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The robust within the greenback has Obviously put downward strain not simply The pound the following few weeks are going To be completely on the inventory Market and a couple of days in the past the British pound dropped to all-time lows Against the greenback after controversial Tax cuts have been introduced following the Crash Market knowledge confirmed that UK Investors have been and more turning to Bitcoin crypto followers are saying that the Fall of the oldest fiat forex may Be a sport changer for Bitcoin to Understand implications of the Sterling Crisis and its impact on bitcoin on the Short time period and the long run we sat down With Alessia rastani a crypto And Forex Trader earlier than we get began As at all times contemplate leaving a like and Subscribing to our Channel I'm Giovanni Your host welcome to a different coin Telegraph Foreign We noticed the British pound collapsing at Record lows in opposition to the US greenback this Week after the federal government introduced a Controversial tax bundle that additionally Sparked turmoil within the bond markets so What do you make of those newest occasions Thanks Giovanni good query the principle Driver of this decline within the pound has Been the power within the U.S greenback the Strong rally within the greenback has clearly Put downward strain not simply the pound

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We've seen the Euro dropping we've seen dropping however after all the pound Has seen an even bigger decline not too long ago however I Think that's most of it most of it Driven by emotion sentiment I don't Believe that they're the reason for this Decline was what occurred with record Truss or the prime minister or her Decisions even once more I truly assume That the pound uh only in the near past dropped Into a capitulation zone or capitulation Region in different phrases an space or area Where I feel we may see a backside in The British pound additionally sentiment I'll Give once more I'll present you the chart of Sentiment majority public opinions very Bearish on the pound Extremely bearish I feel ranges not Syncs 2020 and maybe um in 2016 even So that's one other issue which is within the Pound's favor the very fact excessive Bearishness pessimism on the pound each Time this has occurred up to now this Has been a turning level a Turning level for the pound and we're At assist we're at 1985 lows and we're Getting very shut now to parody on the Pound in order that was a really fascinating Phenomenon this week after the collapse Of the British pound we observed a spike In the buying and selling quantity of the BTC GBP Pair which appears to point an Increasing Um curiosity from UK traders in direction of

Bitcoin so what's your studying of this Phenomenon do you assume that British Investors are dumping their fiat Currency to place their funding into Bitcoin I feel it simply goes to point out the degrees Of panic within the amongst Traders among the many Public however individuals seeing the pound Collapsing they're listening to all of the information Out there about pound you already Collapsing to you already know even decrease ranges They're panicking and so they say they're Sitting there pondering oh okay the cash Is going to get they're going To see the analysis of forex and This sentiment and this worry that's Spreading among the many public and amongst Traders is inflicting them to ditch to Pound and transfer into one thing like Something that they imagine May protect The worth of their property or their Currency in different phrases one thing like Bitcoin or possibly probably gold or Something like that so we should say that The pound isn't the one loser on this Situation the US greenback continues to be on an Upward because the starting of the Year in opposition to all these currencies like British pound Euro Yen Um how lengthy do you assume these uh greenback Rally goes to proceed and what's Going to be its affect on bitcoin I Think that You're completely proper the power in

The US greenback which once more I I noticed coming Last 12 months in the summertime of final 12 months has Put downward strain clearly the Euro Trades inverse the greenback and so do many Other uh currencies uh one in all them being The British pound and likewise gold gold and they're additionally impacted by the Strength within the US greenback once more inverse Relationship usually so I feel the very best Way to reply the query is to have a look at The chart of the US greenback the weekly Chart of the greenback And basically Again certainly we're overbought Extremely overbought on each degree however Here's what's actually fascinating about This firstly I'm a weekly Chart and we're reaching A trendline resistance a pattern line Which in the event you join the highs if we Connect the highs of 2009 with the highs of 2015 and the Highs of 2016 what we get is a pattern Line resistance which is assembly us Right now uh as a matter of reality we Reached that degree very not too long ago I put a Blue line horizontal blue line in my Chart that's the 1618 extension so if We measure I fairly like to make use of Fibonacci Extensions and there's one extension That I actually like is named the Golden Ratio 1.61 at extension And these numbers happen in nature which Is why they're so in the event you

Measure the rally From 2018. To 2020. so in the event you measure the 2018-2020 Rally and also you undertaking that from the lows Of 2021 we truly reached that 1618 Extension the golden ratio extension Just not too long ago at 114 Uh 0.77 Okay that's a key degree of resist by the Way that's merging now merging with a Trend line resistance which you've gotten a a Purple line on my chart okay and I'll Put it there so that you so everybody can see It so we're reaching two key ranges of Resistance assembly collectively uh mainly I feel we'll attain my level is the one Thing we're reaching a really robust degree Of resistance on the greenback Now may it prolong greater sure it may As lengthy because the greenback stays above 110 111 it's attainable the greenback may nonetheless Extend a bit greater to the 116 to 117 Dollar degree that's our 217 degree I'll Make a pardon 117 116 ranges on the Dollar Index Okay So so long as the greenback stays above 110 111 I feel we may nonetheless see Extensions to the 106 117 degree as soon as we See a clear break a sustained break of 111.5 and 110 ranges on the greenback Index Then I feel the highest is in for the Dollar And then I'm on the lookout for a multi-month

Decline within the greenback again to 104 to the 100 degree so what do you assume is the Depreciation of all these currencies Against the greenback and that optimistic for Bitcoin so far as the Bitcoin so far as Bitcoins is worried Again if there are robust Bulls robust Um you already know Bitcoin Bulls watching this Video they'll in all probability say after all Bitcoin goes to be a greater Preservation of your cash and wealth Personally I'm not satisfied the rationale Is that We've seen earlier than that Bitcoin can see Strong once more in a bear Market it will possibly Fall as we've seen earlier than up to now 70 80 90 has occurred in earlier bear Markets so I don't essentially assume That placing your cash into Bitcoin is Going to be safer in that respect Personally I I want to in as a safer Bet I I feel gold and silver are higher Personally and that's my very own private uh Perspective nicely or possibly the greenback Itself uh or you could possibly argue that however I Don't assume the greenback is a protected guess now Because I feel we're reaching a probable Top within the greenback so I wouldn't assume The greenback is essentially protected Personally I feel gold is a safer play Right now as a result of as soon as the greenback tops And I feel it should do within the subsequent few Weeks as soon as and even probably sooner uh Once the greenback tops and drops gold is

Going to blast greater and so will Probably silver as nicely so I'm Personally really feel safer placing my cash Into gold and silver now may it have a Positive affect on bitcoin too yeah Absolutely I feel it may however uh we Have to attend for the inventory market additionally To I feel the s p the inventory market additionally Need to point out indicators of power as a result of There's a robust between Bitcoin and the inventory markets yeah it Seems like that so long as the Macroeconomic image doesn't change we Are prone to see a robust restoration in Riskcon property Giovanna simply to make Sure simply make a degree about that you just Make an excellent level Um One one factor I'm positive you one factor I'm Sure you already know Giovanni is that typically Macroeconomic circumstances take some time in Other phrases they generally lag the Market so typically you see worth Action Moving forward of macroeconomic circumstances There's a chart I'll present you which of them I'll Which I'll ship to you and I'm positive You've seen this your self Giovanni which Is Bitcoin has a robust previous correlation Also with PMI okay so the PMI figures as Well so that you're proper macroeconomic Conditions if we see macroeconomic Conditions enhance your right Giovanni We'll see Bitcoin that will probably be a greater Environment for Bitcoin as nicely however

Usually on the s p and Bitcoin usually Bought them earlier than The PMI bottoms and earlier than macroeconomic Conditions enhance in the previous couple of weeks We heard loads concerning the danger of a Recession uh How seemingly How seemingly is This chance and what will be The affect on bitcoin if we're actually Heading in direction of a recession Yeah I feel um there there are robust Clues that we've already entered the Recession I feel you've in all probability seen Those knowledge knowledge your self and doubtless Your your viewers and your viewers have Seen that too I feel we're in all probability Very seemingly already in a recession loads Of indicators are already exhibiting that We've already seen two Quarters of unfavourable GDP progress which Also is a probable indication of a Recession after all the recession solely Gets confirmed formally by the nber But that takes often months later Before they verify that however the indicators Are there we've already entered a Recession What isn't clear is Whether that is going to be Whether that is going to be a recession Similar to the one in 2020 which was Very brief and fast earlier than the market Quickly get well or whether or not or are we Entering a extra extended bear Market I Think the one opinion that actually

Matters is the inventory market Specifically I'm speaking concerning the s p The s p is approaching some key assist Levels let's say this let's say the declines into The 200 weekly common once more that's close to To 3590. possibly even go to 3500 3 400 Levels that'll that vary that area Then let's say we get a bounce which is Normal between late October to December Let's say we get a bounce or a rally Which I'm additionally anticipating to occur after Or if we drop into these ranges uh the 3500 3400 vary let's get a bounce and That bounce or rally fails If that bounce or rally fails And drops again down once more Then very seemingly very seemingly we're Entering a long-term recession and Something very near just like 2008. Okay or the 12 months 2000 crash so In different phrases what I'm saying is the Next few weeks are going to be Absolutely crucial on the inventory market And Bitcoin all proper and figuring out Whether we're heading right into a in direction of a Temporary session adopted by fast Recovery or a way more extended Sustained recession and bear Market Similar to 2008 just like 12 months 2000. Okay so once you discuss a long-term Recession what sort of time frames are We is it six months one 12 months Or extra yeah uh I imply I overlook precisely

The common interval for a recession uh it Could be one thing alongside the strains of uh 12 to 18 months So no less than for a 12 months I imply this might Be one thing that would final for over at Least going into 2023 2024 however once more I'm Waiting for affirmation by the inventory Market there okay so last query the Last two is what's your studying of the Current scenario within the within the Bitcoin Market what are the important thing ranges of Supports and resistance we must always look At with the intention to interpret the actions In following weeks and months so far as The Bitcoin shot is worried right here's What I'm going to say maintain it holding it Simple holding it easy in order that vary Between twenty thousand 4 hundred to Twenty two twenty two thousand 4 Hundred is essential for me ought to Be essential for everyone watching This about Bitcoin as a result of if Bitcoin Manages to get above that vary that Region of 20 422 22 400 the September Highs then I feel the underside in all probability Would be in for Bitcoin all proper so Above these ranges then backside Has seemingly been reached on bitcoin However If Bitcoin continues to stay beneath Those ranges if Bitcoin continues to Stay beneath 22 420 20 400 within the subsequent few Days and weeks then strain and the Trend Still Remains to the draw back if

Bitcoin now takes out if Bitcoin takes Out 18K in a sustained method then we're Looking at that degree close to 14k 13 850 to Potentially twelve thousand and thirty Twelve thousand 300 okay and And that is and that is the factor I need to say right here Giovanni Bitcoin must maintain above that degree If Bitcoin drops all the way down to that vary Um twelve thousand 300 twelve Thousand Thirty or 13 thousand Eight hundred fifty it wants to guard That degree it wants to carry that degree Because if it doesn't maintain that assist That that vary of assist Then um yeah it's going to be very dangerous For Bitcoin Um however my private Viewpoint is my Personal view is that if Bitcoin does drop I Think that is extra like that is extra Likely if Bitcoin does drop to 13 850 to A 12K I feel we're gonna maintain that Level I feel we're gonna see a bounce Strong Bounce from these ranges Potentially even kind a backside from that Level as nicely okay so I feel that we're Gonna look very rigorously on the Movements out there within the following Weeks as you stated these may flip to be Key for understanding how the market Will evolve within the subsequent months so yeah Thanks loads Alessia that was a really dialog I hope to see You quickly on our present in order that we are able to

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