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We have uh you realize just a few billion on our Balance sheet proper now we're Profitable you realize on the steadiness sheet Of ftx's line known as Trump lose I would like To be doing one thing that optimistic like With the the making a living half like like I I wish to be a great actor there and Sam was the second greatest donor to Democratic candidates we'd raised just a few Billion {dollars} over the course of the Last uh final couple years and we're a Profitable enterprise I've an obligation as a member of the to attempt to get us regulated to Try and transfer the trade in a extra Responsible Direction Foreign Conclusions about what you're saying Here Wow a lot extra new data to Share with you together with Sam bankman Freed's political ties we have now extra and respected corporations slicing their Ties with FTX I've an replace on the place The cash went FDX hacker now one Of the etholders on the earth But like at all times proper now let's begin at The supply we lastly have some solutions To what this cryptic tweet thread means You see someway Sam bankman freed has Time to do interviews throughout all this And the New York Times simply launched Their piece their puff piece on how his Empire fell and I do imply puff piece you

See Zero instances on this interview with Sam bangman freed did they ask about did they ask about crime or Mention the phrases illiquid stolen Criminal hidden again door nothing like This was requested of Sam but they did Manage to maintain us abreast of his Sleeping habits what was found was This what occurred what do these cryptic Tweets imply Well on this interview proper as was Happening the New York Times introduced it Up shortly earlier than the interview Mr Bankman freed had posted a cryptic tweet The phrase what after which he tweeted the Letter H Asked to elucidate Mr bankman freed stated He deliberate to submit the letter A then the Letter P it's going to be extra than simply One phrase he stated I'm making it up as I Go So he was planning a sequence of cryptic Tweets one thing like that But why I don't know he stated I'm Improvising I believe it's time So mainly saying he's simply enjoying Games he simply needs consideration he simply Wants to place these little cryptic tweets Out there and let the plenty Wonder however What he was truly doing is much extra Devious why is Sam bankman freed Deleting tweets after which tweeting to Offset his whole tweets rely Holy hell Sam bankman freed is doing

This bizarre tweet thread in order that he can Delete all tweets with out them being Captured by the deleted bot and You know what it truly labored LMAO That's what he's doing the Bots out There registering the identical quantity of Tweets per day like nothing modified this Is why the tweets are popping out so Irregularly he's combing by way of his Past tweets looking for incriminating Statements and can solely tweet the subsequent Letter in his pretend thread as quickly as he Finds a tweet that he must delete so My apparent subsequent query is what has he Been deleting effectively this he deleted a Tweet from him that cited this text From Insider this text simply Citing his quote saying FTX is ok Assets are nice proper earlier than they Crashed and it's additionally notable that he's Deleting tweets the place he makes claims About Gap and money available additionally to be Fair the discount in tweet rely has Come from different accounts deleting tweets That Sam later retweeted I.E from Tom Brady Tom Brady's tweets proper right here Scaramucci's tweets proper right here SBF solely Retweeted them however they've since then Taken these down and the way this impacts You is we lastly have the solutions SBF Today simply immediately lastly completed this Thread after which in fact this clip in Full of CEO and founding father of Citadel Ken Griffin on calling out Sam

Bang and freed in a not so delicate approach Okay so after SPF tweeted what after which Happened late final evening into the day he Finished with Not authorized recommendation not Financial recommendation This is all as I bear in mind it however my Memory is perhaps defective in components I'll get To what occurred however for now let's speak About the place we're immediately to the very of My information as a submit 11 7 I imagine This is the day this all began in order a Debrief to the very best of my information with The for errors so that is as He remembers it a Alameda had extra Assets than liabilities M to M however not Liquid so he's claiming that he had the Assets the entire time they need to have Never went below B Alameda had margin place on FTX International and cfts us had sufficient to Repay all prospects not everybody Necessarily agrees with this he's Basically admitting no fault claiming it Was all a mistake in fact we all know from This video proper right here that this type of Deception from FTX have been happening For months nice video search it out And then he finishes by saying only one Hour in the past my aim my one aim is to do Right by prospects I'm contributing what I can to doing so I'm assembly in individual with regulators And working with the groups to do what we Can for purchasers and after that

Investors however first prospects my aim a Clean up and give attention to B Make prospects complete And once more how we all know that Sam's both Delusional or simply straight out mendacity is From that different video I referenced Before FTX stole 10 billion {dollars} of Customer deposits they took loans out Against illiquid cash that they knew Were a liquid now Visa has since then Terminated their debit card program with FDX the world financial Forum of which FTX was a associate the wef has now Deleted their web page And then in fact Ken Griffin CEO of Citadel highlighting one of many darkest Details of your entire FTX scenario how Deep does this Rabbit Hole aim what was FTX So that's the scenes which might be for the Question people what I wish to know from You can is what do you make of the Spectacular collapse of Sam bankman Freed's FTX Well okay so large image cap immediately is a fraction what it Was after we first began speaking about It So crypto isn't it was three trillion And now it's effectively below a billion it's Like 800 billion of which a giant a part of That cash Right so you actually transfer again right into a World of Bitcoin and ethereum is the 2

Dominant each of which Actually occur to be CPC regulated look FTX is is one in all these absolute Travesties within the historical past of economic Markets I imply folks will lose billions Of {dollars} collectively are going To lose billions of {dollars} And that undermines belief in all Financial markets was the basic Problem that it was a enterprise constructed on to start with or that it Was a enterprise that wasn't adequately Regulated or that it was a enterprise that The enterprise capital and different traders Who put cash in tftx didn't didn't Adequately you realize diligence what's the Fundamental drawback effectively I believe the Fundamentals or is it simply fraud I I so So to begin with that's a very large Choice of phrases to make use of and I I can't go There at this cut-off date what we do Know is the steadiness sheet reveals an enormous Black gap And there's little doubt that buyer Assets had been used to make funding Decisions In favor of ftx's shareholders which Didn't work on the expense of the Customers that's not permitted in American brokered yours you'll be able to't simply Use your buyer belongings to go have interaction in Proprietary and selling that's a that's a Huge no no it's a No-No in most components of The world it's in most components of the

World that's a great no no to be clear Too now with with FTX there are there Are just a few factors right here that we must always Talk in regards to the turf conflict by American Regulators has bought to finish it's simply Preposterous that Without naming the all of them Dance round who owns what and who and The backside line is American traders Have actually gotten damage right here to the tune Of lots of of billions of {dollars} in Decline in cap and crypto over The final two years I imply that that Really strikes on the total core or Essence of what's investor safety All about The second is that FTX Crosses up right into a right into a zone that each one Of us are fearful about you realize on the Balance sheet of FTX is mendacity known as Trump lose And Sam was the second greatest donor to Democratic candidates I'm going to depart it to all people else To draw their very own conclusions about what You're saying right here Right these are these are actually actually Ugly info once you see a fraud of this Magnitude having performed out and you discover No Regulators had been there to forestall it This is an ongoing story every single day on This channel we've been preserving you up To date however get this the FTX hacker who Stole mainly all the cash that was

Left within the FTX accounts three days in the past The FTX hacker is now the thirty sixth largest Holder of ethereum the hacker grew to become a Mega whale after swapping thousands and thousands of Stable cash for eth thanks Sam right here is The actual information a crypto deal with Connected to the suspected drain of FDX Accounts is swapping decentralized Stablecoin die for ethereum and a sequence Of multi-million greenback trades in order that they Started with round 21 a thousand Ethereum after which by way of a sequence of Trades swapped die for this Much eth and 5 million for this a lot 10 Million die 10 million die 10 million Die Another 10 million die simply loading up On ethereum changing into the thirty sixth largest Whale this story is growing that is Just what we all know now and by the best way my Brother and I might be on the Bitcoin Conference 2023 the most important crypto const Conference in existence so be a part of us if You'll be in Miami from May 18th by way of twentieth use code altcoin every day for 10 off Come chill with us hyperlink down beneath