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Two T minus one And liftoff what's taking place to all my Friends on youtube my identify is nice to The b to the t to the c to the moon And god rattling it man consider it or not You're watching the web cash present Where we speak about Making cash however on-line Believe it or not sir I'm in lagos nigeria for the primary time In the historical past of mankind speaking about Money and crypto And apparently they are saying that i got here right here For Uh blockchain vibes to talk at an occasion But the fact of this story is that i Literally got here right here for the meals So don't idiot your self man's got here right here For meals and that i've been consuming all alongside But that's simply what occurs Um Alan if you wish to ask me a query Come over to youtube I'm reside on youtube proper now to all my Friends on youtube are you able to hear me no Problemo Make certain you do the best issues when You get onto the chat primary you Want to drop a Like on the video quantity two you wanna Subscribe to the channel when you haven't Number three You wanna drop a flag of the place are you

Watching this video from I see now we have so many individuals already On the reside ambrose Glory Diana david brits And mr q Everyone's right here And crypto slot is right here as nicely we wish To speak about crypto Uh thanks i'm casey thanks for Watching poppy threat from ghana what's up I see you guys from england subsequent i'm Going to london truly so i'll see you Riding in your neighborhood Cameroon is in the home as nicely South africa Usa Man worldwide We are worldwide But there sure fascinating issues Here that we will speak about guys i do know I haven't made a video For a couple of week now however right here we go So that is a number of the most fascinating News that i do know that it's taking place According to glass node which i've Taught you guys earlier than tips on how to use plot This platform Uh this is likely one of the greatest analytic Platform analytics platform you could find For crypto markets It got here out and say With the extraordinarily difficult Market circumstances of 2022

There are three entity cohorts with very Interesting dynamics Number one is Shrimp Less than One btc So the shrimps are people who find themselves the Majority Who are who don't have greater than they Have lower than one btc they don't have a Full bitcoin These guys are accumulating extra bitcoin According to the info And the whales the wells are these People with 1 000 bitcoin minimal They are stacking you possibly can see right here it Says they're stacking While the miners are the individuals who Actually have so many bitcoins 10 000 And so on and so forth These guys are distributing Now what does this What does this knowledge imply truly Because when you simply come out and say oh The shrimps are doing this and the opposite Guys are doing this I imply how do you interpret this knowledge So there's a little bit earlier than i Actually interpret this knowledge as a result of This is what lets you make higher Decisions by the way in which so there may be two of The thread it says small bitcoin holders With lower than one btc have been including

To their stability on the most aggressive Rate since 2020 And the shrimps are including at 36 000 After the 6 000 bitcoins per thirty days which Is 0.2 % Of the circulating provide and 1.36 X month-to-month issuance oh my gosh Shrimps now maintain 1.12 million bitcoins In whole so if in case you have lower than one Btc You're within the shrimps crew which you Should positively get out of attempt laborious And you guys are holding 1.12 1.12 Of the overall 21 million So it means The 20 million or let's say 20.9 mil Is being held by The whales man the distribution is kind of Quite distorted there Again the numbers the numbers guys 80 20 Rule the the minority owns the bulk So let's have a look at the precise Bitcoin Let's have a look at the precise bitcoin numbers In phrases of circulating provide So say circ provide of 19 mil One meal is owned by the shrimps And 18 milli Is owned by the Wells oh my gosh Okay So that is how issues are altering and You can actually see it fairly clearly

There is inexperienced throughout right here in the direction of the End we're on this final hump over right here And they've been in increment in quantity Uh on the subject of the shrimps shrimp Balance will increase uh by 36.7 okay per thirty days Which is 0.2 % of the provision Okay and right here wells that is their Scenario and you may see there's a Clear there's a clear uptick on the Whale exercise This is from april 2022 You can see uh between this era the Price went down Simply as a result of the quantity in shopping for Actually was lowering so on this hole We don't have a lot that's why the worth Kept declining whereas this right here the Price retains on declining however The purchase orders will get growing so what Does this imply It's actually exhibiting you That the large canine are shopping for extra Bitcoin So these are the blokes with essentially the most Money and lots of people say oh bitcoin They're promoting it now the large guys the Whales are promoting it's like canine which Data are you These guys we're promoting on the prime of Course they know the sport But proper now they're Buying So you must positively know that the Play is to remain shopping for preserve accumulating

Not the opposite manner across the shrimps are The guys who who normally get it unsuitable Because they're not shopping for as Aggressively because the wells are when you Look on the completely different charts All proper and right here you now have the Miners So miners who've seen who've been Under immense earnings stress of late are In distribution mode excluding patoshi And unknown miners stability is flat Miners maintain 65 000 bitcoins in mixture Miners are distributing 33 to 4 000 Bitcoins per thirty days Ah man this isn't actually that unhealthy if You give it some thought as a result of Um If there's a enormous accumulation of cash For bitcoin it's clear it's clearly very Straightforward that we should always see Miners extra and the opposite guys are Buying it somewhat bit extra since you Know issues must stability Whatever bitcoin that these whales are Buying it it wants to come back from Somewhere They're not shopping for it from one another Because not many individuals are literally Selling anymore at this at this value Levels Okay So it's what it's and also you've bought a Hater who simply got here in regardless of no

Evidence of crimes puerto rico Regulators closed my financial institution anyway for web Capital points somewhat than enable A sale to a extremely Qualified purchaser promising to inject Capital fireplace in extra of standard Minimums because of this accounts are frozen And clients might lose cash peter Peter schiff How the hell did you simply make it into My reside stream you're not invited right here We speaking about bitcoin And we're glass notice knowledge While right here you're out right here screaming You out right here screaming about some Negativity about gold we don't care right here All proper hey guys you watching the Internet cash present stick round for More We have extra juicy stuff that's going to Help us to make that cash which is Exactly what we're right here for All proper we're additionally going to look into Nfts as a result of one thing goes down in The nft area But that is the hitmap Data When it involves the accumulating development So You can see on the prime there's greater than 10 000 holders these guys are Uh miners and you may see they're going Through a section of Uh blue and purple and blue and purple and

Blue and purple But these guys are at the moment Distributing and also you're seeing loads of Blue between 1 to 10k And much more blue between 100 to 1k as Well so much more individuals in any respect ranges Are accumulating extra bitcoin when you're Not It's your downside not mine Okay Shout out to all people and to all my People i'm in nigeria proper now for the First time within the historical past of mankind This week we're going to host a meetup If you need to be a part of it be sure that You be part of the meetup telegram group that I shared within the crypto college teams It's going to be improbable All proper So let's transfer on to the worth motion of Actually what's going on and we will Also speak about some trades Because i do know that we're pumping so Hard when you're a dealer Wsot is occurring proper now Are you earning profits when you're not simply Stick round i'll let you know what the plan Is okay Uh let me shortly have a look at the feedback i Don't need to ignore Kindly advise which coin to purchase so Dude i bought you stick round Really the price it will at all times have The benefit

It's precisely what makes you grind laborious Right you must do no matter it takes But additionally the cash it's that's precisely What makes the cash somewhat bit extra Sweet man when you when you struggled for it It tastes somewhat completely different when you ask Me Guys watch it over there Okay so let's get again into this Nice motion Closer to 20k once more on these ranges Because it's the place lots of people have been Buying after affirmation For somewhat longer than we thought Okay So one thing must be fastened Oh crap what am i doing It was one of the best Now all the pieces ought to work completely All proper guys we're again we're again you Know what would have occurred this Computer would have achieved however Okay are you able to hear me and see me Sound points are you certain Uh let me test Okay sound is perfect now Now that we've bought battery energy Everything ought to be working because it Should Anyway so that is the market circumstances In crypto within the final seven days In the final seven days Is what i'm inquisitive about You can see that have been up by

Seven level six % Tesla's And so many different cash have seen an Uptick Oh on youtube the sound is off okay this Was as a result of energy downside which i Have fastened now i didn't know that my Uh my energy cable was not plugged in All proper sorry about that my pals Which nation am i in i'm in nigeria Since yesterday for the primary time and that i Love it right here Beautiful individuals beautiful meals particularly The meals man i don't know tips on how to clarify It But it implies that i've to work out Twice Um I've to work out twice simply in order that i Don't Gain a ridiculous quantity of weight Of weight right here you understand what i'm saying So are you able to inform me What are the do's and don'ts in nigeria Where ought to i not go Where ought to i Go and what precisely ought to i try Because for each locations that you just go to Dubai is the one place the place you possibly can go Anywhere however all over the place else that you must Know like okay the place what what are the Do the the do's and don'ts Uh i used to be sort of frightened about sars however I'm glad that sars is

Is useless now it doesn't work anymore it's No longer there But what what are the issues that i Should not do in any respect i need to know Uh matthew says i want a hyperlink to Crypto college okay cool You do you have to simply should go to crypto University dot community Um It's now higher okay Now lovely Okay so Someone right here says i mustn't don't go To abuja is it a booger otherwise you flip you Wrote a booger i do know abuja or are You speaking about it the identical place or Different If you're in lagos you possibly can go wherever Okay thanks for that information Niya says pakistan Good place to go to however must be courageous Enough oh man pakistani zindabad I like pakistani i'll go to pakistan Sometime For certain it's one in all my to-do record Be able to get your quiz on in legos For certain i sit up for it I sit up for it But what i'm wanting ahead to is the Crypto college meetup that's gonna be Extremely extraordinarily Crazy All proper anyway let's return to the Markets and the technicals

Uh what's bitcoin proper now What are the cash to be accumulating And what's happening within the nft market so Think first we're simply gonna should Look at bitcoin Just in order that you understand proper now it Doesn't actually matter To fear about Um The different artwork cash but simply you understand Worry about bitcoin for now and as soon as That's discovered and we're It apache trajectory or issues pumping Up once more then you possibly can have a look at okay what Are the opposite cash to purchase it is a Monthly chart you possibly can see it nonetheless appears Ugly but it surely looks like a lot of the worst Much of the harm at the least has already Occurred We have yet another leg right here that appears Like what we're proper now And we might see ourself ending up Somewhere right here Boom we might see ourself testing these Areas right here All proper that is round 14k If we crash under this assist stage we Only have one bar at seventeen thousand If we break under seventeen thousand Dollars we're happening Somewhere across the 14k The excessive scenario is 9 to 12 Thousand this large bar over right here that is On a month-to-month chart

So do get your self somewhat ready For the worst But like you could have seen issues are extra Likely to show round because the glass not Data is exhibiting us right here That bitcoin is wanting up All proper Don't don't overlook to observe me on Twitter by the way in which Uh whereas on the artwork cash when you go to The altcoin index Similar chart Just somewhat bit a lot worse like i Showed you guys on the earlier reside Stream that issues usually tend to Look somewhat ugly uh on the subject of Them all cash So you understand the following stage of assist That is critical there isn't any there's Nothing to carry us Because you possibly can see round this space so From right here To Somewhere round right here there was somewhat Bit bounce Which is minus 30 % It's positively not going to carry up so It's extra more likely to go and take us all The manner additional right down to minus 57 on all Coins now Going again to um crucial Subject additionally right here which is the buying and selling Activities Which from tomorrow i'll be doing reside

Streams within the morning uh exhibiting my the Trades that i'm doing so primarily based on this Trade Based on this commerce right here you possibly can see That i nonetheless assume that on the Longer time period medium time period let's say in in Just a few weeks or months we're extra probably To proceed trending down on loads of Our cash so for many trades that i've Are nonetheless brief and that i'm taking part in the i'm Part of the competitors the wsot with by Bit hyperlink to purchase bit is within the Description eight million {dollars} to be Won Most of my positions are brief uh and They're in inexperienced proper now in revenue i Do know nevertheless that we're extra probably To be examined so i'll present you uh a Daily chart over right here It's beginning to look somewhat bit extra Promising as a result of even the Macd has turned now On the altcoin index so within the brief Term you may see that we might see a Revamp of the place the uh the markets pump Up out of the blue and just about Breaking all these boundaries right here Right so you could have to to this And that you must know the place you possibly can place Your cease losses which is precisely what i Have achieved If this Line on the prime right here is damaged then you definately Need to know that we're extra more likely to

Go and be resisted round 2051. Or that's from the breakout level we're Looking at one other 14 rise Before we get one other level of Resistance so watch out of right here if Anything i've positioned a commerce from this Point all the way in which as much as the resistance Level nevertheless for this commerce to fill out So my shorts should be closed first So the brief place would get stopped If i hit right here And then a protracted place will goes To be logged um anticipating for a of This level of uh resistance So simply watch out with what's happening With that however nothing but to just about Suggest a large boo now we have seen some Rise in quantity on the altcoins Accumulation right here one to a few days of Straight accumulation despite the fact that it was In the weekend So this week i'm anticipating within the Shorter time period when you're taking part in a commerce For the following day or two Maybe you must go alongside However the general development continues to be Bearish so this may be very conflicting Depending on what sort of buying and selling Strategy you employ Because you're like are you saying lengthy Or brief it relies on what timeframe You're buying and selling Longer time frames they're clearly Showing you um rather more bearish market

Where brief ones nicely you possibly can nonetheless lengthy And earn cash simply don't keep alongside for Too lengthy Okay don't keep lengthy for too lengthy Or except or in any other case you possibly can simply discover The ranges for instance right here on the 4 Hour there's a transparent vary which you'll Play round with however simply be sure that That you keep inside like right here you could have Seen a breakout out of the vary on the Four hour And if you're taking part in a spread you understand That that is extra more likely to come again However nitrous buu has gone bullish On the 4 hour proper now so If your technique is nitrous buu possibly It's the best time to go alongside on some Of these positions and make some cash By the way in which you possibly can be part of me and be half Of my staff Uh within the wsot and commerce with me as half Of my uh my crew when you go to purchase bit Link is within the description if you would like To get this indicator that's exhibiting you Bull bear bull bear you could find it from Crypto college dot Network that's the place you should buy it and It simplifies your lifetime of Trading so now we have lined all cash we Have lined bitcoin possibly what we Haven't checked out is the btcd Okay Uh ptc.d proper now wanting like this Sort of uh on the 4 hour nothing

Match possibly it may give us much more Detail Okay so right here we go So bdc dominance have been bearish for a Long time and it has now reached a space Of assist you possibly can stability this out by Drawing merely a rectangle from the final Time it had A little bit little bit of assist stage which is Here You can see there's coloration when you go Further down right here it's bouncing round The similar stage so um there's a excessive Chance that btc would possibly begin pumping All proper nevertheless nonetheless um the longer Term development continues to be bullish nevertheless if You are an investor do make no mistake Start accumulating purchase purchase purchase loads of Bitcoin And when the development has flipped over and Is wanting bullish once more now you can Start diversifying again again into the Artcoin Game All proper when you recognize the web Money present destroy the like button And depart a remark And subscribe when you haven't and inform Your pals and your loved ones and your Granny that btc is ready And your man nice btc is supplying you with all The juice for everyone to make some Dough So oh by the way in which i'm recording reside from

Lagos I see mr charles The primary lawyer in malawi Is watching us Mr charles you adopted me in dubai if You're an actual g come to nigeria that's All i can let you know Dubai is sweet however nigeria is king i can Tell you that Do you commerce altcoin index the place am i able to Trade it good query ambrose sure you Can commerce the altcoin index on ftx if You wanna know If you wanna know tips on how to commerce Purely If you wanna know tips on how to commerce most of The derivatives that aren't obtainable On different exchanges you go to ftx hyperlink to Ftx my pals is down within the Description Uh chaser payments is asking do you assume Bitcoin will go to 100 000 Bitcoin will go to 1 million {dollars} And extra So we're asking a couple of hundred thousand Dollars You're asking about follow bro Hundred thousand {dollars} for bitcoin is Only follow okay We're going to 1 million {dollars} and Beyond All proper guys all proper all proper all Right what do you gotta say Yes dubai is sweet however nigel is king man

Here the power is simply subsequent stage you Can really feel the hustle within the air from the Airport actually Starting from the um from dubai airport If you go to the niger aspect the place you Know all of the individuals are boarding for Nigeria The hustlers begin from that airport Trying that can assist you with signing Documents This man was following me All the time i didn't even inform him he Was simply following me round say oh you Need this doc and also you want this Document And then on the finish of the on the finish of Like the 20 earlier than i boarded He left me feeling guilt for him simply Walking round with me i needed to pay him I'm like yo canine i prefer it the hustle is Real and then you definately get to niger airport In lagos This man Uh within the immigration he says ah man You did you probably did you Did you could have do you could have a printed copy Of your visa I'm like no i simply have it on my cellphone It's like oh man that is gonna be a giant Problem You're gonna should print it and also you Know it's a weekend It's loopy bro it's loopy uh this man Just wished you to pay them and the

Other man mentioned oh you bought He noticed my my different backpack with all my Camera gear in there He's like What you could have so many cameras you could have To pay a bond as a result of you understand possibly You're gonna promote these items right here what Are you doing with all this I didn't pay this man nevertheless i needed to Fight with him and inform him i used to be like Look man this doesn't make sense what do You imply i must pay a bond But anyway you see the hustle in each Little nook you go so i prefer it man Everybody making an attempt to get some cash you Can't you can't be hating on that Um leonard erasmus hey how is your Portfolio wanting nonetheless good after all Of course it's nonetheless good you understand i Look at my my portfolio on this manner how Many bitcoins do i've And now i've extra bitcoins as a result of i Was capable of purchase extra And i'm now taking a mortgage towards my Farm that i purchased 50 acres of farmland I'll borrow cash from the financial institution i'm Gonna purchase extra btc That's what i care about i'm not likely Worried in regards to the us greenback quantity of my Portfolio All i want is to make extra dough in order that I can afford extra bitcoin that's all What do you consider luna basic no Not for me it's ineffective it's achieved i

Think now we have to overlook about luna Where when are you coming to south Africa Um i don't know but however i'll make an Announcement i want to come to South africa this month truly Um But i need to go to Uh i must be in london as nicely so i Will be in london after which possibly i might Go to south Africa however i need to transfer i'm within the Mood proper now for shifting across the as a btcg ought to be Glad For you my good friend you began from Nothing please inform us your story once more My story is absolutely easy man Bitcoin modified my life I used to be a really proficient younger man i taught Myself tips on how to code tips on how to graphic design How to do enterprise But these corporations couldn't pay me Anything good so i used to be working in wealthy People's gardens slicing grass And when i got here throughout bitcoin my earnings Moved from in a single month i moved from Earning 300 per thirty days To 500 per thirty days Why as a result of now i used to be capable of promote my Skills on-line in an off-the-cuff manner And then these individuals might pay me Directly to my bitcoin pockets that's how

I collected most bitcoin after which i Started otc and it's unimaginable what you Can do with crypto man And i do see lots of people proper now Jumping onto the bandwagon proper now Perfect timing welcome to the social gathering Ah I see you'll have a cat on podcast and Chill sure i will probably be on podcast and chill Doing crypto by the way in which how do you know That Uh appears going how do you know that My man bought inside the knowledge are You the cia If you might be you're a great one at that Can i get low cost on buying and selling course of Course if you wish to purchase my buying and selling Course you go to Sign up for the buying and selling course or the Masterclass and use Graybtc As your low cost code Okay and that i'm additionally doing wsot world Series of buying and selling on buybit which you Can be part of my squad hyperlink to that's within the Description join with barbie utilizing my Link deposit 500 minimal and let's commerce Together What do you consider moonbeam good Project like it Um io you may be on the blockchain occasion Man make it So now i'm going to leap into the nft

Game what's taking place in right here I used to be touring yesterday on my flight To lagos So i missed out on some loopy actions On this nft cohort um God hates nfts you we we talked about This earlier than when nft ny was Happening and epfest was taking place additionally There have been individuals who have been matching Against Um marching who have been marching towards Nfts after which some individuals made An nft Based on that like a meme And proper now it's it's it's rating Here's god hates nfts And the stream value is now 1.34 Ethereum already 1 300 to purchase this Stupid nft which is cool however i missed Out And proper now moon birds ground value is Now 28 ethereum which is 28 000 I'm i'm being 10 i'm now being tempted To purchase me some moon birds as a result of man The volumes are loopy right here Okay the 24 hour Pump can be loopy and that i don't personal any Moon birds Dub membership as a sheet nft is now going Down minus 63 % Uh clonix Takashi murakami Flow value 12 ethereum 12 000

Other aspect 2.8 ethereum oh lord you guys Remember that i purchased these lands for Twenty thousand {dollars} a chunk most of Them But now It crashed like two eighth which was 2k And now it's getting again to a few eth i Love it i like to see it i'm nonetheless Buying extra of those lands I feel different aspect is a type of og Projects that you just nonetheless need to maintain you Know what i imply Do you assume ethereum will nonetheless hit Five thousand {dollars} This 12 months sure i believe oh no not however i can see it hitting 3000 straightforward Uh someday this 12 months When the pump begins you understand heath 2.0 Is correctly And when individuals get up from the slumber And the fed should modify a few of Their Technicals to verify they repair the Economy we're gonna see crypto pumping Again actually when you're shopping for crypto Right now you'll earn cash you're More more likely to double or triple your Money by the top of this 12 months as a result of We're gonna have a significant pump at some Point Especially from august August is normally the time when crypto Markets begin to pump Goblin oh we nonetheless above three even

Though Things don't look that promising above Three ethereum in goblins Okay bears 110 solana ground value beautiful Bought ep kennel membership so if you're if You need to be a part of the bayc i do personal An app myself however when you can't afford it This is the kennel membership that are the Dogs Uh that you could purchase uh they're a part of The bayc they don't appear to have a transparent Road map or pleasure But i'm certain there will probably be i'm Suspecting that there will probably be an improve Of the artwork art work At some level and one thing cool to assist Pump the worth one other factor that you just Could purchase That i'm shopping for myself within the nfts additionally Is let me present you Uh the proof proof continues to be fairly Expensive But what you may look have a look at is Anything that i believe essentially the most Affordable nft throughout the Uglabs might be Me bits as a result of Maybe it's god for actual is it me is that Good for roy williams as one in all their Advisors or one thing I feel it's me Beats So that's one thing that you just guys might Get i don't know why me beats will not be

Having sufficient High quantity proper now however i do know that It's crucial Anyway classes All chains final 24 hours Let's truly simply have a look at the rankings The actual rankings Wow that is so distorted man What about goddano okay problem is Making actually actually fascinating Marketing But i'm not fairly bought about it simply but I feel if we're gonna see a downturn no Sorry it was doodles doodles bought the um Pharrell williams as one in all their fundamental Guys on the market so Make certain you test them out i believe Solid nft tasks But i believe me beats are stronger So doodles at the moment stream value 12.7 Ethereum i believe most Peop now could be 12 000 it was once a lot Worse or rather more so be sure to additionally Check it out Uh me bits Yeah so that is one thing a challenge that I personally like Uh me beats i'm getting i'm actually Now um I'm falling in love with um With me beats for the time being And i do assume that They have much more plan however they don't Talk a lot these guys they're shifting

Exactly just like the What's what's up with my mic These guys are shifting virtually like The What what instance am i able to give Yeah there we go uh they're shifting a lot More like Me beats they're like they're crypto Punks You know they don't speak a lot they only Work when you go On on crypto packs you're actually Gonna you're not going to see something Listed right here on the marketplaces It's the the neighborhood is loopy It's a part of their advertising and marketing proper Crypto Punks Okay so that is okay Floor value you possibly can see there isn't any Floor value why There aren't any listings These are all bids that make individuals to The homeowners of those nfts Uh and someone right here is asking what do You take into consideration saga the primary internet 3 Smartphone by so lana like it I feel solana is making an attempt to work itself Out of the mess that they're in proper Now they usually should do as a result of the nft Marketplace will not be actually working that That laborious It's not pumping as we thought it will So they should determine one thing out is

It going to be the smartphone will Change the sport could possibly be Is that going to be the brand new development for Blockchain blockchain uh tasks Creating their very own smartphones could possibly be Who is aware of Let's have a look at what's taking place within the Solana area on the subject of Uh to nfts insights let's have a look at the Stats I feel the Video will probably be obtainable to look at later Of course Always We can't see your display screen leap i simply Shared it now Uh if if 2.0 ought to roll out Successfully do you assume will Still be a great maintain after all so Basically polygon success additionally relies upon On ethereum If if is doing nicely simply count on an Explosion of polygon Q is asking what elements make crypto Pump it's a mix of issues so it Looks on the Economic surroundings at a macro scale in The world that's one And it appears just like the um The fiat cash if it has been squeezed Out there's not sufficient curiosity it Affects crypto But additionally Uh fad or only a such a social

Environment Or a brand new expertise That has been pulled out in crypto and Is receiving a lot hype or shopping for Um Sort of a buying energy In a brief time period which Increases the worth By a giant identify like if apple buys bitcoin They'll go large after which a bunch of different Companies will observe And then it creates a self Sustain type of a self sustained Narrative that bitcoin is an efficient factor And then all people jumps in So it appears at so many elements But what's extra vital is the Economic surroundings You want excessive worry within the conventional System for Um What do you assume In the standard market Uh Zuquan mentioned gray you could have dipped a lot What's unsuitable along with your appears what do you Mean by that what do you imply i've Dipped a lot is that did i achieve so Much a lot weight already in nigeria If that's what you imply i'm consuming all The meals i can see in entrance of me Uh when you I don't know what you imply by that Dipped

Places that you must go to earlier than leaving Nigeria primary abuja two port Harcourt three Calabar 4 Bomb Okay Sounds good to me Um oh i've misplaced a lot weight okay That's good i'm figuring out proper now Every day so you understand what you understand what The deal is i'm simply i'm doing um What do you name this i'm doing I'm doing calisthenics i'm additionally doing Um i don't know what you name it however It's some sort of bizarre exercise the place It's h i i t warmth And there may be additionally one other factor the place They name it you understand It's like a freestyle manner of um Of figuring out but in addition i've misplaced so Much cash in crypto so it could possibly it type Of it helps you drop some weight that's one Of the issues that occurred You should be sure to eat some Pounded yam and it goes to soup whereas You're nonetheless in lagos that's true however You know what what's humorous about that's That uh igoosey soup and Um pounded yam i discover them all over the place in South africa it's straightforward to search out in london It's straightforward to search out even in dubai it's Easy to search out so I'm consuming the stuff that i've by no means Seen earlier than like for breakfast on the

Hotel right here they're having some actually New stuff that i've by no means seen earlier than Did your organization sponsored uh podcast And chill no What what's taking place on podcast till Did they point out me or one thing what's The deal what's happening put me on guys Put me on Okay Froze says shake my tweet i'll do sir How did you okay i answered that Question already enterprise speak what's up [Laughter] Okay so someone went for it Uh who is that this particular person He says you mentioned you're married to twins Yeah i did i now divorce them man i bought So bored You would possibly assume that getting married to Twins is the simplest job on this planet It's not it's Getting married to 2 wives it's not Easy I divorced them after which i flew to Nigeria yesterday that's how i roll bro You gotta be you gotta be fast you're Gonna be quick on this within the streets I'm now not married to these twins i Left them in in dubai It was a dubai marriage bro lovejoy says Hey i've 20 000 i want to speculate how Do i do it bro put 65 In bitcoin

And put Uh 15 In ethereum after which the remaining Diversified Okay Uh lovejoy are you able to inform me what's going On with the Uh can you possibly can you inform me what's going On with the uh podcast and chill as a result of I don't understand it looks like you're the Second one that i discussed who's Mentioning Podcast and chill i'm not too certain what The context is Divorce then you might be in nigeria that's Lovely and funky after all you understand That's how a g performs it you divorce and You depart the nation earlier than they take All your cash Okay you don't keep there you don't keep There why do you assume i moved to Nigeria so fast i used to be similar to oh i'm Going to nigeria and the following day i'm Already on the flight They wished to they wished to come back for My bitcoins bro Uh Of course loopy obligations over my Shoulder Look sharp and marry in nigeria too right here I don't even should look sharp there's One girl who already advised me that she's Gonna give me uh juju to make me keep in Nigeria so

Who is aware of juju could be very robust one thing Might occur If it occurs it's it's not my downside It's juju Uh pl mcgee talked about your involvement Here i believe by bit is the brand new sponsor In the podcast oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Bye bit is now the brand new sponsor Okay okay shout out to mac g for Mentioning from mentioning me on um on His podcast i didn't even know i ought to Watch that episode man I haven't watched the uh the newest Episode already And what he's speaking about right here is Talking about uh someone says survive Surviving expertise survivor expertise podcast Is lead okay a few of you guys don't Know that i've one of many hardest Podcasts on the web It's known as survival expertise Uh the survival expertise podcast On it Okay And the survival expertise podcast it's a Podcast that i speak about all the pieces Other than crypto And i might recognize when you go there Watch and subscribe and assist it It's right here you possibly can test it out Survival expertise podcast we speak about You may even see my My wives right here my twin wives you possibly can see Them they're normally within the podcast with

Me We speak about various things it's new Uh it's actually enjoyable and silly on the Same time which is precisely why i created It as a result of when i make the crypto movies Peop some individuals really feel like they're not Smart sufficient to look at them you understand Somehow they're like oh man the crypto Stuff is difficult so i need to hit them up With one thing so mushy after which later We're going to transform them into crypto As nicely so assist the podcast go have Fun survival expertise to the moon That's the identify of the present and Subscribe okay Uh some other suggestions for niger What to do what to not do i to listen to it All Do you understand you could have imposters on Instagram Yes i've some most of them are simply Not in posters are a few of them are Scammers so watch out i by no means ask Anyone for cash Yeah yeah yeah Welcome to niger are you visiting port Harco i'll Decide i haven't figured it out to be Honest Please nice i've a youtube channel And i need to okay Where is your good friend from the Philippines so john is my gaming supervisor Who manages my gaming firm

Um mamba gaming he's at the moment within the Philippines But i'm bringing him once more with me on The street Very quickly as a result of we're launching Our in different nations as nicely so We're gonna be again on the street Traveling uh doing play to earn gaming If you might be truly into play to earn And you're in nigeria let's meet we will Definitely Talk about a couple of issues And after all make some cash collectively As nicely Follow up i used to be joyful uh adopted again Oh yeah if you're following so when you Are a part of my content material crew in that Special whatsapp group by the way in which the Whatsapp group is just for content material Creators people who i need to prepare I need to prepare them to change into youtubers Without taking pictures any movies in order that they take My movies They flip them into Their personal content material they usually make their Own channels or instagram pages or tick Tocks they usually earn cash So the group is full proper now however each Week we're going to be opening as much as Allow 5 individuals in it So if in case you have created a web page that has Something to do with me and also you observe Me and also you being lively i'll observe you Back

And i'll retweet a few of your stuff as Well What do you say about b t f a n f t i Don't maintain it A woman says please are you able to inform me how To register at crypto college of Course All that you must do is to go to Let me present you So you go to That's the identify of the web site And then You go right here And you go to programs You have a listing of programs you choose Which one you need however i do suggest You go for the multi function grasp class This one offers you entry to all the pieces And when you go there you make your Purchase you should buy with binance pay You are you able to you should buy with crypto you Can purchase with bank card And you should utilize nice btc as a reduction Code to get some low cost It's that straightforward It's that straightforward sir Okay what I'm studying tips on how to use this microphone It may be It may be complicated at instances Which artwork cash are you able to advise to speculate In proper now follow btc eth and

The relaxation you possibly can type of diversify however Make certain it's a protocol stage stuff Polygon good one Uh polka dot good one And then if you wish to go excessive Diversification um Big dow good one Optimism one other good one these are Things that i'm shopping for personally myself And yeah you understand however proper now it's Time for btc eth First the established protocols after which The relaxation you possibly can mess around If you don't have Wait am i muted Can you guys hear me Um when you when you don't have Like Other cash like hedera hashgraph make Sure you purchase some proper now on this Current market circumstances cello is Another one which's a great one additionally you Might need to get some Please sir is there something i may also help Um With Anything i may also help from p2ps nigeria Have banned direct costs from banks and Other means Oh no so p2p is the one manner or when you Want to purchase an enormous quantity it's otc is The solely option to go so p2p is just about The solely option to go Uh are you in niger after all bro you

Should have requested me what i had for Dinner then i might let you know Yes Clayton what's good What is the easy option to commerce with Natural spoon what timeframe is floor To commerce with nitrous boo please information No problemo i bought you my good friend let me Just present you So principally you need to commerce as a lot With the longer time frames So if i am going to btc usdt now Right it is a each day Now Based on the each day chart the if think about If you shorted it you are taking a brief Position on april 12 when the nato's Booth says say bitcoin goes bearish Okay You might have from that time on Up to now You might have made 53 Without any leverage that is 1x now if You add like 3x leverage to that you just're Now 159 % Of revenue But what number of and what number of days did it Take it took 117 days for this commerce to play out the Question is how many individuals what number of of You guys are in a position To maintain on to a commerce for this lengthy Okay not lots of you guys can do it

Everybody is getting into a commerce simply to Close within the subsequent few hours proper Short-term considering And that's a part of the issue What's your take about d so if in case you have The nitro the nitrous boo you should buy it From crypto by the Way that is all that you must do the Longer the time-frame the higher The recreation is to not make too many trades Is to make a couple of trades which can be good That's all Even if it is a weekly You can even test it out Literally the weekly one Uh was buying and selling from january so you possibly can Have three trades working if you would like Based on handle however you possibly can say You can say okay at any time when it goes Bullish on the weekly you're gonna You're gonna take a protracted place Whenever it goes bearish you're gonna Short you simply look ahead to these indicators So you possibly can see that someday it takes Long But it would nonetheless be value it So You nonetheless should observe the principles this Is in my course i defined this if You're in a part of crypto college you Know this that you just need to take away Yourself From the commerce as a dealer you need to Let the instruments and the principles to run the

Game That's why i just like the pure spool it Simplifies all the pieces proper it's like Okay Buy promote by sale nevertheless when you If you let's say Bring it to 1 hour Okay you will notice so many indicators however They're not as dependable Because the market circumstances change Very regularly it's not that you just're not Going to earn cash It's just a bit bit extra dangerous and Quite unreliable within the present this goes For each indicator I imply immediately we're going to say okay if You went right here a couple of hours in the past it went Bullish when you purchased right here You might have made cash by now proper Because the indicator went on So it's simply extra aggravating the successful Rate is decrease than when you do it for Example for 4 hour the accuracy is Going to be excessive There you Go Here it mentioned bear when you shorted right here Could have been within the cash uh by now And so on and so forth so you possibly can Extrapolate this till you get to the Point the place you're joyful and also you type of Understand that's why we even have the Automated buying and selling to be able to Automate this method techniques then you definately

Don't have to consider it You set it up and also you overlook about it And you let the half to commerce for for You that's why you see so as of late i Don't spend an excessive amount of time speaking about Trading as a result of most of my buying and selling is Handled by my bots I set them up on three commas and that i let Them run But now i'm again within the buying and selling mode Because of wsot so from tomorrow morning Um I might say gmt time I will probably be buying and selling each morning sharing What i'm doing for that day if you would like To observe alongside simply be sure to Subscribe and also you hit the bell button on My youtube channel crypto hustle To be within the know Okay I hope you perceive now tips on how to use the Nitrous enhance so if successfully all you Need is loads of endurance And don't attempt to make a commerce to open And shut the commerce in sooner or later that's All that you must do Legos ideas Legos ideas Hold your cellphone in your fingers not in Your pocket if you're strolling the Streets legos guys are actually quick Well look if someone need to lose their Teeth they need to attempt i'm not saying That they shouldn't do it

They ought to simply even be ready for The penalties you understand I'm sort of wealthy now however i'm nonetheless from The ghetto you understand that you just're by no means Gonna you're by no means gonna take that out Of me so these guys gotta watch out a Little They're gonna be quick they're gonna be Faster than mild [Music] Okay we bought our garments out however i'll Be again right here within the morning guys Uh what time am i gonna be sharing my Trading tomorrow so possibly Uh Around eight o'clock within the uh one let Me say not possibly let's let's make a plan And follow it i'll do it at 7 30 in The morning Okay that is uh nigerian time so when You get up the video is already going To be there it's going to be fast 15 to twenty minutes however purely centered on buying and selling And positions that i'm taking particularly Because of the Of the wsrt that's happening proper now Uh hundred days is a lot laborious that Means an awesome holder no it's not likely So a lot so Look if when btc was at an all-time excessive You knew that the worth is gonna fall But it would take somewhat bit longer so Let's say you took a brief place on Bitcoin

At 50 000 And it went to 55 000. when you're a Rookie dealer You'll in all probability shut the commerce out of Fear If you're an skilled dealer you simply Make certain you add extra margin to make Sure you don't get liquidated let's say Your liquidation value is 100 Thousand Dollars Then you'll see it you understand go up and Start going again after which it again and Back and again and then you definately in revenue it Goes up and down you simply wait Sometimes you see individuals sharing 1500 Percent apy on their Uh revenue p l within the of their buying and selling It's as a result of they've been holding the Trade for a very long time You or in any other case the the opposite option to Get that sort of return in your commerce is To add extra leverage so that you're going to Play 50x or or 120x do you actually Want to do this I don't assume so What time is it in nigeria it's uh 25 Minutes previous 80 pm Yeah yeah so i'll do it within the morning Waking up for me is difficult however um I'll attempt to i'll be sure that i get up Tomorrow i'll decide to you guys So Um

Usa time diana which a part of the u.s are You in i must know that earlier than i can Tell you precisely Okay okay okay okay okay okay All proper family and friends thanks So a lot for watching and for being Around right here if you're not buying and selling Crypto you aren't investing in crypto Because you don't know the way the hell to Do it I bought you Grab crypto college course Go to you seize my Course and that i'll present you precisely what You must do step-by-step by step by Step It's one of the best funding you may make This 12 months which goes to return Multiple thousand instances From now so long as you Work at it you do precisely as what's advised And you observe by way of don't simply purchase The course and then you definately chunk it on the Side say oh i might do it later And then after which a 12 months later Everything is doing nicely the crypto has Pumped and also you're like oh however i purchased My course on crypto u however i by no means did it Oh my gosh Gotta take that motion Any free means you're aiming on to be Honest i'm not going to mislead you i Haven't paid consideration to new nfts i've

Been centered a lot on Um They set up nfts That have gone under mint value or the Half value proper now they're so I've simply been shopping for these the blue Chips But now that i've time as a result of I'll now be specializing in Uh nfts possibly subsequent week extra as a result of This week i'm centered on buying and selling uh Build on wsot i would like i would like us to win Some of that eight million {dollars} guys Why not us Okay why not us so proper now let's commerce A little bit bit extra Get a by bit account hyperlink is within the Description when you don't know tips on how to use By bit i've a tutorial on youtube Showing you tips on how to do it on this channel And be part of me in my staff I made a video exhibiting you guys tips on how to Do that Frozen says uh come to port harcourt i Would attempt i might positively attempt i Definitely i need to see extra of nigeria You know Did you create the nitrous bu indicator Um with collaboration of different individuals It's a it's work of some individuals not not Just me Uh nice i must go to the us i do Have proper there what do you Mean do you could have a do you could have cash in

In the u.s the place are you proper now Yeba says i'm in your staff thanks so Much I do know i haven't posted a lot On that however i will probably be in discord Starting tonight and tomorrow i'll be Doing reside streams so be sure to're Around i'm sharing extra trades on what I'm doing and a number of the positions i'm Looking at Okay How am i able to get the visa please go to go To the us man the us visa is difficult i additionally I must get a visa quick truly Because i must be within the us within the Next in two months from now So i ought to Um i ought to in all probability go so on me it says Bro i'm primary in wsot staff i'll Check it out i'll positively test it Out Uh that you must arrange A meet up in your followers in abuja Have you ever watched a film known as Abuja boys You know there was like a secret Greeting So possibly i ought to positively go to abuja And have that of that secret uh secret Uh greeting that these guys had within the Movie And these guys have been illuminati in that Movie Maybe

Is the place i can discover out the reality about The illuminati in abuja Top three buys within the bear market i imply Bitcoin ethereum and for the third one Um You can choose what you need As lengthy because it has essentially the most utility uh if It was as much as me on the third one i'll Probably put in A polygon on that one Alari thanks a lot i recognize it Oh you so you could have it you could have a Girlfriend within the u.s But you don't have a visa Well you possibly can simply meet her in dubai simply Fly her over to dubai dubai is one of the best Place on this planet man the visa is you Get it on-line they don't ask you dumb Questions like all these different nations They don't intrude your financial institution accounts And when you inform them you've bought crypto They perceive you understand they're jesus Out there like what you bought crypto bro Come in are available So don't fear a lot simply transfer your Girlfriend over to dubai although Just be sure that When you go exterior You give her very darkish sun shades so That she don't see Too a lot of the lambo guys in any other case you Might go to the shopping center and also you Walk away with out her with you she would possibly

Go with a lambo man there's a illness There they name it um the brand new lambo Syndrome the place the ladies they get bored Of the man with the odd lamb or they go To the one with a brand new one So simply watch out Use uber or purchased in lagos not public Transport bro man to be sincere that's One factor that i'm not liking a lot About um About um nigeria so the uber is there And purchased is there however the the The vehicles are you possibly can't se you possibly can filter So you don't know what automobile it's coming In most nations you could have uh uber Normal and uber black With rather more like good luxurious vehicles Luxury vehicles And that's what i usually use as a result of Then you filter all of the Cars which may not be clear and stuff But right here you don't have that so i'm like Oh my gosh i don't like driving however i Think i might need to simply lease a automobile And Uh begin driving as nicely But if you're a businessman i believe It's time to arrange an uber Uh black For i'm questioning i used to be like for a Maturistic nation like nigeria how the Hell Did uber get it so unsuitable that they don't Have uber black doesn't make sense proper

Is bnb good to spend money on after all man It's positively a great a great one Bnb to the moon it's funds behind it Another one that you just shouldn't sleep on In the following for subsequent can be Ftx ftx token These guys are shopping for all the pieces within the Market And when the bull market returns they're Gonna make ftx a utility token for therefore Many different tasks Uh wow it is a good matter for survival Podcast girlfriends leaving boyfriends For new lambo guys Of course man it occurs all over the place I'm certain even in nigeria you could have it too You know all over the place when you don't have Your cash proper your girlfriend is Gonna depart you But i do know so many guys that they've Been lied to about love and all that Stuff they assume it's actual till A brand new lamborghini pops up Hey grey are you able to simply presumably Pass by by way of kenya man when i do Kenya i need to do it correctly I need to do it correctly so i will probably be There It's positively one of many hardest elements Of the world Just a matter of time give me give me Give me a couple of Just a few months i ought to be in kenya at Some level

Bullish on moon beam sure after all Sienna says they compelled the woman to come back With you or tips on how to include or she Leaves you out Uh on their manner look no one is ever Going to depart you as a result of they're being Forced to it's their will they're like Oh my gosh bro This is a brand new lamborghini goes to Take care of me change my life take care Of my household while you're right here telling Me bedtime tales And your faux tales of that oh we're Going to get wealthy when bitcoin goes to The moon bro i'm out of right here I imply each cheap particular person would do It The lagos guys are so problematic even Here Uh in essay i'm not too certain man the Legos guys are improbable they only need To earn cash they only need to make Money out right here so it's the identical vibe Traffic is horrible sure i heard about The visitors half Is a great purchase for now sure it's Where will you be within the subsequent two months Us Oh the place within the u.s will i be i'm not Really too certain i believe texas Uh from the recommendation that i've had from People Oh truly Miami is the place i might spend extra probably

Time as a result of loads of the crypto individuals Moved over over there It appears that california died I simply dropped a tweet Uh on you simply to indicate appreciation when You come on-line thanks a lot frizzy I might positively retweet that when i Get on twitter We want one other crypto music if you Have time Does anyone has join with can can You join me with davido we have to Make it a bitcoin music collectively You know what i'm saying Habibi come to vancouver I feel there's an occasion on the finish of The 12 months in Um i used to be invited to some occasion in in Canada for this 12 months i'll see what i Can do actually if i could make it that Would be good as a result of if i'm within the u.s I would as nicely simply go to canada proper It's gala a great time proper now yeah It's not unhealthy But why are you shopping for it's the most Important query i believe Gray which nation is native are you i'm African It ends there Welcome to nigeria Thank you sir Our boy is in lagos bro okay that's my Number one man please join me inform Him we make a music about crypto

That can be good Jeremy oh i might love to fulfill him your Name you named him after me That's cool But um I don't i really feel i really feel I really feel A little bit insufficient as um Um Someone to call their identify after you Know i'm like So So damaged to be a Uh somebody to call after You know If i meet your son i'll be embarrassed They'll be like oh that is the person you Name me you named me after What He doesn't know the rest apart from Crypto like oh yeah that's the entire Point It will probably be a really fascinating assembly Are you continue to jogging with stepping sure But I haven't achieved a lot actually within the final Few days in the previous few weeks i've been Busy with Ceo work which is boring I positively want to fulfill that that man I positively want to fulfill that that man For certain in kenya okay guys i gotta go Thank you for watching If you're a dealer i might positively

See you within the morning on the reside Stream uh exhibiting a number of the trades That i'll be making and a number of the Crypto actions Otherwise family and friends Love you i'll see you on the moon thanks To nigeria i really feel welcome the meals is Beautiful What else am i able to say man it's nice to be Here i sit up for seeing a few of You guys at blockchain vibes this Weekend And Peace