you guys I do know there's so many christian Uh Yo what's up with that gavin woods Elizabeth video the pocket.founder i Haven't seen that video however i like gavin I don't know which elizabeth you're

Talking about it elizabeth warren or Elizabeth who I'd undoubtedly wish to see it so Drop it within the discord and i might Definitely take a look for these of you Guys who should not within the discord please Make positive you take part Um i might undoubtedly like to like to Have you guys in there If you aren't a part of crypto college Right now after this dwell stream go to Crypto Grab the course Register for no matter you wish to uh to Learn particularly the grasp class Because it teaches you all the things If you wish to change your life If you wish to stop your job and actually Be a full-time crypto dealer and Investor that's the strategy to go proper There Never say i didn't let you know Share the video uh for gavin woods in The um within the chat In discord please Mr financial institution says internet 3 is insane man i've Only been on this house for like 4 Weeks now however life is so completely different Exciting occasions yo You know i'm at all times so excited to see People who simply get into this house and They discover it nonetheless tremendous Interesting they usually're enthusiastic About it

Because for some individuals who have been Here for one yr typically they really feel Like oh man Like while you while you Find surprise on this house that's the place You discover plenty of alternatives as a result of Like you have been speaking about web3 you're Probably not even enthusiastic about cash At this level you're simply Impressed by the quantity of group and Technology that's being constructed that's The proper method after which you could find Alpha later so many individuals begin by Thinking about what's the subsequent hundred X coin And then they put money into the fallacious stuff What will occur in minimize down minimize all the way down to The moon to the moon all the way down to the moon Cynthia says i stop my job and misplaced Everything i don't know the way i'm going to Recover please assist me I misplaced 100 i misplaced 12 000 {dollars} what Can i do cynthia how did you lose it i'm Interested how did you lose the 12 000 First and what sort of work have been you Doing Answers textual content says new right here yo sir Welcome welcome welcome Please educate me flip 100 100 To 1000 Okay in order that's straightforward the place it relies on Where you might be proper Um in case you are let's your identify sounds

Like you're in africa should you're In africa you'll be able to actually simply do p2p Simple And that is straightforward as a result of it's a Guaranteed approach you're not taking any Risk market danger like Uh say buying and selling derivatives proper or Another straightforward one you'll be able to join Crypto college associates And you simply have to ask three folks To crypto college so that you can make a Hundred {dollars} Simple What are layer ones and do you may have a Video on use them excellent Question mr ambrose But if you wish to make 100 Dollars additionally truly one other one you Can you may make 100 {dollars} proper Now Is discover a sizzling Solana nft Right Buy and be sure to get your self some White lists you grind for white record we Call it grinding for white record Let's say nice guards or the The ape one which's developing very quickly It's lengthy it's minting tomorrow should you Get Uh the mint value may very well be fifty {dollars} Or 100 {dollars} proper extra probably Less than 100 {dollars} as a result of it's Like 1.5 solana monster which is about

75 bucks proper now 79. If you handle to get in you simply need to Now promote That nft just about two hours after Mint you may have made you might be in all probability made Five occasions that cash and also you do this Again and also you do it on two three Projects you sorted If somebody buys Your course Trading and investing i wish to purchase the Master course Yeah purchase the grasp class it has buying and selling Investing nfts all mixed in fact Check it out What about carano i'm a brilliant investor In cardano i invested when it was 0.00 one thing i made a lot cash i Made I made possibly At this level at this value level it has Gone down however i've made Maybe round 300 and fifty Thousand {dollars} from cardano uh by Investing just a few thousand {dollars} you Know So it's insane Can luna go to 0.05 no simply have a look at the Market cap and there's no branding Mechanism simply but so it's not going to Happen Smash the like button guys destroy the Like button How a lot to register on crypto

University To register on crypto college is Minimum of 100 {dollars} relying On which course you wish to take Individual programs 100 bucks solely and You solely pay as soon as If you wish to Get all of the programs in a single bundle That's the the the Master class then it's about 300 roughly And you'll be able to pay with crypto you'll be able to pay With bank card as effectively Exciting occasions Please nice how do i discover ways to mint Okay should you join the nft course For uh in that course i actually present You minting dwell how i'm minting and You'll see how the method goes Right so if you wish to be the individual Who know mint And what the exercise and what you want To do and all the perfect practices go and Get the nft course i've it there All proper you go to crypto college And You merely go to programs Nft course Then you find out about programs little question i Got you There you go that is the nft course Right right here Pump it up destroy the like button of Course sir Yes texas i'll usher in an entire record

Of finest dao initiatives that i come throughout Right i simply must Find that they're actually strong sufficient Before i Talk about them publicly Can you pay with fiat forex sure you Can or you'll be able to pay the bank card Yeah it's essential to discover ways to mint if You wish to earn money in nfts you want To discover ways to mint Vlad solana will crash extra probably than It ought to just because It has plenty of vc cash stacked up and We're getting nearer to the cli to the End of the cliff And their second spherical or third spherical of The allocation if they've Been vesting So it implies that after they obtain that Amount they're extra prone to promote Because the market is wanting Like this And that's the danger that's on solana Right now Uh is that this a great time to get into Stepping contemplating it's like 50 of What it desires so while you speak about 50 Of what it was you're speaking about us Dollars wait i perceive your your Mindset however it's essential to notice that the Ratio between solana to gst continues to be the Same So in all probability approach much less proper now it means That you need to work more durable to make

Your solana again should you're going to Invest in step in Make positive that your benchmark is solana If you're considering us {dollars} you're Going to be disillusioned All proper i simply need to make that clear Lioness says yo i'm new i'm a brand new Follower how am i able to get your private Mental sheep No downside uh mentorship you go to Crypto college Right as you'll be able to see Here on um On my facet And should you go to [Music] Work a brand new ebook one-on-one scenario Okay a query you go to teaching proper Here And you'll discover which you could ebook me for A telephone name you'll be able to ebook me for a one Month one month straight of mentorship So i see that is my one-on-one Mentorship for one month it goes for Five thousand {dollars} And then you may also ebook me for a name For a thousand {dollars} if you wish to Right one hour Where i can undergo all the things with You provide help to together with your portfolio Management buying and selling no matter you want So it's simply as much as you we even have some Of our specialists at crypto college

We've obtained mr alex we've obtained mr edward We've obtained mr gman we've obtained ethan so it Just relies upon what you want we now have a Community that's keen that can assist you Including myself Uh i can't discover the hyperlink to purchase {hardware} Wallets within the description you mentioned okay I'll add it instantly after this video So simply wait after this video when i'm Going on this video is off i'll add it Here for you William rowe thanks a lot man i Appreciate it i undoubtedly do admire It Are we going to have an artwork corn season In 2022 i feel possibly not however we're extra Likely to have a solana Summer so summer time that is an nfts on Solana going loopy which is already Happening study nfts guys you're not Going to to be disillusioned a few of you Guys aren't earning profits since you're So caught within the coin mindset And the nfts are proper there Making a lot cash i guarantee you the Other day i put in 5k On on a nft i made 13 000 in 2014 in 48 Hours proper But should you don't know what to do it's a Problem It's an enormous massive downside so it's essential to Diversify your self and Yeah so on stepping proper even If we go on a bear market

As lengthy as you may get sufficient ght to Make up your The factor is This is how these video games work The incentive will get lowered uh in u.s Dollar phrases as a result of everyone's placing Out And individuals are like oh the Market is down But now these folks don't perceive Economics they're emotional buyers And merchants Right When identical to with defy proper now In all of the d5 swimming pools within the farms Where we have been making some huge cash We had a lot an excessive amount of focus That a few of them even failed like ust Right as a result of it was 20 % apy Everybody oh man let's make this free Money In dubai i do know individuals who have been Living free of charge of these positive factors proper Now that's gone and lots of people are Pulling out of those farms and cashing Out they're like oh man crypto is dying Right now And guess what occurs the ap wines are Starting to extend once more So it relies upon what sort of recreation you're Playing what i'm saying Uh i might nonetheless you're stepping even When The us greenback quantity is insignificant as

Long as i'm incomes sufficient gst Which would stability out particularly if Solana is down then it's all good Because for me i'm how a lot Solana did i put in how a lot solana do i Make again i'm not how a lot Dollars So my danger is comparatively so small than Most folks Oh man thank you'll uh admire you Join the discord the telegram particularly If you're a crypto college pupil You get entry to all of the personal teams As effectively Uh so we now have unbelievable discussions Going on there Cynthia considering it would go up nevertheless it Never went up so i needed to withdraw what Was left to pay my lease right here they usually Say That's how i misplaced all the things 12k i've No coin no weight no cash anymore so i Think cynthia invested in luna after which Luna went to zero she misplaced her 12 Thousand {dollars} she stop a job already Now she's in an in uh in a scenario are You in crypto college cynthia Do you assume bitcoin will go up like 50 000 {dollars} this yr it's a great time To purchase now it's undoubtedly a great time To purchase and happening whether or not it goes to 50k this yr i don't know i i Don't wish to over hype all the things i Would quite let you know guys the reality i

Don't know But what i do know is that within the subsequent Five years bitcoin will probably be multiple Million {dollars} I can sleep with that i don't know What's going to occur subsequent this yr But i do know however that by the top of Five years one bdc a million {dollars} So if i wish to develop into if i must have 100 million {dollars} within the subsequent Five years i simply need to grind for 100 Bitcoins Right Isn't it That's all if you wish to make 100 Million {dollars} get 100 bitcoins Want to develop into a billionaire Get 1000 bitcoin proper now You're finished That's all it really guys that's the way it Works All proper um so cynthia i really feel sorry for You um we now have a psychological well being Um channel in our discord server our you Know i might counsel You go in there and inform your story Other folks can study from it possibly you Can additionally discover others which are keen to Help you in several methods with concepts of What you are able to do And different issues i like to recommend so that you can Be a part of crypto college as a result of Crypto college helps you not solely to Just discover ways to commerce and make investments

Correctly but in addition with careers you'll be able to Find you'll be able to study sufficient data to Get your self a job within the internet 3 Right So i undoubtedly assume that you need to Stick round locally There's plenty of good folks on this Community and i do know that they'll be Able that can assist you All proper I believe it was final month one in every of our Community members obtained hacked and misplaced His Um He misplaced 4 thousand euros which was All his financial savings And the group helped him i i purchased Him a uh the crypto college purchased Him a legend [Music] Wallet he's in germany And i we despatched him some i despatched some cash To the pockets And just a few different folks locally Also despatched him some cash i feel so that you Know That's just about all it's Do you assume stepping is a ponzi no however I do know that it's an experiment and it Can fail Um william ross says i'm in uni and Broke i purchased 5 thousand {dollars} uh Five thousand rand in The prime twelve cryptos hoping for a

Three yr returns of fifteen thousand Plus going to check out your different Affiliate recommendations now they wait Exciting sure look No want to surrender If you don't have a lot capital man There's a lot free affiliate cash in Crypto enroll with hyperlinks within the Description get bonus transfer on to the Next one do it 10 occasions and do it for Your households as effectively So like some apps pay you to ask Someone else like luna for instance he Pays you 25 rand In the united kingdom Coinbase pays you 10 uh 10 If you do this Right So you should utilize all these apps and use Your relations to get them to signal Up and also you're getting all this cash So that's a hustle however should you're not Thinking of hustle proper now you're Going to get worn out What is a great contract what does it Mean a sensible contract is a chunk of code That is written and deployed on the Blockchain That facilitates sure transactions or It's a guidelines it's a bunch of guidelines simply Like a contract in actual life however this One is written pub on a blockchain and It can not simply be altered with out the Right consensus

So most of those stuff you're utilizing in Crypto defy nfts or good contracts And you'll be able to discover ways to do that in Crypto college free of charge we now have a if Solidity which is the language that Ethereum makes use of to um for for its good Contracts you'll be able to go at crypto University proper now enroll and begin Learning blockchain growth Is essentially the most in demand jobs has highest High one of many highest salaries and also you Can study Uh inside six months you might be extra probably To get a job should you actually grind laborious Right if i used to be in college proper now i Would stop college discover ways to Develop to jot down code in uh Smart contracts And get a job prefer it doesn't make sense For you to be in school in the intervening time And um taking pupil loans and learning Something so loopy and silly like Marketing or one thing when you'll be able to Spend six months good contracts get a Real job and actually and actually dwell You know journey the or one thing I wish to be a part of crypto college i Have misplaced loads go in there there are so Many choices there are even free programs At crypto college Mr turner says grey instructed me to get into Crypto again in 2018 i didn't hear now I'm all in and looking out ahead 5 Years from now

Thank you Yeah man i do know i keep in mind turner i instructed You get into this crypto factor man it's Going to be insane But look it's nonetheless it's not it's it's Not late it's nonetheless the time continues to be There let's simply construct Work laborious And create as a lot worth for folks we All going gonna make it it appears like It's far-off nevertheless it's fairly Much Next factor you notice or first boo Cycle you're in there should you it takes One enhance cycle so that you can get wealthy That's all one enhance cycle you simply have To make investments appropriately proper now subsequent enhance Cycle Boom you're finished you stop your job and You realize it's stunning it's stunning Great are you able to record three cash we will Invest in proper now sure Right now it's essential to fill up plenty of Bitcoin and ethereum Right massively as a result of that's what You're going to want when the market has Completely Bottomed out issues are ridiculous Solana is at ten {dollars} or 5 {dollars} That's while you're going to begin Deploying your bitcoin or ethereum and Buying all these different initiatives so what Happens is that The worth of btc will be down it would

Also crash however The btc worth to the opposite artwork cash is Still stronger so you continue to have loads Of buying energy by residing in bdc And ethereum so i might say get sufficient Btc And ethereum after which have some cash in A steady coin like usdc And be on the sideline And That third that third coin you need to Not be a coin that already exists Uh put it for New techno kind of innovation name it The innovation fund I'll truly make a video proper now Of how folks ought to put money into crypto And crypto college and that one you Will be all the following Technologies like i instructed i instructed you guys Before noticed sure tokens are coming quickly Dials are additionally going to be the most important Thing coming after which you'll be able to have a look at All these and make investments after which when you Get one other batch of cash you'll be able to Invest within the metaverse land some nfts That are have utility and issues like That however most significantly i might make investments A small quantity of your cash in Educating your self To quick observe your fee of Potential Because there's loads happening there's Different nfts and to to fairly

Much study and study all of it by doing it Takes an excessive amount of time Great for folks searching for To study blockchain growth which Layer one ought to they concentrate on good Question Ethereum first as a result of solidity is massive And the so the Ethereum growth group is big However should you look into different initiatives Like close to protocol proper now It has some huge cash they elevate too Much cash they're attempting to construct their Blockchain deaf group and never many People are concerned but should you grind Hard and study that ecosystem their Chances of getting the job even at that At the corporate itself on the Organization like close to are so excessive Because there may be no one doing it So you'll be able to look into cardano you'll be able to Look into close to protocol you'll be able to look Into pokedot and so many different numerous Chains i'll go round Is it agarand I believe it's algorithm yeah Is becoming a member of crypto college free sure Uh for for like Uh blockchain growth is free For like fundamentals blockchain stuff it's Free however for cash making programs you Have to pay Whether it's buying and selling investing nfts you Have to pay for these

As a crypto college pupil can we get Any alpha in fact not solely that you simply do Get provide You additionally get like proper now we're giving A variety of white record i obtained white lists For the nice guts nft which i can Guarantee you it'll go greater than 10x When it meets Uh just a few crypto college college students will Receive whitelist and we i'm additionally Hustling for you guys to get you extra Widely in order that we will earn money on These nfts And very quickly we air dropping our personal Nft to the group Which implies that you're going to be Getting white lists and airdrops Automatically at a sensible contract stage So should you're not a part of this crypto you Community man you're not doing your self A favor We want extra q a classes i obtained you Sunday i feel we will be saturday or Sunday we're going to be doing that Thank you guys for watching i've been Here for a very long time i used to be right here for a Good time and i actually had fun Love you guys see you on the moon All proper Remember Remember one factor keep in your bag Accumulate extra property don't get fatted Out by the fad The initiatives are nonetheless happening shout

Out to our sponsors for at present mark Margex Marc jacks an unbelievable buying and selling Platform which you guys can use And um [Music] Let's go to the moon collectively You should you enroll on on margex Link is within the description you're going to get A free 50 Bonus All proper and also you simply need to deposit a Minimum of 0.004 btc which is actually Nothing And you're in it For the win All proper If you may have any questions i will probably be in The discord server proper now All proper and that i'll be i'll have the ability to Answer any questions should you're not in Discord take part All proper guys Stay laborious Grind laborious that's just about the mode Right now All proper cynthia i'm i'm a brand new pupil Uh okay cynthia see you in discord go Into the psychological well being speak about your Story and let's see how the group Can provide help to All proper guys go more durable go larger i'll See you on the moon peace out